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  1. mellen_mpz

    Rv carport?

    Been working on my rv pad on the side of my house. I'm getting concrete poured next weekend and want to start planning on getting an rv/carport. Does anyone have any advice or hookups on someone that sells/installs them? I'm in Phoenix.
  2. mellen_mpz

    Guess the story

    I'm gonna guess that guy in the background broke a wheel so you loaned him yours to get back to camp. His being a light Subaru, the front would dig in, yours being a heavy Honda makes it easier to 3 wheel? ?
  3. mellen_mpz

    Backing Out A Screw Help (Near Upland or Havasu)

    That should come right out with an easy out
  4. mellen_mpz

    Out with the old, in with the new

    Very nice. Now load it up and put it on a scale! My truck + 38+2 stellar were almost 28k# and about 8000 on the rear axle weight.
  5. mellen_mpz

    Need residential ac help Phoenix

    My friend Will is trustworthy. (623)680-8930. Tell him mellen sent you
  6. mellen_mpz

    Best Faceplant Vote

    Lol...how was that first one supposed to end?
  7. mellen_mpz

    I buried my brother in law this week.

    Who keeps paper porn these days????
  8. mellen_mpz

    Who's made the move from CA to AZ?

    I grew up in Corona, but moved away in 95. Spent 10 years on the east coast then moved to Phoenix in 2006. I love it here. So much to do (lake all summer, off roading all winter). When I was in socal, I thought it was the center of the universe. It's not until you move away, you realize how effed up that place is. Stupid expensive, stupid traffic, stupid government, stupid everything really. Do everything you can to leave that state. It's hot in AZ during the summer, but great from oct through April. If you can't handle the heat, there are nice areas at higher elevations that are cooler during summer months.
  9. mellen_mpz

    Wind at Glamis.... 2 Questions about it.

    Everything out there is getting sandblasted even at slow wind speeds. The faster the wind, the faster the destruction.
  10. mellen_mpz

    Photoshop request

    Awesome. Thanks man!
  11. mellen_mpz

    Photoshop request

    Any chance you guys could send me the PSD document? I'd like to experiment with it but don't feel like doing the grunt work jeffmfly1@aol.com Thanks!
  12. mellen_mpz

    Photoshop request

    Perhaps some basic stripes with some curves. Their boat name is "Mangata" which means moonlight reflecting off water.
  13. mellen_mpz

    Photoshop request

    That is just awesome. Thanks dbart. I don't think they have any idea what they want. Just something basic
  14. mellen_mpz

    Photoshop request

    Looking for basic graphic ideas for a houseboat.

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