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  1. We had a toddler walk into our camp over new years, just as it was starting to rain. Parents had no idea she walked away from their camp.
  2. The place that did the awning was great. On time, easy to work with. https://valleycustomshades.business.site/
  3. Started this project a while back. The Az sun just kills everything so ive been wanting some shade. Had to widen my 8' gate to 10', take down a few large palms, then i added lav dump, elec, h2o and concrete. Final step last week was a 43' long shade structure.
  4. Trak4 has a monthly fee.....and for that reason, I'm out
  5. Pretty sure thats my old car. The hood and floor mounted gauges are telling (i added the hood later). Car #36 Edited***** nevermind...didnt see it was a short arm car. Was that the american flag car by any chance?
  6. I figured out the problem. It was a loose/corroded connection at the battery switch. Tested the converter and it was showing 13.6.... then 13.6 all the way to the switch. Removed it, cleaned the terminals and reinstalled. Good to go!
  7. 2015 stellar 40ft 5th wheel. Last trip i would lose all electrical power (lights, heater, everything) multiple times in about a second or 2.....sometimes it would come back on, sometimes not. Then i smelled a burning smell and it turns out my inverter (which is not an inverter charger) took a crap possibly due to the power surging, so i removed it completely. I finally got a chance to look at things today and noticed my batteries are staying at 12.2ish volts, even when i have a/c power connected from shore power as well as when the gen is running. I checked all breakers and fuses and they're good. The salt in the wound is that my 3 yr extended warranty ran out 3 weeks ago.
  8. A friend of mine is trying to get a modeling gig. Please vote for her. Tiana Buscemi: http://models.pinklipsticklingerie.com/models-vote.asp
  9. Saw this today in Seattle. How far do you think they drove?
  10. What do you teach, anger issues and fairy tales?
  11. I have the Oakley airbrakes with the prizm lenses. They are awesome. The jade iridium lenses certainly add depth to your vision.
  12. Funny end to the story. I was sitting in camp (pad 5) and FedEx called me and said they have a delivery. I asked if she was familiar with AXA off-road rentals (I used his address) and she said "no, I just turned on to gecko road". I said ok, just come down about 3 miles and I'll meet you. She literally delivered the injectors to pad 5!
  13. Outfront to glamis. Can anyone stop by outfront motorsports and pick up a set of injectors for me? Im at pad 5 in glamis. (480)444-9348 Thanks, Jeff
  14. Just went and looked at mine and found the clasp/ cable unhooked. Looks like someone already tried to jack it!
  15. This is the one i use. Hasn't failed me yet https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223516664605
  16. Imagine what she'd have done without having to shift!
  17. I'd get a standard cab pickup with a manual trans. Can't take all her friends and will be too busy shifting to text
  18. Yeah I know that guy too! Really it comes down to the crash. You can yard sale every corner off the car and have the chassis unscathed. Just depends on how it hits. I was lucky in my crash as the arms/suspension took all the energy of the crash
  19. Also, deatschworks makes a 10 micron filter for ethanol https://www.amazon.com/DeatschWerks-8-03-160-010K-Fuel-Filter/dp/B079NQTWLR
  20. Interesting read, and see the note about the stainless filters towards the bottom where it says "update Jan 2016" http://help.injectordynamics.com/support/solutions/articles/131145-fuel-system-filtration
  21. I don't buy it. It could have easily made it quite some time before it came off. While not a trailer issue, I backed a dirtbike into my hauler and closed the gate and totally forgot to tie it down. I drove down a curvynroad, then up the camp verde grade. About 2 hours into the drive i realized i hadnt tied it down. Immediately pulled over and there was the bike, still standing on its kickstand inside the hauler.

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