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  1. Had an electrical gremlin that was driving me nuts. Brake lights weren't working right, front head lights were coming on dimly when ignition was on or brake pedal pressed. Gauges were dancing when ignition on or brake pedal pressed. Looked it all over and I knew i had it just like it was before. Turns out, the dash itself used to act as a ground for the gauges. Now that I had it powdered, the gauge mounts werent grounding to the dash/chassis! Added a wire grounded to the chassis and all is well. Need to clean up some wiring and put seats in and panels on and I'm ready for oct!
  2. The front hub bearings likely have the part # right on them
  3. Sucks.....thats why we have 8 gen 4 funcos in our group. Lots of parts in camp, lots of knowledge. It's the "southwest airlines" model. One type.
  4. I noticed it's better to basically use the whole can without letting the tip dry. I also made sure I turned it upside down and sprayed to clear it out even if I was going to not use it for more than a few min....didnt have any spitting.
  5. They sell it in spray cans. Bout $23
  6. Had mine cerakoted but kinda wish i just used steel it. Not sure how well the cerakote will hold up to getting sand blasted
  7. Very similar (and the reason i picked it! ).... good catch!
  8. I decided late last season that my gen 4 was looking pretty dated. I took the car down to Alex Arvizu for the beginning of the facelift and 6 weeks later i got the car back hardly recognizable. Tore it down to nothing and had it powdercoated. Finally got the car back together, had a few pieces painted then had the top black stripe wrapped by Rick at Cactus Auto Tint. I kept it secret all summer, not only for the shock value but also because i didn't want anyone's opinions! Haha. Was tough not spilling the beans, and not being able to ask my buddies questions along the way! During the build, i replaced everything with the slightest amount of wear, rod ends, bolts, trans!, basically the car is new. I was worried about the roof line but think it turned out awesome thanks to Alex Arvizu. BSsand seats did a geat job on the seats. Had a few delays and one scary moment (missed one of the alternator wires which arced to the body and burnt up part of my wire harness) but luckily it didn't do too much damage. All in all, it was a pretty fun project, learned a ton about the car and now know every nut and bolt in it Heres a list of everything i did to it: Reworked front end/ lights Replaced several heims Rebuilt all hubs Powdercoat chassis and all arms Rebuilt shocks All new airbags Replaced Airbag mounts and hardware Cerakoted shocks Powdercoated floor black Installed air lift system New seats Replaced rear bench with buckets Radius roof with gen 6 look 2 5150 whips with 1 long flag whip Painted dash/ deck/ scoop Powdercoated beadlocks Throttle cable and shifter ball. Replaced clutch master Replaced brake master Replaced turning brake Replaced oil and boost gauges Added wired dome light Powdered dash and remounted Replaced steering wheel Added steering wheel PTT Painted hubcaps Painted dzus fasteners Rigid light bar and pods Added front doors, enclosed rear New fuel pump and relocated filter Remounted radiator Rebuilt trans with all new gears Serviced cvs Installed new taillights New cooler cover New rear view mirror. All new suspension bolts New uniballs New rear bag bushings New battery New seatbelts New starter Partial wrap
  9. "I am going to be using a 1/16 2% lanthanated tungsten, regular gas lense, and larger straight ceramic cup (better halo of gas as i will be balling my tungsten for wide arc, but running 150htz frequency to keep it a nice 3/16 but semi focused arc). When i want a very focused, small, precise alumn weld i will sharpen the tip and run my frequency up even higher. I will be flowing pure argon @ 20cfh. This particular application my setup is as follows : a/c bal @ 70% 150hrtz 90 amps (material measures .085 assumed 6061) i will be using 1/16 4043 filler" Huh?
  10. Citation latitude. Nice plane, my company has over 100 of them
  11. Am i the only one that thinks this is fake? Not the jump, but the kid driving? Driver during the jump has gloves on...kid doesnt
  12. Just get a c02 tank from a welding supply store and a valve off eBay. Could be OTD for $150. My tank usually lasts half a season.
  13. So annoying how they slow mo and cut it all up. Just show the damn video!
  14. The last one (where he did evil kneivels stunts) was terrible to watch....they drew it out wayyy too long. Based on that, I didnt bother watching this one
  15. Oddly enough, there are 350,000 species of beetles!
  16. Kidnapping, aggravated assault, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, oiu, and I'm sure there are additional charges having to do with being under the influence as a ship captain.
  17. Been working on my rv pad on the side of my house. I'm getting concrete poured next weekend and want to start planning on getting an rv/carport. Does anyone have any advice or hookups on someone that sells/installs them? I'm in Phoenix.
  18. I'm gonna guess that guy in the background broke a wheel so you loaned him yours to get back to camp. His being a light Subaru, the front would dig in, yours being a heavy Honda makes it easier to 3 wheel? ?
  19. Very nice. Now load it up and put it on a scale! My truck + 38+2 stellar were almost 28k# and about 8000 on the rear axle weight.
  20. My friend Will is trustworthy. (623)680-8930. Tell him mellen sent you
  21. Lol...how was that first one supposed to end?

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