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  1. 2013 Polaris Outlaw 50. Runs and looks great, electric start, current registration, pink slip in hand. $1800 obo
  2. if you need someone to haul off your demo mess let me know..
  3. i see them for sale everywhere but i don't see any support or a website. i wonder if people bought out there inventory when they shut their doors??
  4. Ill give him a call, thank you.
  5. Does anyone know where i can get DPF delete tunes for a 6.4 power stroke.. its for off road use only this dpf filter and regen process is killing my truck.
  6. Does anyone on the board do vinyl fences or know a reputable company that deals with vinyl fence installation?
  7. may i have a price on a chrome grill and head lights for a 2008 F350.?
  8. thank you guys for the input.. i actually went with the Rancho 7000's.. seems almost identical to the bilstein.. well see about quality in the next few months..
  9. I think i will have to give these 7100 ranchos a shot.. unless i find someone who has ran then and convinces me otherwise.. bilsteins have never failed me, but i have been told the Rancho 7000 is a little better for the heavier duty application.
  10. Has anyone ran the rancho 7000's? Debating on which shock to run on my truck.. thank you for your input.
  11. We will be out there.. Camping off the 22 by Tree Line.
  12. Thank you guys.. HDChevy, do you have a picture of what the valve looked like? im thinking this may be the issue..
  13. I have a leak under bathroom sink of toy hauler. This is where city water and black tank flush enter trailer as well. I have inspected all fittings and nothing seems to out of the ordinary. Just last trip it got worse, to the point where the water traveled along the pipes and exited the trailer under the shower by grey water drain. My question is that i see two venting devises under the sink, one looks to be a grey water vent, 2" black pvc pipe, and the other is attached to city water inlet. has anyone experienced these vents leaking or relieving pressure?? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. just went through this with my v10.. you need to take it to a smog center that knows what they are doing. it took me three places before i found one that knew to scan it as an obd 1 truck.. not obd 2..they did change the regulations, but only on obd 2 vehicles. we should be good to leave our trucks the way they are.. if you are located in the oc area i have a great smog guy now if you need.. First place I went had gotten fined $10k for using the older machine on a newer car and didn't want to run the risk of another on. Wife took it to a second place that refused to not use his OBDII machine. Hooked it up, failed due to readiness monitors, and then accused me (over the phone) that I tried to cheat by resetting codes Third place is the one that told me he's not running it that way unless BAR comes down and logs in themselves. After the third place, I figured to just cut bait. Ref seems the easiest way, just cuts my margin for error to nothing... ya, the first two placed i took mine had no idea what to do other then send it to a referee.. that would of taken over a month to even get in.. i finally called a around and found a smog place familiar with Federal trucks and said it has to be run as obd 1 since it does not say its obd 2 anywhere on the truck..took it down and passed in 10 min.

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