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  1. Who has the best prices for a EU 3000?
  2. where can i get petcok valve, the kind that has a gasket that you drill a hole in the side of the tank and screw it on? I need to tap a tank.
  3. Thanks Eric! I need to remove the island from my current backyard to my new back yard 3.5 miles down the street, we get the new house 7/11 and I need to get the concrete poured so probably about the beginning of Aug. If you can PM me a cost estimate. Thanks again, Wayne
  4. Anyone have any ideas where I can get a boom truck ( See pic) to relocate a BBQ Island in Murrieta?
  5. Looks good, who was your contractor, i need to do the same in Murrieta
  6. Anyone know of a reasonably priced one that services this area?
  7. Any suggestions on which one to get and where???
  8. The whole hub, you can't just press the bearing out (I tried) The whole hub was like $168
  9. What Sheave is the best out there? Is this a good one? Ebay Sheave
  10. TurboVtec


    Please Delete
  11. What he said, You have to pull up the shelf to get them out

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