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  1. Not sure how to reply to this simply because Big Boys handle business man to man. There are so many untrue statements. Customer brought in SU car for frame repair, clutch repair and asked if we would service cv's while motor and trans was out to repair frame. When cv's were being cleaned we noticed that axles were too long which would have been cause for frame breaking where it did due to trying to shove arm off of car at mid point of travel. At that point, customer told us he would always tear up one cv. We instructed him at that time that due to the axle spline being severely damaged and axles being too long could have caused that problem, and that he needed to put shorter axles in. We replaced three cv's with GKN German cv's and chromoly race cages. We used the one Kartek 300m cv the customer already had in car because it was new, which is why it wasn't returned to the customer. We used the grease that we use on ALL of our cars and never have a problem with. Customer took car out for the weekend, called and said cv's were clicking. We had customer bring car back and all cv's were destroyed. At that point, we looked at cv angles and found that the car had a combined angle of 28.3 degrees. We would have never thought that a reputable car manufacturer would have had that much angle. We called customer and informed him of what needed to be done to resolve the cv angle problem. We told customer we would cover the cost of cv's, customer requested that we use Neo and Bell Ray grease - we said yes but he would have to cover the cost of the grease which we sold to him at our cost. He was also told that he would have to cover the cost of shortening shocks to keep the cv angle from going to far, and customer agreed. Customer was also told at this time that we would not cover the cv's on the car again, and that we have never had any luck using the Bell Ray Neo mixture because it waxes up real bad and doesn't travel through the cv but customer insisted and agreed to our terms. Now, I would like you all to know that this is the grease that he supposedly had 16 trips on with no failures at 28.3 degrees, and now cv's can't live at 25 degrees combined angle for more than one trip? I would like to encourage the customer and his BFF to grow the testinal fortitude to come down and speak to me in person about this problem, rather than spouting off things that aren't true behind a keyboard.
  2. Those things are pretty damn cool i wanna play with one
  3. Like Grant said stay with a builder that has been tried and trued and built a few hundred cars.
  4. All of our cars will only be sold with the disclaimer of "USED ONLY FOR TESTING IN THE SHOP FOR QUALITY CONTROL PURPOSES"
  5. Keep in mind on a new road vehicle the dealer is required to perform a pre delivery inspection to verify that all is functioning properly also keep in mind on a Chrysler product and maybe others the airbag will not function for the first 10 miles but on a sand car I think new means you take it out for the first ride.
  6. We have some openings for the last week of August Call up for a appointment . We also have room to store your trailer if you like give us a ring.
  7. Brand New is new everything with a 100% life remaining on all components. On a rebuild not every piece is replaced example Heim's , bolts, light ,and switches just to name a few . The chassis has not been subjected to any "oops" and we all have had our share . All moving parts wear and metal does fatigue . I don't want to not say that most used cars are perfectly fine because most are but when you buy new that's what you get .
  8. Toyo MT 35s with a 2 inch leveling kit 64k out of the last set,and you will want a load range E if you want to tow.
  9. We are offering a Preseason Sand Car Service Special for all makes of cars please call to set up an appointment if interested (909)887-8000 we are here Monday to Friday 7 to 4 and Saturday by appointment thanks
  10. Hello I can probable help what motor: trans: rear hubs center board or micro stub: also what shock 2.5 or 3.0 bypass:
  11. Looks fun. Why such an angle on the front shocks? Is that just the way the design came out, or ? We are trying to keep shock shaft speed somewhat linear through the travel range. Starting push angle is 29.06deg finish angle is 48.18 deg with 13.5" spindle movement there is 6.146" shock shaft movement and through the next 13.5" spindle movement there is 7.584" of shaft movement. We have used this principal in the years past in our platinum cars with much success. I am sure there are a 100 ways to skin a cat however this is the way we chose to skin ours. Thanks Allan Nimmo
  12. To All Concerned, I have not heard that we are closing our doors until this thread. However, I think I would know if we were considering I spend about 70 - 80 hours a week running Extreme Performance in San Bernardino, California. If I do hear we are closing our doors I will be sure to first let our extended family of employees know who have been with us ranging from 2 to 12 years. Their loyalty and devotion to continually go the extra mile would motivate me not to let them know on a Friday. Our employees deserve better treatment, and they would receive it. Secondly, I will let our family of customers and friends know. The friendships we have made over the years also are very important to us and they would receive better treatment as well. Thirdly, our respected vendors I would inform. They have all provided great service. Then last, but certainly not least I would inform the Glamis Dunes community. Three years ago we moved our company to a facility in San Bernardino that is over twice the size of our original building in Grand Terrace, CA. We spent a great deal of money setting up our new facility to better service our customers. Since that time the economy has faltered and made things a bit more difficult. I believe we are gaining ground every day and will pull through this in time and be laughing about it in the years to follow. Anyone that claims they are not struggling like the rest of the world is a bold face liar. In the past year we have all seen large corporations and companies fall that have been around longer than some of us have been alive. History does repeat itself, this is not the first economy slow down and it won't be the last. I believe this gives us all the time to look at the financial mistakes made and learn from them so we will be better prepared for the next go round. Extreme Performance survived the economy from the early 90's and we will survive the 08 and 09's and so on...but not without hard work, determination and persevering to succeed. I hope this response gives everyone a better understanding of how I as a business owner and we as a company operate. I have also attached a photo of our shop today. Thank you. Allan Nimmo

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