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  1. j0hn

    2001 Funco

    Price drop! Lest make it happen!
  2. j0hn

    2001 Funco

    No sir no car dealership. I bought it from a private owner and I am a private owner myself. Im very motivated to sell this so all offers will be taken seriously. It literally just sits in my garage. I fire it up now and then and go down the street but thats is. John
  3. j0hn

    2001 Funco

    Bump for lower price! Take it. It just sits here.
  4. j0hn

    2001 Funco

    Still available and the season is almost here. Call me up and make a deal. John 909-762-7607
  5. j0hn

    2001 Funco

    Bump for the week.. Get it before the season starts.
  6. j0hn

    2001 Funco

    Open to offers.. I had an offer which reminded me that I would consider a trade or partial trade for a Ford or Dodge 4x4 diesel pickup or a compact John Deere or Mahindra tractor.
  7. j0hn

    2001 Funco

    Thanks for that. Yes they are still there.
  8. j0hn

    2001 Funco

    Yes I did. We used it the 1st year or two but got to busy to go out any more. We added a few things like the roof, front skid, rear scoop, seats, HID lights and coated the exhaust pipes. Fun toy thats for sure.
  9. j0hn

    2001 Funco

    Thanks. Hate to sell it but priorities have shifted.
  10. j0hn

    2001 Funco

    PRICE DROP... AGAIN! 2001 Honda v6 Funco. Very reliable car. Used on two trips in the last 2 years. Just moved and have no time to use it. Paddles only have a few trips on them.Parts include;Honda V6 091 Volkswagen Trans CNC front brakes Willwood RearTurning brakes Updated spherical heims on rear swingarms and front arms.New PRP seats. Rear seats are kids size but lower brackets still allow to bolt in adult bench.New Radiator HID headlights 2 spot/2 flood NO radios Includes worn dirt tires on aluminum rims for trailering. 17k OBO I would consider a trade or partial trade for a Ford or Dodge 4x4 diesel pickup or a compact John Deere or Mahindra tractor. This is a basic rail that will get you anywhere in the dunes all day and still have fuel left for the midnight run. Will consider partial trade for polaris sportsman x2 (only) in good cond. Title in hand and ready to sell. Tags good for another year.Email John with any questions ( jhauffen@hotmail.com )
  11. j0hn

    The Doonies

    Aw man wish I came across those girls while out in the dunes..
  12. Mirimar is a great show. Ill be there on Sunday. I don't believe Sunday has the evening portion so if thats what you want than Saturday is best. Its just like most shows... tons of people, far away parking, expensive food and it will probably be hot. General admission is free so you could bring chairs and sit outside the viewing area at no charge except for parking if you like. I see lots of people doing that. I have two little ones as well and it is a long show if you stay for the evening portion because there is a long break in between shows. We usually leave after the Blue Angels and are plenty happy. I just buy food cause i hate carrying food around but you'll pay the price for that convenience. Bring waters and plenty of it. Its always been hot and water bottles are like 3 bucks a piece. Have fun!
  13. The cars they had on display at Funco were $250k according to Grant.. Wow
  14. This gonna be family friendly? Looking to meet some new people and get the new to me rail out to stretch her legs. John

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