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  1. Who did you end up getting the carb from and what size did you go with?
  2. Whats the hot set up for suspension these days
  3. Looking at putting some new shocks on the truck 2004 2500hd currently has 6 rcd lift kit i have been running the bilsteins the last 100k miles and figure its time for new shocks. Debating on running the fox 2.0 smooth body or just grabbing another pair of the bilsteins. Is there another option i should be looking at or is there much of a difference in this category for shocks and different brands. price difference between the two i have mentioned is about 50 bucks a shock the foxs being the more expensive side
  4. Woods wants in the 5k ball park I guess if its bad ass and you only have to do it once using him that's a winner right?
  5. Got a co-worker who needs his excursion trans rebuilt who is the go to shop in the so cal area to have this done.
  6. Was lucky enough to come across a set of 21x12x8 Haulers 8 paddle and for my riding style I really liked them.
  7. You have any pictures of the skate 2s and what are you looking for them
  8. Just picked up a new to me Motorhome class A looking at upgrading the queen bed in the back who has tried what and where to buy
  9. It's the Chevy work horse chassis
  10. Shoot me an address and a good time to come by thanks Chris

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