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  1. We went to Coral Pink Sand Dunes a couple of weeks ago. No traffic, Diesel for 1.99, no masks and open restaurants you could sit down at.
  2. Went to Coral Pink Sand Dunes last weekend, It was good to get out of California. Plus there are a lot of trails you can ride. We were able to ride to an open restaurant while out on the trails. The weather was a very low 80 during the day and during the night got into the low 40s.
  3. Still have them? And what they priced at now? lol
  4. Ifly


    This is what a hero looks like to me. This is my uncle who served in Korea. And like others said before , he did not talk about this. He would just say he served in Korea. Even after I joined the Marine Corps he never mentioned this. Robert E. Graham HOME OF RECORD: Texas AWARDS BY DATE OF ACTION:1 of 1 Silver Star AWARDED FOR ACTIONS DURING Korean War Service: Marine Corps Rank: Corporal Battalion: 1st Battalion Division: 1st Marine Division (Rein.) GENERAL ORDERS: Headquarters, X Corps, General Orders No. 178 (August 16, 1951) CITATION: The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress July 9, 1918, takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star (Army Award) to Corporal Robert E. Graham, Jr. (MCSN: 632905), United States Marine Corps, for gallantry in action against the enemy while serving with Company A, First Battalion, Seventh Marines, FIRST Marine Division (Reinforced), in action against enemy aggressor forces in Korea on 20 May 1951. On that date, Company A was occupying positions near Hill 441 when attacked by a numerically superior enemy force. Corporal Graham immediately moved to a machine gun and began firing on the enemy. Although painfully wounded, he continued to fire until he observed a wounded Marine lying in an exposed position. He voluntarily crossed the open, fire-swept terrain, and, with complete disregard for his personal safety, moved the wounded man to a position of comparative safety. Corporal Graham then returned to his machine gun and continued to fire at the enemy. His actions contributed immeasurably to the successful repulsion of the enemy attack. The gallantry and outstanding devotion to duty displayed by Corporal Graham on this occasion reflect great credit on himself and the military service. SEE MORE RECIPENTS OF THIS AWARD
  5. We are headed to Coral Pink sand dunes on Thursday.
  6. Love seeing the old threads that I was in. Were going somewhere next weekend. Maybe it should be Utah again.
  7. They are 106 in length. Could be a little more depending cage / bumpers. They are just long enough to not be legal loaded sideways on a trailer. lol
  8. An 800S is good for dirt but not for Glamis. If you have the room I would get a 900. You get so much more for a small price increase.
  9. If it fails smog the state will give 1,000. Someone please buy this soon before I go get it. lol
  10. I agree with Mac, More harm than good. If he wants to do it because it interests him then fine. Its not something you do just to help your resume.
  11. Our best mod was selling the 800 and buying the 900.
  12. Google Public Warehousing in Riverside. There will be a few choices. The issue is your very small, not sure if they have a minimum. This is what I do but on a much larger scale. If you start the process somewhere and need help with how it works just let me know.
  13. Stater Bros this morning at 7am
  14. I dont think you will find a cabin in the town of mammoth were you could legally ride from the cabin. I only know of two campgrounds that you can legally ride from.

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