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  1. I would think if your going through insurance you would need to deliver the proof that it is burned up. LOL
  2. We I had the Chevy short bed it was both ways. Now in the pusher I dont have to stop.
  3. This is were we stayed last year and did not like it. The spaces are small so if you have large vehicles you will have some trouble. I would recommend the Portal, you just have to stay on the older section.
  4. We picked up a 900 this summer and are really happy with it. Its a great value for the price. The only thing I would suggest is to get powering steering. Not an issue with dirt tires but with front smoothies you can tell the difference.
  5. The BLM area is not that great. The advantage is you can hit fins and things and hells revenge with no issues. If your street licensed I believe you can drive on the roads with no issue. X2 on Portal, you can stay on the other side of the 10 year or newer side. The only issue is no access to the pool but if you have someone on the high end you should be able to get in with them. The only other campground I liked was the KOA. Overall I was not that impressed with Moab. Its best for difficult Jeep trails. We went last year and I dont think I would go back. There are other areas in Utah that would be much better for a SxS.
  6. We went once a few years ago and did not like it. The riding for quads is not good. A SXS would be better. The theory of the amenities is tempting but it was not as nice as I would of thought. We stayed on snob hill and the wifi did not work. The tub / pool was dirty and not really usable. Just checked on prices for later this month and it was 254.00 for 2 nights. I definitely would never go back.
  7. Try other sites other than GD.com. Everyone here is looking for a below book deal. LOL
  8. We were in the same boat as you with basically the same requirements. We went with a new JL since used were almost as much. I have added 33s from a Rubicon and a nice aftermarket front bumper and tow bar for towing it. I may add a small lift to it and im done. Think about your statement very carefully. If your honestly going to keep it moderate you dont need 37s, probably not even 35s. No need to regear. Something around a 2015 with some nice options, 50K miles will cost you almost as much as a new one with out options. The JLs ride very nice. For you I would recommend a new Rubicon and be done with it. Keep the options to a minimum.
  9. Drive right up and start honking. Its a road you need access to. Also I assume its right at the highway, ranger station is very close by.
  10. Steering wheel must be as straight as possible.
  11. Got a good angle on the flag coming in. Flag_drop.MP4

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