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  1. Ifly

    Moab Campgrounds

    Thanks for the help, Ended up getting a spot at Slickrock campground. Was not many choices this late. We will be taking a jeep and possibly a SXS. Another Jeep is in the works.
  2. Heading to Moab in July. What is the best campground with full hook ups for a 36 ft Moho? Appreciate some recommendations.
  3. Good, now I dont have to think about it anymore.
  4. Ifly

    Trailer Issues

    Dont guess, weigh it. If you think its the truck borrow someones truck to tow it.
  5. Anything over 1500 pounds legally requires brakes. As posted before you see a ton of wranglers being towed and most do not have a braking system. Obviously the motor home will not have any issues pulling or stopping it. The issue is if you dont have a braking system you are putting a ton of weight against the tow bar itself. You need to watch it to see if it starts to bend. I am looking for a toad now and im sure I will not install a breaking system. I will buy the best tow bar I can get.
  6. Looks like you can as long as its a stick shift. No auto's.
  7. Tough price point: What does it book for? Can someone get financing for it. If I have 20K in cash I have a lot more options. Age of vehicle: Its at that time were some people will be leary of the age, again if I can afford your truck I can probably go a little newer or less miles and feel better about what I buy. im sure its a fair price for a good truck, but as you can see its not moving. Probably going to have to come down to get someone to pull the trigger. I have a 2005 duramax I want to sell. I might be in the same boat as you. I honestly dont know what a fair price is for my truck. But im thinking I will be around 12-13K and thats a bit easier for someone to have the cash to buy.
  8. Universal trailers is probably your best bet. It will not be cheap for a one night stay. It will not be a budget build.
  9. I had an 05 and got lazy and wanted electric start. Sold 05 after buying an 06. The 06 never ran as good as the 05.
  10. Here is our 2005 Meridian 36G we picked up this last summer.
  11. If the storage compartments are attached to the slides you will not have pass through storage. I wish I had pass through but I prefer the the compartments being attached. Much easier to use when the slides are out.
  12. Just took our MoHo to the beach for the weekend. A diesel just simply drives so much nicer.
  13. If your going to tow more than 5K you need the Diesel, I would not get less than 350HP and a 6 speed transmission. If you start leaning towards the 40 ft range your trailer will get shorter and taller. How old are the kids, will they be out of the picture before you ever sell? I think bunk house models are harder to sell down the road. With your price range you should have no issue finding something. Anything less than 40 - 50 k miles and you should be good. If its got a few years on it expect some maintenance right off the bat. Slide toppers, batteries and possibly tires, but then your good for awhile. We just got a 2005 with 44K miles this summer. Starting to work on those things mentioned. Last but not least. The fridge, I have a 12 cuft 4 door fridge and we dont think it holds the cold very well. Have talked to others with newer coaches and heard the same issues. Right now I am also working on prepping it for the cold, very cold. We are going to Mammoth for Christmas in it. Tire chains for it were a lot cheaper than I thought they would be.
  14. Just went with a pusher this summer. It was overkill for what we needed. Its like a diesel truck, costs more but is a lot nicer. Find the floor plan you like and a price point your comfortable with. If you can get it with diesel then its a bonus. 22.5 tires are much better of a ride. sure the tires will be around 2500 but they will last close to 10 years. 450.00 for my trailer EVERY EFFIN 2 YEARS comes close and I dont worry about blowing tires anymore Air ride suspension is very nice. First trip was to Utah and the ride was very nice, especially once you get out of California. Exhaust brake is nicer than you think. push a button and just cruise down cajon. Mileage sucks on everything. My diesel truck towing a 7K trailer was getting 9.5, MoHo gets 8. Close enough for me. Drive in the summer and plan on running the genny and air but no different than a gasser. Towing 10K. You should never have an issue with being over weight. Anyone with a gasser pulling a box trailer is over weight. If they have a heavy car then there way over weight. Service is more. My Moho holds 19 qts of oil. Truck holds 10. if you do it your self add 40bucks. Just did my fuel filters they were cheap and easy to change Trans, get a 6 speed, dont even think about a 5 speed. If you get a 5 speed it will only be rated at 5K towing. Bottom line is they are just nicer in every way. If you can afford it I would recommend it and dont buy a new anything. LOL

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