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  1. I work with dick. Great guy with an even better sense of humor. Lives in the senior park off old 80
  2. Just another adventure and all part of the deal with duning. The steer tires on my moho were Herculese (Chinese) with date codes of 2214. The pressure was set at 95 psi with nitrogen before I left on the trip like I always do. La Mesa RV replaced the steer tires per my request when I bought the coach in 2014. The tears are GoodYear with a 4810 date code and have been flawless, despite their advanced age. All six will be replaced now. About 5 miles before the rapid tire deflation, I felt the thumping. Pulled to narrow shoulder to check for any obvious issues and all the tires made the right noise when smacked and didn’t show any deformation. I didn’t want to stay on the shoulder any longer than I had to so I began to continue westbound with intentions of getting off on the next exit to evaluate further. Thought maybe it was a wheel bearing or something. Then BANG! Woke everyone up as I gently slowed to the right shoulder again.
  3. Thank you all for the offers and suggestions. Ended up waiting for the tow truck. AAA sent Premier towing from imperial and he arrived an hour and 30 minutes after my call. Not too bad. He had a medium duty tow truck with a wheel lift stinger and it was a crew cab. Hooked up to my front axle and dragged the whole shebang 96 miles away to my house( my AAA Premium coverage was up to 100 miles!) I already started work pulling the rear driveshaft when I saw the equipment he pulled up in. We were hooked up and westbound in about 20 minutes from his arrival. Took almost four hours to get home. The truck kept getting hot going up the grade so he pulled over twice to let it cool. And we were only going about 15 mph up the hill the rest of the time. Driver was professional and curtious. I had left early early on Sunday because I broke a spindle on the buggy on Saturday after the drags. I guess new rv tires and 2” hollow spindles are in my immediate future.
  4. Thank you. They just quoted me $851 for the service call. I’ll pass on that and wait for AAA for that kind of money.
  5. I have a flat front tire on my motor home coming home from Glamis. I’m on westbound 8 in ocotillo just east of imperial highway. AAA is supposed to be coming but I anticipate issues as the motor home is also towing my 24’ box trailer and there are three people who need a ride into El Cajon No spare tires on this rig and they are 225/70/19.5. I called Daniels tire and Lee’s tires in imperial valley but without a commercial account, they won’t come out. Does anyone know of a moble guy who can slap on some new rubber on the side of the freeway? Worst case scenario I wait for a second tow truck and send my oldest with one truck while I take my younger kid with me.
  6. So cool! And I’m not even a fisherman.
  7. Saturday morning run that broke the v8 car. 2:35 mark bombing through the little hills and valleys with drop offs and ridges.
  8. The CHP helicopters are not part of an insurance plan, and they are NOT operated as a business. They are a law enforcement tool provided by the state. However, every rotary aircraft operated by the Highway Patrol does have a flight officer who is a paramedic. The aircraft do have limited als equipment onboard. They can and will transport free of charge. That said, they would be a secondary solution when an air ambulance is unavailable. Their air operations center, closest to glamis is in Thermal, CA where there are two helicopters stationed, and three fixed wing aircraft. The planes do not perform medical transport.
  9. Penske collision center in La Mesa (used to be drew ford) did a decent job quickly and with good communication not long ago. Not sure what part of Sd you’re in.
  10. You are only allowed to have one dvr per account. The additional box in my rv costs $7/month. You can’t watch different channels at the same time from the single box.
  11. Use the correct length bolts on the battery terminals and cover them. That is an electrical fire waiting to happen!
  12. Your transmission builder probably would.
  13. The more pucks the smoother engagement. The fewer pucks (generally) more clamping force/resistance to slippage. Kartek should have the parts you need and can answer most of your questions.

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