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  1. Adam G

    just got a car... help

    Use the correct length bolts on the battery terminals and cover them. That is an electrical fire waiting to happen!
  2. Adam G

    Chinese Lanterns

  3. Adam G

    Engine Swap Ecotec 2.2 to 2.4

    Your transmission builder probably would.
  4. Adam G

    Engine Swap Ecotec 2.2 to 2.4

    The more pucks the smoother engagement. The fewer pucks (generally) more clamping force/resistance to slippage. Kartek should have the parts you need and can answer most of your questions.
  5. Adam G

    Shore Power Issue

    RV’s typically have a floating ground that GFCI outlets don’t like. It’s not the load that is tripping the outlet, it’s a ground fault. You can try this:
  6. Offroadloans told me roughly 12% for 60 months and minimum of 20% down. I went with https://www.lightstream.com/ had an approval in less than 5 minutes, much better terms, and the money was wired to my account same day. It is an unsecured loan so I have the vehicle’s title in hand. All on line with most questions answered on their website. A buggy loan through them falls under “other” and you will be able to enter in what you are buying in the short loan application. I didnt need to provide any type any type of proof of income or the like for an approval either.
  7. Adam G

    ****10 SANDRAILS FOR SALE****

    Not anymore! Reasonable Sand Rail Financing
  8. Adam G

    School me on Fortin Transaxles please

    Call Fortin. You have a good chance of talking with Doug, the boss man. He will walk you through your setup and guide you to what you need. It seems like the Fortin motto is buy once cry once. Instead of buy cheap cry twice.
  9. Adam G

    New to me Jayco Seneca

    Does your fuel gage show well over 1/4 tank? The generator fuel supply pickup is above the 1/4 tank line so that your generator can’t run the coach out of fuel. I’d start there.
  10. Adam G

    Lets talk scooters

    Highway pegs are great for men who like to feel the wind blow through their vagina!
  11. Adam G

    School me on the class C

    Do it. The fresh tank will be a concern but there are ways to bring extra fresh with you. Going from truck and trailer to moho and trailer was a great decision for us as a family who can now ride together in comfort to the camping location. The kids can lay in their beds, go to the bathroom watch tv, and the wife can make me a sammich while we are driving down the road Then when we get there, no pushing the toys out immediately so we can have our living quarters back. I have the 5.5k and 2 A/C’s. With the main ac running, I can’t run anything else of a moderate draw without tripping the breaker. Things like coffee maker, central vac, or 110v water heater will throw it. Not to mention the microwave. Running 2 a/c’s would be a stretch in my mind. One thing we have that i would not go without, is leveling jacks. I pull up, hit “auto-level” and hop out to greet my fellow campers. After my greetings, I extend the slides on a rock solid level platform which I didn’t need to make sure was level before I parked. Then I help my camp mates put leveling blocks under their trailer tires while they pull forward and back, then get out their speed wrench and walk to all 4 corners letting their stabilizers down. It’s extremely convenient to have automatic hydraulic levelers.
  12. Adam G

    Lets talk scooters

    How about a 2008 and older 2stroke Zuma? More power to weight there and endless hop ups for that package. You would need registration, insurance and a Motorcycle endorsed license to drive it on a highway in CA. Sold mine just a few months ago. Went for $850. All stock and in good shape.
  13. Adam G

    4 seat sand car average overall length?

  14. Adam G

    Difference in CV components

    Just an update. I ended up walking in Fortin and buying 4 complete 300M 930 CV assemblies. Doug happened to be in the front office when I walked in and was a great (patient) resource and set me up after determining my issues with the previous CVs and my drivetrain combination. He he told me clocking the CVs was not necessary. BelRay was the best grease if service intervals were short due to the grease drying out and getting chalky. And that Swepco 101 was his recommendation for grease that was going to be in there all season. Really had a great experience buying from them. Highly recommend it!

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