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  1. Alex Berenson is saying something similar. He says that if you look at the data from Israel, where pretty much everyone got vaccinated, it appears that the vaccine isn't working and may be creating more dangerous varients.
  2. We spend a fortune on the CDC, NIH, etc..., they have tons of employees, and yet a year and a half into this BS they still can't (or won't) produce meaningful stats about the disease. In other words, exactly how many people have died, or become seriously ill, from (not with) Covid? Then, what were their ages and what were their underlying health conditions?
  3. The true solution that is available pretty much now is nuclear. They have the technology today to produce nuclear power with no emissions and very little waste. In fact, they say they can do it using just the leftover waste created from the last generation of nuclear power plants. But just the word nuclear has such a negative connotation in this country, people won't go for it. The real problem with all the "green energy" today is it all eventually relies on stuff mined, produced, or manufactured in China. They are burning coal and other fossil fuels like madmen to produce "green" crap to sell to us so we can feel like we're saving the world.
  4. Solar power is great if your generating it and using it locally on site and your using it during a sunny day. It doesn't work well when you try to transmit it over any distance or when the sun isn't out. The only method I'm currently aware of to store it for later use is batteries which are expensive, have limited life, create CO2 emissions to produce, and cause all sorts of other enviromental problems. They need some sort of better storage method before it's gonna solve all our problems.
  5. It's like 2006-2007 all over again. We are supposed to be in some sort of Covid recession but all I see is everyone spending money like drunken sailors- including the government. RVs, cars, boats, big screen TVs, UTVs, swimming pools, home remodels, new homes, you name it. Everyone's trying to produce the goods as fast as they can, make the sales and the money while they can, while at the lower end, no one wants to work unless they're being paid a fortune. I bought my toyhauler back in 2006 and it was made like so badly I had to fix half the things on it. I'm just trying to figure out what to do with my money so that when it all collapses like it did in 2008, I can be riding on top of the chit pile instead of under it.
  6. No Camp Razor? I think I finally found a bright side to Covid
  7. Had help wanted ads up since last year for a commercial pool service man with basically zero response so finally took them down. Put them back up last month to see if any better response. Got one good reply. Guy had experience, good record, seemed great. Got all excited and brought him in for interview. He claimed he was doing pools for another company and getting $75k salary plus company truck and fuel. Seemed like pure BS but he did say they were working him 60hrs a week and that's why he wanted to change. Offered him $50k salary plus truck and fuel for basically a 40 hour week. He basically laughed in our face and walked. Morale of the story- everybody better get ready to pay a whole lot more for everything
  8. Exactly. In the past, naturally occurring fires would periodically clear the dead wood and brush. Now, we snuff out all fires as fast as we can until the growth gets so thick that eventually a fire breaks out that can't be controlled. Logging and forest thinning is the solution, but the tree huggers lose their minds when you even try to suggest it.
  9. California gets alot of its power from the hydro electric facilities up in Oregon and Washington. I read that one of the recent fires in northern Calif. came real close to taking out a major transmission line coming down from Oregon and Washington. They were absolutely crapping their pants up in Sacramento. If it had happened, there would have been huge blackouts all over the state.
  10. Fights and stabbings??? Was just there in May and if there was a fight, it would have been two guys trying to ram each other with their scooters or hit each other with their oxygen tanks. Haven't felt so young since I was actually in my 20's
  11. Commercial property I work on recently installed some of those. Sails weren't huge, maybe 20' by 20', but the footings they put in for steel posts were enormous. They were about 36" diameter and 5 or 6 ft deep.
  12. First important stat- number of people under age 70 dead from, not with, Covid Second important stat- number of people under age 70, not just seen in ER but admitted to hospital again from, not with, Covid Third important stat- NONE. The rest is all BS
  13. Allow me to clarify. Of course being recalled will change Newsom's political career. I meant that it will not do much to change things in California. Any new Governor, even if he's the most conservative dude ever, will only have 10 months in office. He'll have Democratic super majorities in both state houses, California courts packed with liberal douche bags, and a California electorate that has twice as many registered Dems as Republicans and that voted for Biden over Trump by 5 million votes. They will over ride any veto he does. They will do an instant 180 on the "emergency covid powers" that they were happy to give to Gavin and decide that only the legislature can decide things like mask mandates and school closures. Meanwhile, all the usual suspects (media, unions, etc..) will start a media blitz painting the new Governor as Hitler, an idiot, a pedophile, etc.. Then 10 months later, California will elect a new Democrat scumbag who probably be worse than Newsom- just without the nice hair.
  14. Month ago, I'd have said there was no way he'd be recalled. But now, if they start the lockdown Crap again and especially if schools don't fully reopen, it might happen. It won't really change anything, no matter who replaces him, but I hope it happens just so I can see the look on his face.
  15. It's an awesome place, but in the summer, the park is a freaking zoo. Get there early. Later in the day, there's no parking and you can wait 30 minutes to an hour just to get on the shuttle. Best hikes we did were the Narrows and Angels Landing.

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