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  1. The George family is the best thing that has ever happened to this outdoor SAND SPORT!!!
  2. It's Cooper Web , I have stuck with him since childhood!
  3. Use g rated and the problem goes away. I have tried everything else and to many blowouts in the worst places!
  4. If the engine is flooding just by running the fuel pump then the injectors must be bad or dirty or some weird wiring problem. The stock honda injectors can handle 110 psi without leaking. This is rare to handle that kind of psi in the injector world, but the honda's will. Try disconnecting the wire plugs from the two injectors and see if it is still flooding the engine. The problem you are having makes no sense. What codes are you getting off the stock ECM. You must have someway to clip the voltage from the map sensor under boost or you would get map sensor codes off the obdII. A missing link will send the boost pressure into the air instead of to the map sensor. The comptech module clips the voltage so the ecm does not see the boost. (The stock ECM can't handle boost and will throw a code).
  5. Try Changing the coils on those two cylinders. We have had an engine run perfect with no boost. When boosted would not fire. Also make sure spark plug gap is around .025 -.028. The Map sensor with stock ecm needs a "missing link" or a Comptech module which wires into harness if under boost.
  6. I built 4 gen4's with blown honda 3.5 First cars still own, number 18 and 19 both "Al B." blower kit. The red one won first place at Sacramento Autorama. Second two 2006 numbers 118 and 119 .,#118 "Al B" Turbo KIt and built engine. #119 "Al B." Blower kit. What a coincidence but true. It kind of tells you how many gen4's in two years Funco built.

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