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  1. Just make sure you post pics of your purchase. And of the build thread to follow...
  2. What's your budget? Don't really have one. I'm not going to pay $30,000 for a clapped out POS. I might buy brand new and add tires and a front bumper so it can be pulled with the motor home. Must be nice to not have a budget. If you want a traditional "JEEP", and you're looking in the 8-12k range, I would try to find a clean TJ. Model year 1997-2006. Find one without too many modifications and that hasn't been wheeled a lot. It'll all be 2 doors. It'll be tight in the back seat, but if just the two of you, I would take the rear seat out for more cargo room. If you don't run a lot with an open top, might consider a hard top for more security and decrease road noise. If you're looking into a newer jeep, the 1st gen jk runs from 2007-2011. The biggest difference is the engine. Most say the newer Jk engine is better 2012-now. The JKs ride/handles a lot nicer than the previous TJ it replaced. Lots of nice creature comforts. But some feel too car like with too much electronics, thinner sheetmetal, etc. If you plan to drive it a lot on the road, I would lean towards a JK rather than something older. With the Jks, you'll have the option of 4 doors. It'll cost more. Sometimes it'll feel too big, and you lose the nimbleness you associate with a traditional jeep. But the added wheelbase makes it nicer to drive on the road and can fit your friends in the backseat ormhave loads of cargo space. If you're looking into a JK, just go down tomthe dealer and look at the 2 door and 4 door models and see what you like. Then you can decide if you want to buy new or used.
  3. Looks fun. I would be up for a run. Got a date in mind?
  4. I would be interested. I'll be out this weekend at truckhaven.
  5. Looks like a great time. You got any suggestions for a gd group ride? Black mountain trail? I'll start with this....I know it has been tried and failed in the past....lol. Anyone up to put a ride together? How about next weekend. 11th or 12th. Anyone free? Open to trail suggestions.
  6. Nice JK! Didn't know you had a jeep. I would be up for a day trip. Plan on going to tds this year?
  7. Ha, ha...I like cruising around glamis in my tj, especially if it's cold out! Definitely not a rzr, but does well enough to dune through the smaller stuff. Your wife will love it. It's easy to get caught up in spending for upgrades. My axle shop and seperate jeep fab guy recommended just wheeling my jeep for a year or two before dropping a lot into it. I bet you'll be suprised how capable your jk is. The best thing I did was add lockers, although with the stock ls in rear and open front, I was able to go a lot of places that suprised me. I like jeepforum.com and pirate4x4.
  8. So when's the next time you jeepin? We should get something going.
  9. Very nice!...wife's jeep? So what's the plan for it? Looks like it's already got wheels and tires. Wife bought it as company car, so needed to keep warranty. Only way we found to was to have a big shop like 4 wheel parts do it and get warranty coverage through them. Tuttle Click where we got it told us any lift over 4" would void the factory warranty. We decided to start with this and if we get into it, ditch the 2.5" AVO lift/Bilstein 5100's on it or sell and get a rubi. With little kids, we are going on conservative side of trails and this will do road time more than dirt. You got a great start with your jk. I'll be a fun taking it out exploring with your family. So when's the next wheelin trip? Shall we try and get something together?
  10. Very nice!...wife's jeep? So what's the plan for it? Looks like it's already got wheels and tires.
  11. Plan on it!...maybe gd.com invasion. I'll be at the expo Saturday with the family. Pm sent.
  12. Moab and Rubicon would be cool. Easter is tough with my kids, but I would be up for a trip. Cb is a great idea, although I don't have one. Closer to home...Tierra del sol run?

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