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  1. Those are the ones that get you! Only 2’ maybe 3’ witches eye s that you don’t see until it’s too late. Mostly happens to leaders in the middle of the day.
  2. If your truck still has the pvc plumed into the intake, you may have an intercooler full of oil. The amount of oil will get bad and kill the cooler’s efficiency. Lot of work, and a pain, butt can be taken out drained and cleaned. By then, you’ll want to chuck it for an aftermarket upgrade
  3. Thanks to all that put it on, big turn out and perfect weather.
  4. What is going into the build? Forged rods? Pistons? Closed deck plate? I run low boost because I’m told these are the week links.
  5. The hide out today was pretty cool! Lots of cool bikes on a perfect day. Only thing better was to be in the dunes, 

  6. I have manifolds and heat shields also if you need them
  7. I have an exhaust that attaches to the stock manifolds if you’re interested pm me
  8. Wunderground says wind dies down by Friday, could be the best weekend of the year!
  9. Looks like it’s going to blow we’d thurs then be perfect! I’m looking for riders!
  10. So, if it breaks down, do you call a mechanic or a plumber?
  11. Anyone program there own radios? I’m getting what seems like repeater noise on my custom channels that rugged programmed for me way back when I first bought them. Vertex standard and the small rugged hand helds.
  12. I ment the access roads on Both sides of the canal. Blm uses the roads I speak of. Emergency situation would be the worst!
  13. They left trash, glass bottles, fire pit in the center of the road, these people are embarrassing. We cleaned it up today best we could
  14. Can’t block wash road, any part of Gecko, people get a ticket when they are too close. Where’s the BLM?

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