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  1. I ment the access roads on Both sides of the canal. Blm uses the roads I speak of. Emergency situation would be the worst!
  2. They left trash, glass bottles, fire pit in the center of the road, these people are embarrassing. We cleaned it up today best we could
  3. Can’t block wash road, any part of Gecko, people get a ticket when they are too close. Where’s the BLM?
  4. Two large groups decided to camp right in the middle of the canal road. Where’s the blm to make them move?
  5. VW Paradise in San Marcos. They have XRP in stock and the tooling to make any length you need
  6. People can’t just thank you anymore, it has to be “thank you so much!” Can’t stand that one
  7. Why can’t a green sticker ohv be allowed to cross at 78 and travel on trails on the other side? People have done it for years, street, ohv legal doesn’t matter. No different than any other rr crossing. On foot, on a bicycle, walking the dog, blind guy with a cane, what’s the difference?
  8. Sounds like it’s right at the transfer switch. Be wary of aluminum wiring
  9. I’m with turbo Manx mania, my dirt bikes also have plates on them. Only have a stock 1600 in mine, it does all the rock gardens and trails, then I get to watch the jeeps get stuck!
  10. Get the titan tank. Best thing I’ve done to my 7.3 It’s expensive butt worth it

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