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  1. The more pics I see of Chad Reed the more I’m amazed
  2. bgchlln

    14.50 15 extreme paddle tires

    One has a sidewall leak and will need a patch or a tube. The other is fine, paddles in good shape. $100.00
  3. bgchlln

    14.50 15 extreme paddle tires

    I’ll be coming out for the old school round up this weekend and can bring them to Glamis if anyone is interested
  4. bgchlln

    14.50 15 extreme paddle tires

    Won’t be home to take a pick until early this evening, I’ll post some close ups then
  5. bgchlln

    Bought a 2019 F250 Powerstroke

    Get the Titan tank, 63 gallons in my 7.3 2000 best mod by far
  6. bgchlln

    14.50 15 extreme paddle tires

    Sportsman size paddle, located in vista ca 92083
  7. bgchlln

    This is sand drags

    Be cool to see some arm drop drags at the old school round up
  8. bgchlln

    just got a car... help

    Scorpion in SANTEE, Paul was his first name, don’t know if he’s still in biseness butt built a lot of cars back in the day
  9. bgchlln


    Any way to get to the bar with a green sticker Car? I see Glamis mikes vids and the bar looks like fun, butt for me it was always a ride to it in a buggy or quad, never a street car
  10. bgchlln

    Complete motor package

    it dose appear to be a a-1 motor, butt this combo will still get with it! I had a simular combo, then switched to a S-type, picked up 37 horses and will rev out about 1000 rpm higher. The torque feels the same, and I am usually getting out of it before it has a chance to red line. I'd like to see how this does with no intercooler.
  11. bgchlln

    New monuments/Memorials - All opposed?

    Haven’t you been to (taco bowl)?
  12. bgchlln


    Old school is better, sand drags = 100 yards dead stop arm drop( or in the old days hat drop) and get er done
  13. bgchlln

    Fatality at wash 16

  14. bgchlln

    How much boost Honda 3.5

    Who tuned your motor? Autowave did mine with similar numbers. You’ll like the added torque down low. It will tractor anywhere in 3rd if you want
  15. bgchlln

    Engine performance shop socal

    Autowave did a good job for me, we kept the wheel hp at aprox 310 to go with my e box. Tell them what you want, or ask what they think will work best, and they will give you an estimate
  16. bgchlln

    Glamis Lefty's

    There are no lefties, either right handers or wrong handers
  17. bgchlln

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    That cooler looks like the same one I have purchased from John at outback. Cooler, fan, scoop, all purchased at the same time and he also helped me with piping and silicone fittings. I’ve never pointed the infered at it, but guess I should. Quality unit
  18. bgchlln

    What ritual do you have that gets you ready for the season?

    I’m a Wheather channel hawk, soon as it’s under 100 game on! And I believe that’s going to happen next week.
  19. bgchlln

    On Board Air Compressors

  20. bgchlln

    Suck it LA Chargers...LMAO

    There’s so many better things to do than whatch bad sport, disrespectful, poorly coached, selfishly owned teams on Sunday
  21. bgchlln

    On Board Air Compressors

    oasis air, 12 volt winch motor on a modified a/c compressor, mucho air! no need for a tank. I air up my 35's on my truck from 20 to 65 in two minutes a tire.
  22. bgchlln

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    in the old vw days, they would add injectors in the intake to richin up on boost, you couldnt pour it in fast enough!
  23. bgchlln

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    pump gas 3.2 s , just had them cleaned and balanced. at the test duty cycle, they flow 900.0 cc/min
  24. bgchlln

    Help with turbo on Honda 3.5

    I used 1000 cc injectors, larger aftermarket fuel rails, and did a full flow loop on the fuel system. on boost you need to up the fuel dramatically to keep them from leaning out.

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