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  1. Sorry to necro this thread, but I sure like my Taz. Yeah, torches belts but it's all because of OnAnySunday driving too damn fast.... Here's more video shot over T-Weekend chasing a Funco http://youtu.be/YxSQEm_baeY
  2. My younger son went last year and had a blast. Got to see all kinds of neat stuff and I think it was worth it to help him grow up a little and see DC along the way
  3. We still have the death penalty. He'll probably get the needle. Good riddance.
  4. I am simply amazed that the Supreme Lawyer of the Realm gets his legal briefs and interpretations from news media and politicians (and media seekers). One would think he would have been better prepared to appear in front of Congress. Shows how little regard the administration has for representatives of The People.
  5. Double G


    Yes I have that. It's really cool, you can also connect it to your Pandora and Amazon accounts. Pretty amazing to get HD streaming movies on the plasma screen TV in surround sound. I just bought a new Blu-Ray player that has all that in it via Wi-Fi, so will pull the Roku to another room.
  6. I am really amazed at the stuff people repeat from the people who have an agenda and are slanting the truth their way. Read the law for yourself, it's only 8 pages of plain language. No you don't need a passport to live here. If you are part of a "lawful contact", and you don't provide some answers like a valid ID, home address, SSN, or some other thing, then you trigger "resonable suspicion" and a deeper check is made. Like King Glamis said, there are databases they can check if you for some dumb reason aren't carrying an ID -- which in most states is a requirement for adults anyway. Not any different than when you drive from Yuma to Gila Bend and pass the US Border Patrol checkpoint on I-8. In that case they ask a few questions to trigger 'reasonable suspicion' and go from there. I see cars pulled over to the side all the time for deeper checks. Nobody complains about that.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. I've towed my 2000 Tahoe behind the MH. There are steps outlined in the owner's manual on how to put the transfer case in Neutral and pulling a fuse so the battery doesn't croak (you have to turn the key on to unlock the steering wheel). I also had automatic brakes installed on the Tahoe - http://www.smibrake.com/ the Stay-in-Play system. Works good. I'd have to pull the manual for my F150 to be sure, but I think there is a way to put the transfer case in Neutral on that one too.
  9. Welding torch.... ...no, plasma cutter!
  10. LOL I think that was the baddest game of "mine's bigger" I've every heard of! Certainly no way to top that one....unless the Shuttle was flying over...
  11. Double G

    Boycott Arizona!

    Never mind he just finished. Bla bla bla...
  12. Double G

    Boycott Arizona!

    Sharpton is live on KTAR, what an idiot - listen live... http://ktar.com/
  13. I think it was Vicki Wood, she was announced in 2005 and I think left a while ago. They've had interim managers for some time. http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/nfo/newsroom/2..._woodnewfm.html
  14. I second that! Instead of driving around all ticked off at the jerks surrounding me I drive around in a much happier mood. I subscribe to the 'blissfully ignorant' school - don't know don't care ...

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