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  1. Would be really nice if Subaru made a factory 3.75L flat 6 turbo based on a STI motor with two extra cylinders. At least then a turbo flat 6 wouldn't cost $20k+.....
  2. how do u get the audio to work?
  3. I get the CoG argument, but with the handling trade-off, you get the instant torque of the LS. A high strung 3.2L Subaru might make 750hp, but it's not the same 750hp that a 440ci LS will make. That torque is what makes the LS cars fun even though it might give up a bit in the handling dept.
  4. iirc someone on here cut off the front end of their DD and had (maybe Jalper?) add a DB.com front end from Tabzone.
  5. Is that Epstein on the far right?
  6. is that on all turbo models or did they start in a certain year?
  7. thanks for all the feedback. didn't know the changes in xp1000 years. I really like the Polaris RZR for a family vehicle. The yxz is more than my kids/wife like to handle and the seating position of the X3 doesn't work for me. Started my kids on a rzr170, then 800 turbo, then xp900, now ??????
  8. Looking for a used sxs for the family. Anyone owned a xp and xpt? Do the xpt have a ton of problems? Any years better than others? Would be mainly for the kids since I am usually in my yxz or rail. Xp1000 is absolute longest I can go since I am space constrained in the stacker.
  9. Can't believe mma fighters still shoot in the first minute. Who was the 155 pounder (cub swanson?) With palm trees tattoo-ed on his chest that did that about five years ago. Caught a knee to the orbital and almost ended his career?
  10. I'm no expert, but cost has to be one factor. If you want the benefits of a flat six, the subaru 3.3 with a turbo will make a ton of power. It's not cheap, but iirc it was designed in conjunction with porsche. John at out front will probably chime in as he in one of the experts on that motor In a sandcar....
  11. same guy that was featured in Dust to Glory 2...... so sad.
  12. the for f-450 and f-550 got screwed pretty bad due to gvw, but they don't say anything about f-350. i low mileage my kenworth t-800 but i'm on borrowed time. btw carb has credits where they will give you a voucher for you to buy a new truck. (maybe 25k voucher if you buy a new ford) and sell ur f-450 out of state.
  13. interesting subject. ballooning corporate debt is an issue also, hence trump's pushing Powell to cut. if yellowstone blows that might be a cataclysmic event for north america or the world. iirc it is the world's largest super-volcano. if it blows, definitely gonna cue up my 'live at pompei' floyd dvd....
  14. what if they get it corrected, it flies for 2-3 years with no accidents, still wouldn't get on one?

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