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  1. Am I the only one who thinks that they are already 2 months late on their 'completion time' and that car still needs months of work?
  2. The AEM Series 2 has support (0-5v) for a separate MAP sensor. My Series 2 uses an external AEM 3 bar MAP sensor plumbed to the intake manifold with vacuum hose.
  3. Is it a new issue or has it been that way since the AEM was added? Have you tried data logging with the AEM to see what load cells you are in when you roll into it versus 'flooring' it?
  4. did they say how much stronger the updated reverse gear is? Is it thicker or better quality steel?
  5. what about that 3.3l flat four...…...
  6. did you pressure wash the truck?
  7. we go to Oregon dunes a lot and I like the size of the xp900 for the tight trails there. To me it feels like a quad with a roll cage. Not a big fan of the current trend of bigger, longer, heavier, wider SxS's. I personally love how the xp900's turn with the short wheelbase. I also have a YXZ1000 and a Funco G52 and cannot understand how people like the Can Am's with the poor visibility. To each their own...... I'm 5'9" so cockpit size is generally not a deciding factor for me.
  8. FWIW I would gladly pay $9k with the stuff you want on it versus $7k for a stock, roached out one that might need a new motor. The extras add up REAL fast. The one pictured above probably has $7k in aftermarket stuff on it...….. I also do not think a non-turbo xp1000 is better than a xp900. A 2014 xp1000 is longer, heavier, taller, etc.
  9. Get one with power steering it is worth it. Try to find one with aftermarket cage. The stock suspension is garbage IMO. Love my xp900, lotta fun for the $$. There is a nice pink one on here for good price, but might want to have it wrapped for your son....
  10. one of those plugs looks odd to me. I'm no expert, but what is up with plug #3 from the left?
  11. No other options for Sandrail insurance if car is valued over $50k?
  12. seems like someone KNEW what was in that trailer.
  13. Too late; we already spent all of our money on transaxles...... :))
  14. Aside from wishing the thieves were dead; so sorry @onanysunday for the grief you are going though. Must be a shitty feeling Prayers for a speedy recovery.
  15. I use a Garmin Montana with a RAM mount. I swap it between my dirtbike, SxS, sandrail, etc. I like the screen but it has some flaws. My only comparison is the Lowrance 540 Baja hardmount in my other car.

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