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  1. How many people gonna commit suicide when their life and business goes t ok shit... We are going against darwinism....
  2. A/o 11:59 pm tonight, seven bay area counties are effectively locking down everything. New rules issued today at 3:00 pm. Contruction sites, landscapers, etc. You are allowed to go to the store to buy groceries, but that's about it. It is a 15 page legal order that I am reading through. SUCH F"N BULLCHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know people can go a week or two without work, but what happens in a month when there is no money, food, etc? Is that why Gavin Newsome has already mobilized the national guard?
  3. Sorry for your loss. Those who never own will never understand a rottweiler. 99,% angel and 1% hell hound...
  4. The cad drawing made it look like a bolt in front bulkhead made out of cast aluminum that all the tubes bolt on to. Inside the unicorn is the front diff and electric over hydraulic steering rack. He says it is similiar to what he uses in his TT.
  5. How about the complexity of his 'unicorn' front end. Looks super complicated but he did say that Albins was involved in the R&D
  6. From day one they have been saying there will be a bore/stroke kit to take it to 1400cc. I know a z1 can be made bigger, but idk if it can go that big without a redesign.
  7. Very, very impressive presentation. I cannot believe that they can build/sell that thing for $32k. Shocked that they went with a 2 cylinder, maybe it really is Z1 based....really toying with ordering one....
  8. We need to get that guy into sandrails...... How can you have that much time, energy, etc. I kept looking at the teeth and telling myself - he's gotta be on meth......
  9. IDK, low speed steering on a RZR in 4wd isn't bad and is better in some situations. Might need to experiment with different tires than a rail would normally run; maybe one of the 15" tires for the front of a RZR turbo S.
  10. What do you have in mind for the drivetrain?
  11. In nor cal, local PD is enforcing it and pulling people over. Idk if they really know what's up because they showed up at one of my construction sites (which is classified as essential infrastructure as of now).
  12. I heard that ALL city, state, federal parks will be closed. Blm land in nor ca is closed. All open space parks around me are closed a/o 5:00 tonight.
  13. 1newbie

    New Funco build

    What is in the dash between the gps and the glove box and what is the yellow button by the airlift controller? I have a similiar g52 and in the process of updating my dash to aem cd-7 and airlift, switch pro, etc.
  14. I think the damage from #1 seems less, but I think this virus is WAY worse than govt is letting on. There is a reason that we're basically in marshall law without calling it that. As of today we have 11k deaths worldwide due to Covid-19 in the 4 months since it hit Wuhan. In the same 4 months, 18 million people die throughout the world in the natural course of things.
  15. And yippee it is 21 days not 14.

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