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  1. At the SSSS, Coyne had 2019 xp4 turbo's for $17,388. before tax & license.
  2. I have no dog in this fight other than I can't wait to have Alper build me a 440 motor. Interesting that the guys building high dollar new cars with 2000hp seem to be running Redline. That was not the case 5 years ago.
  3. 1newbie

    Holy Wind

    Kincade fire in Geyserville is now over 22,000 acres and PGE responsible for that one too.
  4. Somebody should make a mounting for pepper spray inside the bed with a cord that sprays the F'ers face when they open the tailgate to steal it...…..
  5. Nice for sale ad with prices, specs, etc. Just picked up a car, so not sure how soon I will be building another one, but a PX2 will be on my short list.
  6. I love that nobody talks about how he was high on coke when he was bangin' his best friend's wife (best friend was also his campaign manager). Such a slime ball. Hopefully when he runs for POTUS in 2024, the GOP will be able to leverage that story. OF course he is pushing for the bullet train since Feinstein's husband's company got the contract to build it. Funny how things work in this state...…..
  7. I don't agree with what they did, but imagine 10 plywood huts or shanty's out there... what about 100? or 1000? what if everyone had their own little plywood shanty. Gonna start to look like a Tijuana slum real quick...…..
  8. they actually came prepared to demo it since they brought a saw......
  9. Better the uvula than the vulva i guess.....
  10. That thing looks like a TON of fun...Great price too....
  11. $7K for new dental implants was tough to swallow. Fwiw i felt exactly like you do now when i was paying the bill.....
  12. @evantwheeler the fortin uses a very high R&P ratio (maybe 3.54 iirc) so the pinion is larger and deeper on the ring gear which makes them stronger than a S4S ring gear. That and the straight cut gears make them very strong and make them more comparable to a S4D transaxle. @justdirt realize that the Fortin wide gear is a straight cut 'dog box' style H pattern. I personally loved mine, but once rolling you do not use the clutch and all shifts (up and down) have to be rev-matched. I drive a big rig for work so this is second nature to me (and easy to learn), but not so easy for somebody else (my wife.....) to hop in and drive.....
  13. @tjZ06 looks like they pushed wheel to extreme for stability. Suburban may have 5" more wheel base, but it is 224" long versus 155" for XP4 (18.66 feet versus 13') so it is really over 40% longer...…….
  14. He sold a gen 6 funco two weeks ago, now looking for one? Saw that car at SSSS and really like it.
  15. Kyle (owner of S&S) builds amazing cars and is a top notch fabricator IMO. He doesn't come on here and doesn't self promote too much but his instagram has some of the cars he has done. He has built multiple $200k cars. He has different levels of frames for various budgets and some are J-arm and some are A arm front ends. I regret selling mine. I was talking to him about a new build but I found a Funco g52 that I really 'needed'......

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