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  1. 1newbie

    Honda 3.5

    If you want to go down the rabbit hole, you can mix and match stock parts (not rods though) and make a lot of HP. 3.2a3 had great cams/heads (bigger valves). 3.7 intake is a bolt on and makes power. A 3.5a3 with pistons and rods, aem and gt35r can do 550+ whp on 100 octane. Bisimoto and webb (iirc) also make bigger cams.
  2. 1newbie

    Honda 3.5

    It is a big deal on a lighter dune oriented car because that weight is cantilevered over the back tires AND it is farther back than a 3.5 (due to length of LS). The higher up the weight and further back, the more it upsets the handling of a car. Some cars (4 seat pre-runner) probably benefit from a LS and some benefit from an iron block LS because it helps them carry the front end easier. You can put a band-aid on the problem with a sway-bar. Even funco said the cars never handled right when they went to LS's until they added a swaybar.
  3. 1newbie

    Honda 3.5

    The 3.5 is a solid 100 lbs lighter than a light LS (plastic intake, etc.) and that extra 100 lbs is at the worst possible place. FWIW AEM series 2 plugs into a stock honda harness and offers unlimited tuning options (I have it on my manx with turbo 3.5a1). IMO the 3.5 is a great option up to 550 flywheel hp or so. Above that, pretty much have to go LS. Would be dope if the Honda Racing TT 3.5 was available in crate form or GM would offer a crate TT LF3 (3.6 TT V6).
  4. 1newbie

    Anyone own a newer Escalade?

    So I bought my wife a 2017 Escalade to drive the kids around. It was close to $100k new. Anyone else having maintenance problems? Stock tires are bald at 20k miles. Brakes are shot and squeal when you apply them. None of my GM trucks have this problem and the Escalade is definitely NOT driven hard. My '01 GMC dually went 133k on first set of brakes and that was towing bobcats, backhoes, etc. daily...……...
  5. forced technology transfer, theft of IP, currency manipulation..... I'm a former Wall Street Guy and I listen to CNBC about 4 hours a day. Communist China has 'stolen' wealth from America that you can measure in the Trillions..... Heck, they probably stole 250b from MSFT alone with pirated windows OS. Or the hundreds of billion they stole from AAPL in the form of forced technology transfer that went directly to Huawei to build phones to compete with AAPL. Don't get me started on the currency manipulation, manipulated GDP or manipulation of the yield curve through buying/selling US Treasury's...….. On a side note, the retaliatory tariffs on US tequila, really gonna kill the America tequila industry.... 😕
  6. Pelosi learned from that move he pulled with the speech; that is why she is afraid to impeach him. She knows he has something else up his sleeve...…. BTW the stuff he is doing with China tariffs is monumental and the average American will never understand what he did to save America from the Chinese eventually owning us. No other POTUS would have the huevos to go head to head with China and the rest of the world leaders gain respect for Trump daily for not backing down from China...…...
  7. 1newbie

    Power steering

    hondarcr on here sells the kits and they come with the adjustment knob.
  8. 1newbie

    Shock Preference for Mid Engine V-8 Car

    FWIW, I cannot imagine doing a new build and not using rear bypass. Especially since it is a major upgrade to do later. If the budget is tight, I would throw a junkyard LS in there and upgrade that later.
  9. 1newbie

    Already at an impasse on my New to me car

    There is a smoking deal on a 5.3/2d on RD.com. Probably will sell today...….
  10. BTW Trump's 'tax cut' sure as hell didn't help me...…….
  11. I feel there is 1 million times more left-wing anti-trump propaganda than pro-trump stuff. 2020 election gonna be another shit show, but 2024 going to be very interesting if Gavin Newsome goes against Ivanka Trump. She is 1000x better candidate than the Donald.....
  12. 1newbie

    RZR 170 mods

    rzrforums has a complete section on the rzr170. IIRC, I used the shocks off of a Suzuki lt450 quad. It was a huge improvement and I got them on ebay for couple hundred bucks. I used generic ebay shocks on the front and they were a bit better than stock. Mostly because of better springs; valving was garbage.
  13. 1newbie

    Shooting at Pismo

    I wonder how much of my tax bill will get used to keep this douche locked up?...…….
  14. 1newbie

    Already at an impasse on my New to me car

    Boils down to how much you love that car and if you want to put $12k+ into it. IMO you are money ahead to sell it and buys something with a LS and mendi. If you decide to keep the 3.2, the AEM Series 2 is a great plug-n-play standalone for $1300 or so. John at Outfront sells them and has done a couple J-series recently.
  15. 1newbie

    So glad this genius is our Govenor

    I hate this douche, but he was smart enough to marry Jennifer Siebel. Billionaire heiress to Siebel Systems with super model looks..... They sat in front of me at Cirque du Soleil a couple years ago.

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