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  1. Was a longtime dmax dually guy. Bought a '17 f350 dually and love it. The technology is light years ahead of the current gm trucks and the ass massaging seats are awesome on long drives. The seat heaters get stupid hot if u want and the seat coolers get very cold. Fwiw the f450 has a way sharper turning radius than f350. The new fords are sprung soft so the f450 won't beat you up like the older ones. Wish i had gotten a f450....
  2. Super stoked. Going Saturday and Sunday with the family. Rookie (sounded better than virgin) SSSS guy on the loose!!!!
  3. I don't see the advantage for a sandrail.
  4. Someone needs to step up with a 3 axle Renegade Class 8 and convert to 6x6 on super singles.....
  5. BTW a DP doesn't tow that great - ESPECIALLY with a stacker with real tongue weight...…… And they are a ton of fun when you get on to the sand. I get the shakes and cold sweats whenever we camp on the sand in Oregon. I would not consider Pismo. Someone on here had a Class C built on a new Dodge 5500 chassis with 4wd and super singles. That looked like a nice setup. FWIW - with payment, storage, insurance, registration, etc. my DP costs around $2300/month ($27,500/yr). I use it around 8 days per year so I figure my nightly camping cost is around $3500/night (without fuel). Wife always asks why I drink so much when we go camping...….
  6. Hate to be a bad influence but with a DP, you can get a stacker and have more toys (I can theoretically get 4 RzR's in my stacker). With that said, IDK if I would do a moho/stacker again. I did it for the same reason you want one (bathroom breaks with 3 girls.....) but with insurance, payments, storage, maintenance, etc. it is a pricey toy that I don't use that often......
  7. I feel so left out; can you shoot me the PM?
  8. 2018 F9 just popped up on RD.com. Only ballers need apply. I spent an hour staring at the pics today, but I'm in the wrong income tax bracket....
  9. 1newbie

    KTM 790R

    how is the vibration? My 640 Adventurer was pretty brutal.
  10. East Bay. Nice area, but not the best. No homeless and not much crime. No idea what SF or South Bay is at these days, but gotta be double where I am. Tech industry making housing prices ridiculous.
  11. @tjZ06 I have a yxz 1000 that I really like and a couple RZR for the wife and kids. Driving both makes you appreciate why a CVT is the best for a SxS.
  12. I learned my lesson a couple years ago when i was posting on gd.com after half a bottle of fireball 😕
  13. 1newbie

    Honda 3.5

    Subscribed. I have similar issues. What do you mean that 1st is not useable?

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