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  1. 1newbie

    Motorhome + Trailer length

    Do you have non-commercial Class A license?
  2. 1newbie

    Racer engineering sandcar for sale

    Love the mix of matte and gloss.....
  3. 1newbie

    LS variation help

    The crank is different, but biggest problem is the different belhousing bolt pattern on ls4. LS1 and 5.3's are pretty cheap or you can to lq4/lq9 block.
  4. 1newbie

    AUNT FLO for sale. 2010 Total Off Road

    It did sell. I was debating between two different cars and by the time I made up my mind, it was sold. Was kinda' leery since I had never heard of TOR. Next step is to contact seller again. I figured someone might know someone who bought this car...…..
  5. 1newbie

    AUNT FLO for sale. 2010 Total Off Road

    anyone know who bought this car? Are they on this forum? By the time I convinced my wife that Aunt Flo was a good thing to have, it had already sold. Would like to put dibs in if the new owner if looking for something else......
  6. 1newbie


    Another problem is that California's are just now realizing the impact of the tax changes. I give it two years before CA sees a decent exodus (people have to do life planning and many cannot move immediately). When that happens and property values fall, it is going to be ugly. Curious to see how the stock market route of 2018 affects california's budget. Stock market capital gains from the top 1% make up a lot of their tax revenue. California is the 5th largest economy in the world and has the power to drag the US into recession.
  7. 1newbie

    Ball Bearing Billet shifter for PBS and S4 S4D

    I need one too
  8. 1newbie

    Filing taxes

    Maybe he didn't sign 13 years for $330m and it is all a made up story although SF confirmed that they offered more $/year and would have gone higher. Then again maybe the SF giants press made the whole thing up :/
  9. 1newbie

    Filing taxes

    I was reading that Bryce harper signed 13 year $330m with philadelphia. SF, LA and Padres all were offering more money, but he said it wasn't worth it with CA taxes......
  10. 1newbie

    Parking Brake on Sandcar - Ideas?

    My car has a rotor bolted between the cv and transaxle and a small, cable operated wildwood caliper. One of the requirements to get my manx street legal. I have a couple rotors drilled for 934's if you are interested. Would need to weld the mount for the wildwood caliper to your frame.
  11. 1newbie

    Filing taxes

    Trust me, I spend 50% of my time on gd.com and the other 50% looking for houses in NV, but the move is tough at this point in my life (would have to move away from my youngest daughter that I share custody of). I feel betrayed by trump and his tax plan after I voted for him.
  12. 1newbie

    Filing taxes

    For 2018 you are capped at $500k mortgage interest if you owned house prior to 2018. Capped at $250 if purchased home in 2018. You can also write off $10k in property tax or $10k in CA state tax, but not both. It is F'd and I might vote Democrat in 2020 if they bring back the SALT. Trump is okay, but not if he costs me an extra $60k/year in taxes......
  13. 1newbie

    Tech 3 sand cars

    There is one on RD.com with a turbo 3.5 and 2d, cheap, excellent condition that I was drooling over......
  14. 1newbie

    A new eagle

    That is great. I never made it all the way through Eagle Scouts, but the things/lessons/morals that you learn are a huge ingredient to being successful later in life IMO.
  15. 1newbie


    OT but you can already see the results of the SALT tax elimination. NY real estate prices down 7% and Miami real estate prices up 11%. Rich New Yorkers having no part of this BS...…... The SALT elimination is just the icing on the cake. So many Californians just sick of the crime, liberal attitude, high cost of living, crappy schools, etc., etc. the list goes on and on. Gavin living in a bubble with his billionaire super model wife. He will just perpetuate the degradation of this (once great) state...…….

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