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  1. I learned my lesson a couple years ago when i was posting on gd.com after half a bottle of fireball 😕
  2. 1newbie

    Honda 3.5

    Subscribed. I have similar issues. What do you mean that 1st is not useable?
  3. Watch the movie 'Escape from New York'.....
  4. Do they still sell kits? I thought they were only building turnkey cars now. Looking forward to seeing them at SSSS....
  5. A lot of buggy stuff is custom or proprietary. Post pics of what u need and people will help you find those obscure switches, cv boots, steering universals, etc.
  6. the law that classified SxS as 1000cc max and required a helmet made this illegal. it was legal when people were doing it to Rhino's.
  7. I was just hoping to see it at SSSS to see if it sways my choice for a new SxS. Supposedly has an inline triple and radius cage....
  8. Anyone have any info/spy shots, etc. of Kawi's new SxS? Are they going to have one at SSSS? Pretty sure people on here have info, maybe gagged by NDA?
  9. 1newbie


    sometimes at night when my wife and I are watching tv, we very clearly hear footsteps down the hallway. Floor is tile and all windows/doors are shut/locked with house alarm set and very clearly hear something walking down the hall on two legs (meaning it is not one of our dogs). It has happened about ten times over the last couple of years. Sometimes the dogs will perk their ears up and growl.
  10. second Cessna jet to crash this week...…….
  11. Congrats! Can't wait to see some pics!
  12. cannot believe people actually do business like that...……...
  13. Just thinking out loud here..... Maybe those for sale ad killers are why the classified section is 1/10th the size that it was 24 months ago with significantly less traffic...……. Still love this site, but miss the for sale ads of $$$ cars and all the Fire Sale ads. Even if I might never afford a $200k rail, it is nice to MS window shop.
  14. Confirmed at hyatt huntington beach. Gonna cost me a fortune to go to the show (2 rooms and 4 airline tix) before food and cocktails; but F it, i am super excited for my first SSSS!!!!!!
  15. Was gonna make the clinton comment, just didn't want some guys in black suits to visit me.....never know these days.....
  16. Shout out to the Grim Reaper for takin' care of Epstein last night!!
  17. yes although i hope Funco and S&S will be there. would love to see all the sandrails. cannot believe Kawi won't have their SxS out before that.....
  18. nor cal SSSS virgin looking for the inside scoop. been in the sand scene for 10 years but have never made it to the show. been trying to make it for 5 years and damnit this is gonna be the year! where is the best and/or closest place to stay? will be flying in so being close matters. wife says she wants a nice place to stay 😕
  19. maybe they will give her a nice 5 years federal prison time for that lil F up. I know they took that ice cream licking challenge seriously and stopped that chit immediately!!!!
  20. Next you guys are going to say the soundtrack of Footloose sucks... Sheesh.....
  21. I don't think anyone can ever listen to 'You've lost that loving feeling' without thinking about the scene in the bar. F'n iconic.....
  22. I cannot wait for this film. The original is still amazing; so many iconic scenes......
  23. Textron's quarterly earnings were garbage, but I feel the SxS are small compared to aircraft. Just got back from dunefest in oregon (which was amazing this year) and I saw about 40% polaris, 30% X3's and 25% YxZ. Only one Textron was there and maybe 5 talon's (out of thousands of SxS's. In 2015 it was like 97% polaris.........
  24. i thought the turbo s had the geometry issues, but the 64" models did not? anyone notice the weight on it?
  25. I like the changes they made. I love the red 'oh chit' button on the steering wheel that puts the shocks to full hard if you hit a g-out. I like that Polaris is focusing on driver position/ergonomics/visibility. Personally, I cannot stand the seating position of the X3.

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