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  1. As always GD.com helps out a fellow Duner. Times are chitty but off-roaders still willing to help out complete strangers. Thanx everyone for the info. Time to rip!!!!
  2. Headed to dumont next weekend and don’t want to drive to Indio for race fuel (live in Yucaipa work in riverside/corona). Usually pick up at red earth or that Arco on the way to mother G but obviously wrong direction. yes I know this is like the cv grease thread but I’ve looked and called and nothing. Only place close to riverside, I need to be a “racer” or coordinator or some chit. Thanx in advance. Man I can’t wait for this season. Vets is next!!!
  3. View Advert PRP seats and bench. Used but good condition. PRP seats and 3 person bench. all are good except one seat is visibly torn on the side. measurements are posted for width and depth. looking for $700 let me know 909 406 3718 located in Yucaipa and work in riverside off the 91 so close to corona area as well. Advertiser Doonit Date 10/01/2021 Price $700.00 Category Sand Cars / Off-road
  4. That’s me and the fam!!! My jerk off group always puts me in the deep chit. No biggee I plow on in and pop the slides. Lol.
  5. I’m usually “outfront” duning 🤣 but still flossing the nostalgia…... BIG thanx to John and his crew for all the help. Love my subi.
  6. 🤦🏻‍♂️As in I read that wrong. I thought u wrote ur buddy with the small boot spun out and u with the over boot stayed. My fault thanx. Happy to hear “maybe” I solved two problems with one solution running the small boots 1. Able to retorque without greasy a$$ mess 2. Keeps my “thin” 164 grease in my fancy Kartek fortin 930 stars lol. but wait……what grease do we use. FYI I’m kidding about the grease. I’m totally fine. @L.R.S.has got my back. Lol
  7. So the small boot didn’t help? I just switched to the small boot as the same problem running the large boot “over the bolts/cv” required a messy pullback to retorque. But wul see. Running the 164 this season on a 2d 10,000 hp Subaru and will see how she does. mainly excited about smashing that go pedal, duning and drinking beers/cocktails with friends and family.
  8. New seats for the car. Hanging with dad, welding some tabs, sippin some coors light, happy sabbath everyone!!!
  9. Show off lol. Jeff from Kartek told me the bel ray brand was bought by Chem something and their factory back east burned down. Soooo I guess @SANDPSYCHO is guna be rich 🤑 haha.
  10. Man I hope so…. Waiting on that full body painted DP
  11. Bout time lol glad to hear something is getting better. Thanx for the update
  12. Doonit

    SSSS facts

    Funco had 4 beauty’s, Tatum had 2, racer had a pretty cool front engine yes FRONT with twin snails and I saw literally one extreme eco II off to the side getting no love 🙁 Lol. @ANGRYBUTTCRACK
  13. Doonit

    SSSS facts

    Holy smokes if your serious and not joking then YES. LOL TONS AND TONS of LED manufacturers. One local to me in Yucaipa pretty cool. No real cars tho kinda saddening how it’s transitioned. Oh well beers were good my boys had a great time.

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