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  1. SandTrap

    It's Saturday 5/18/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Went to the store,got the Oil change in the car and fueled it up,came home put all the camping stuff away in the rafters,swept and mopped the floors in the house,Dusted,Did the dishes,and Laundry.. Yea real exciting and all that before Noon
  2. SandTrap

    It’s Saturday 4/27/19 what’s everyone doing?

    Pulled weeds till it got tooHot went over and Helped my Dad unload his enclosed trailer since he has some Health issue right now
  3. SandTrap

    Honda Talon

    I was at Johnson Valley Last weekend also and saw the Talons...I believe the were both R models...I wanted to stop and talk to the Guy but he left before I got back there...I hear A lot of Good things but I wanna put my hands Personally on one and see it up close
  4. SandTrap

    Mojave Trail Run

    Very cool
  5. This is a Great car and Dave is a great guy someone needs this car
  6. SandTrap

    Ode to The Masters

    Nice Slap
  7. SandTrap

    It's Saturday 4/13/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Romans Thank you for the Kind words and what you wrote Meant more to me than you know...
  8. SandTrap

    RIP Schwinn

    RIP...Gods Speed
  9. SandTrap

    It's Saturday 4/13/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Drove down to the OC and picked up and Buggy and trailer from a dear Friend..Her Husband passed last Nov..I duned and camped with him and his wife for 40 plus years and it was time she let go of his Buggy ..It was hard for her and to be Honest hard for me as I never thought my truck would be hooked to his trailer towing it away...
  10. SandTrap

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Moved some Trailers around the Yard...Getting the ToyHauler Ready to sell soon I hope..
  11. SandTrap

    Honda Talon

    Interested in Hearing a report
  12. SandTrap

    It's Saturday 3/30/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Went and Gassed up the Old lady's car and got 5 gal of Gas for my Kids truck,Smogged my Truck,Got Propane,Got Beer,Got smokes ,Went and Bought 4 gal of roundup,Did the weeds around the House and about to feed to Dogs
  13. This is a Very Nice truck I have been around it lots and John keeps his stuff Very Nice....Can't believe its Not sold Yet

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