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  1. One of my favorite movies. R.I.P. Peter Fonda
  2. This 55 has black California plates from norcal and was spotted in Grand Island Nebraska.
  3. Still babysitting a sister with a new knee. Must consume massive quantities of specific beverages! 😉
  4. I'm getting older now and don't go to the dunes much anymore. I go now just to spend some quality time with the grandsons who are 10 and 8 years old. I raised my family in the dunes and they are carrying on the tradition. I loved going to glamis and love popping onto glamis dunes.com. So thanks go to all who make this an amazing site. Thanks Slappy!
  5. My older sister had her knee replaced so I'm babysitting her during her recovery time and becoming bored. So I decided to paint the front porch for something to do.
  6. The happiest place on earth? Just another magical day for that family. As for me and my family, keep moving before the gunfire starts. We not running from the situation but protecting them from someone's stupidity.
  7. Not a fan of the ladies tats, but I do like to look at good ink.
  8. Beautiful bike, I love the fx style shortie pipes and the springer. Just an old guy loving the look!
  9. It would be great to get to boardmanville again. That was always a favorite destination spot for a cold beverage.
  10. I had a bad attitude when I was in high school and I was going to live and do it my way no matter what. Thanks to the military for showing me the error of my ways. They helped me establish a hard work and can do work ethic with an education . I have had long and successful career in retail and now retired. My wife and I have two successful children and we are enjoying their families and our four grandchildren.
  11. If I'm in and out in a hurry I won't sign in, otherwise i always sign in 99% of the time.
  12. In the early days of cordless I used Milwaukee exclusively and the same in all my power tools. The power, run time, and overall quality was always the best for me. Then I changed jobs and the new company sold dealt tools. It seemed like most customers question was always which manufacturers are the best. I thought it best to own some dewalt to be able to form my opinion and to answer their questions honestly. So I bought a set of dewalt and used them to get some experience. My opinion is they are comparable in quality and it's a question of what you are used to or what the company you are working for is using. I don't think you could go wrong with either one. It's a question of Ford or Chevy.
  13. Congratulations, Bruce is a beautiful dog. Our family loves the boxers as well.
  14. In Cortez Colorado hiking around the pueblos Indian cliff dwellings and sight seeing some beautiful parts of our country. If you haven't seen the cilf dwelling at Mesa Verde put it on your list to do, it's amazing to see how they lived. Also loving the $2.99 diesel fuel prices.

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