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  1. Blue Horse


    9ers look alitte more polished, I'll go with them.
  2. Let’s see, racing stripes or flames, racing stripes or flames. I can’t decide, what the heck I’ll do both.
  3. The red rock jeep club puts on an annual event in early April, 4-12 I think, and its extremely busy at that time. Just thought I would give you a heads up. We usually stay in a rv park so not sure about dry camping. Like sumsand said, set aside some time for site seeing because the area is amazing.
  4. Happy birthday GM, hope you had a great time in the dunes.
  5. Two wings and a tail. I think it was a Porsche leading to GTRs, they went by pretty fast.
  6. The kids and grandkids are visiting from Sacramento for three days. We wanted to take our 4 year old grandson to Angel stadium to see the monster trucks. He loves anything to do with big trucks or tractors so he was very excited. Walking through the pits to see the trucks up close he asked me, "Papa is your truck as big as these trucks". Watching the excitement on his face as the trucks preformed, as they say was priceless!
  7. Nice rig and ride! Congratulations Mudpuppy, enjoy.
  8. Who needs a pickup when you have a wing.
  9. Congratulations WaPa, she looks to be in great condition. No boot runs on the side case or tank area. I'm still riding my 89 and finally had to fix it, 1 water pump seal, 1 spark plug.
  10. Lol! Sounds like fun. Ugh, does that make the leader the pivot man ?
  11. I'm very sorry GM, I hope the detailers can buff that for you. Keep us posted please.
  12. Done, not sure about how much to pay but checked the box for a must have.

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