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  1. Thank God everyone is okay! Sorry to hear.
  2. What, no gloves! Looks like all the plastic takes the fun out of it.
  3. Located on the north end of Brawley. Some at glamis would be great.
  4. Never ate there so it doesn't matter to me, except for the loss of jobs for a lot of people, I hate to see that.
  5. Blue Horse


    Thank goodness he has the will to carry on. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Took the toy box trailer to the storage yard and brought home the 5th wheel. We are getting it cleaned, waxed and packed up for the summer traveling season. Can't wait to put some miles between me and this state. After five years of coordinating the family to all meet in Yellowstone Park, we are hopeful they open the park up to visitors soon. Be safe.
  7. Blue Horse

    #Stay Home

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A memo sent to California police chiefs says Gov. Gavin Newsom will order all beaches and state parks closed starting Friday to curb spread of the coronavirus. The California Police Chiefs Association sent the bulletin to its members Wednesday evening. Eric Nuñez, president of the association, said it was sent to give chiefs time to plan ahead of Newsom’s expected announcement Thursday. Most state parks already are closed and many communities already have shut their beaches. But some of those open in Ventura and Orange counties attracted large crowds last weekend, drawing Newsom's ire. He said Monday the crowds were an example of “what not to do” if the state wants to continue its progress fighting the virus. In Newport Beach, some 80,000 visitors hit the beach over the weekend, although lifeguards said most people exercised social distancing. With criticism swirling, the Newport Beach City Council met Tuesday and rejected a proposal to close the beaches for the next three weekends. He cant lose control of the people.
  8. I dont know much about it, but if it looks to good to be true.
  9. That's a great picture. It looks like Bonnie and Clyde are about to run out of the cabin and race off with the police after them. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Shake shack said they are returning the 10 million they received.
  11. PART NO. 304 Long Sweep 1/4 Bend HUB X HUB SIZE A 11⁄2 23⁄4 2 31⁄4 3 (ABS) 4 4 415⁄16 It would require a little more digging, but you could soften the bends by digging an angle to the septic and using 1/8 bends, 45* elbows, instead of the 1/4 bends, 90* elbows. Just a suggestion. As stated above put in a clean out.
  12. If I may ask? What is the ole`5 gallon bucket trick you speak of sir?
  13. Congratulations on 22 years and many more. The two of you make a great couple. Not much but I'm getting itchy feet and want to hook up the 5th wheel and do some traveling.

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