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  1. The disk is actually considered a lubrication plate. The whole idea of the lubrication plate is to not need any additional lubrication. And to keep you cleaner when you need to move your hitch.
  2. I had a very similar situation. Ended up being a broken reed.
  3. All this good press on RG is starting to make me rethink my opinion of him. He graduated from my HS 1 year before I got there. He would show up at auto shop class to basically tout about how great he was. He really only proved to me that he was a huge douche bag.
  4. I did that last year. Before all the "Semi auto/Standard capacity magazine" regulations were forced upon us.
  5. I had a similar situation when I was using pro comp A/T tires. Usually I would have a blow out or would find a bubble in the tread on the rear after a tire rotation. Going up a rating stopped this for me. One thing I did find out when I was looking for a higher rated tire is that there are different weight ratings within a tire rating. For example using Nitto Grappler G2 tires E rated tires I see ratings of 4080, 3970 3640 3525 and 3415. After figuring this out my search went from not so much brand loyalty to which tire would support the weight of the truck.
  6. Every time I see someone wearing these damn things I see this mental picture from "something about mary"
  7. i'll vouch for this statement.
  8. http://bearalignmentandbrake.com/ corona Did my 07 F250 with a 6 inch lift. i have nothing but positive things to say about the work they did.

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