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  1. http://bearalignmentandbrake.com/ corona Did my 07 F250 with a 6 inch lift. i have nothing but positive things to say about the work they did.
  2. I picked up a '19 F350 Super Cab, Long bed, SWD. The one trip I have been able to make to Glaims it averaged 11.5 round trip pulling my 15K 5th wheel. Around town plus my work commute it is seeing 15.5. Oh and it has a 50 gallon tank factory installed (Standard not option).
  3. Diesel Powerhouse in Norco has been very fair and stands behind their work. (951) 272-4611 I also have good thing to say about Domestic Diesel in Chino. The only drawback I have found there is that they are busy and turn around times are not always very quick.
  4. Don't forget about the radio.com app. You can listen to KROQ anywhere. channel #2 too
  5. Prayers sent to the man upstairs!
  6. DUNZ4ME


    I don't think I've ever seen snow on mountain behind Corona.
  7. If you are looking at the riverside county registers count yes. but to get the whole picture you need to look at the state wide results. i am very disappointed with the ignorance of the majority of my fellow Californians
  8. I've been thinking about upgrading my 41 restriction to the non commercial class a. it seems that every trailer that i want to purchase has a gvrw of 15500.
  9. Enjoyed a #1 animal style last night!
  10. I did the same as most but i added a little twist to my setup. The high beam setting turns on the light pods and the stock ones. the low beam setting only turns on the stock lights. This really helps if you are not the lead dog and you encounter dust out situations. The pods make so much light you end up not being able to see anything and by just using the stock lights you can still see well enough to keep moving.
  11. A phrase i picked up from the Kevin and Bean show more than 20 years ago.... Jack Hole....
  12. Now don’t get me wrong, OrangeR is a very good friend of mine but at some point everyone has wronged him and he has a memory like an elephant. So if you wronged him he has to let the world know whenever he can. Also the poor guy has the worst luck with anyone that provides services. So with all that said my 6.0 has spent time at both Domestic Diesel and Diesel PowerHouse. I have nothing but good thing to say about both operations. One thing I can say is that Diesel Powerhouse usually did the work quicker than anticipated. Not so much for Domestic.
  13. You can find a product called a transfer switch or purchase another small inverter that has one built into it. Something like THIS

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