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  1. olddudesrule

    1973 Baja Bug

    Beautiful car, don't get down. Toy market is fickle enough as it is. You'll find a buyer.....patience.
  2. olddudesrule

    Maverick X3 vs. RZR XP1 handling differences

    Thanks, I'll try and go direct with him. Was hoping there were more folks in a similar situation.
  3. olddudesrule

    2016 RZR 1000 X4 Turbo *50hrs* Lots of upgrades!!

    Can't fault the man for trying.....
  4. First trip out this weekend with the X3 (2017 X3 RS), and immediately noticed some distinct differences. Now it's not apples to apples, I know. My Rzr was a 2014, stock motor, full Shock Therapy set up, including sways. Was running 28" scats. The X3 has Evo Stage 4RWI, runs 95+ octane, dynoed at 175 to the wheels, running 32" Scats, and Shock Therapy's full Fox mod package (sorry can't remember their name for it). I didn't mess with the rebound or dampening settings from the previous owner. Was running at Buttercup, which is not my usual spot, as my group normally runs in Glamis. Let's start by saying I slow rolled it onto the driver's side in a 90 degree transition turn within the first 20 mins of driving. No damage, all good, just didn't handle that specific situation like my RZR would have (IMO). We ride hard and pretty fast, but this is my first turbo car. I fully realize I should have been at the back of the pack, and taken it easy for the first hour or so. When this thing comes into boost (running 22 lbs right now), it's just not the power band I was used to with the RZR. Outside rear tire caught at the apex of the turn, and over it went......thankfully slowly enough to do no damage. As the afternoon went on, I was able to get more of a feel for the X3, and began to like it's capabilities more and more. I also should have been more careful and checked the tire pressure, which felt right to my hands. I was actually running 9lbs in the rear, 10lbs in the front. Too low, I know, specifically in the rear. I feel like that tall of a tire is already inherently more likely to flex as opposed to a 28" or 30", and running too low a pressure was just making it worse. This may have accounted for the slight "mushy" feeling the car had compared to the RZR. Anyway, just looking for advise or personal experiences from those who have made a similar transition. I will learn to love the X3 like I did the RZR. It's just gonna take more seat time and driving experience. Big difference in just the 100 rwhp, I know...
  5. olddudesrule

    SxS dune roll video for analysis

    No need to pile on, but great video for the less experienced to learn from. Speed is often your friend, if you chose the right line. He was going to slow for the correction he tried to make, and his inexperience showed. Didn't have enough power or speed to fight gravity, could have easily corrected by pointed the front end down hill when he felt the momentum being lost. No blood, no foul. It's a good learning experience. I would also note, the second mistake I saw, at least from him, is not holding the wheel, or grabbing his harness. Don't ever let your arms flop around if you can help it!!
  6. olddudesrule

    WARNING: trying to scam an FBI agent never ends well...

    Love it! As a frequent seller and buyer on Craigslist, I'm bombarded with this type of crap. Sad that if everyone used just a bit of common sense and simple investigation, these folks and those like them could not profit. As LE, I see and hear of these types of scams (and so many others) on a daily basis. Volunteer victims, please read and heed!
  7. olddudesrule

    Battery Charger recommendation

    Can't go wrong with the Deltran Battery Tender. I've been using them for years to maintain and keep my less often used vehicles batteries conditioned. Dollar for dollar, very good in my opinion.
  8. olddudesrule

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    Thanks for all the info and advice. Think Bubbadoc and I may have settled on a deal. See you all in the sand soon.
  9. olddudesrule

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    Additional PM's sent for asking prices
  10. olddudesrule

    2017 Can-Am X3 RS

    Still available??
  11. olddudesrule

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    I agree with you both, for sure.
  12. olddudesrule

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    Not that it makes a difference to either of you, but edited the amount to $25k for what I'm looking to spend. Thanks.
  13. olddudesrule

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    Can you PM me an asking price?
  14. olddudesrule

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    My fault for not listing a ball park price I was looking at. Not only is your X3 in my area, but it looks awesome! That said, I'm really not looking to spend more than $25K depending on add ons. Just sold a 2014 Rzr1K that I put @$12k into after buying it nearly new. I get the market, and you all know about what I got for it. Such is the sand life.
  15. olddudesrule

    WTB Can Am Maverick X3 RS

    Thanks, I did notice that Casa Grande had some decent advertised prices. I've been in the same boat of rail vs. SxS.

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