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  1. jaybird95


    These guys dropped off a new turbo Rzr at the glamis beach store, for a friend of mine, and took his old 1k in trade. Plus a little$.
  2. jaybird95

    Lost Footage #1Badbeast

  3. jaybird95

    Smudge pots

    Wow that is definitely out of my comfort zone, I would have to see it to believe it.
  4. jaybird95

    2005 Suspensions Unlimited

    NIce ride,GLWTS!
  5. jaybird95

    Smudge pots

    As in gasoline?
  6. jaybird95

    It's Saturday 1/12/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Just got to work then football and.
  7. jaybird95

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    That's what I was thinking, there is no way my chain is going to skip a tooth.
  8. jaybird95

    Transporting a Rail/SxS

    I strap my rail down in the enclosed in neutral.
  9. jaybird95


    X2, exactly what he said. We have done 4 of them in our group and they were all purchased through Amazon.
  10. jaybird95

    Nice article about Glamis

    Very cool, Thanks for sharing.
  11. jaybird95

    Radio Etiquette

    I agree!

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