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  1. Working on getting my car ready for the motor, doing all the hard plumbing, drilling all of my bolts for safety wire and what not.
  2. Yeah seeing as how I’m a trained NDT tech and machinist for a large aerospace company I can use the equipment when not in use. During our slow months, usually very end of the year and the first three weeks of the year our X-ray is at a stand still as is it every night from 11pm to 5am. Come see me in glamis next season and I’ll show you the 3” binder full of X-ray films and metallurgy test on each batch of chromoly used in the rebuild process on my car.
  3. They knew up front and I told them to quote accordingly. Not my fault if they under bid the job and the quality of work was substandard. I would do the same to any new car I purchase in the future even if it’s from a reputable builder. Nothing like having a binder full of x-ray films to show a potential buyer that everything was held to a high standard.
  4. Aerospace stuff done to my personal car is a full x-ray of every weld to check for cracks and subsurface porosity. Additionally I have done a steam clean, penetrant and black lighted every inch of the car. I held my fabricators to less than 2% subsurface defects, many of the joints had to have a dig and tig done to correct it. There are a lot of techniques in the aerospace industry that can be applied to a “race car”
  5. Best lights in the industry by far. It’s all I’ll ever run. Between the 6 lights from them on my car and doing 11 xl80s on the front of my truck I’d say I’m a huge fan.
  6. Depends on how much you’re willing to spend on heads and intake what would be best. Mast Motorsports makes great heads, AFR or look into the PRC from Texas speed. Intake, a stock ls6 or Dorman intake are great. No reason to spend a ton on intake if you’re not going to flow enough to make a huge difference.
  7. I’ve always worn cowboy boots. Never had an issue with sand in them since it doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is, I’m in jeans.
  8. A picture of before and it’s current state. Had a Northstar/2D and it’s going to an Alper 454/S4. Been a 3 year project but a lot has changed.
  9. Talk to Alper. I’d personally go with a Texas speed cam.
  10. Sent you a text this morning to see if you have the springs I need.
  11. Helping a friend sell their car, they got out of the sand scene and went to Jeeps. Great little car with an 1835 and dual 44 Webber’s. Fox 2.0 coilover in the rear. Motor and carbs were just freshened up and has brand new sand tires. Has not made a trip out since getting everything done. $4000 I have pictures they are just in a pdf so I will have to upload when I get home Contact me on here or shoot me a text (858)229-4721
  12. It’s all based on personal preference. I’m running my wide cornering lights as amber. Realistically in the dunes there’s not much dust so it won’t matter
  13. I’ve been rebuilding my car for 3 years now but when it’s complete I’ll give you the full review on it. I’ll be out there hopefully testing the car come late August or early September and all next season. Welcome to come check it out in person if you want.
  14. I want to clearly see what’s coming up either in the dunes or down sand highway. Have always gone more than never having enough.
  15. I’m running 5 xl80s on the front bumper and a 40” onx6 hybrid led/laser bar up top. I still don’t think that’s going to be enough light so I might add a set of lp9 pros to fill in the gaps
  16. During my full build I’m using all f911 bolts for everything. All bolts are measured to the proper shoulder length so there’s no threads on anything but the nut. Its way easy to do if you have the entire car apart and are slowly putting it back together. Beyond that I’ve also thought about getting custom hardware made from RPI and cataloging everything in an excel spread sheet with every measurement, torque value and ordering information for the off season preps so there’s no reused hardware from season to season
  17. I’m hoping to be out of work on time today and will have pictures of both sets of tires. Separate pricing: Rears $500 Fronts $300 pick up in San Diego or I can have them taken to the washes this weekend.
  18. I’m trying to sell a set of tires and get them to the person in Dumont this weekend. Let me know if anyone is going that direction.
  19. I have 2 full sets and only need 1 set for my car. Tires are a season old. I’ll have pictures posted if not tonight tomorrow for sure. Have friends going to glamis this weekend that can bring them with. Looking for $800 for all 4 tires. No plugs or patches.
  20. Isn’t this the same motor that LRS had listed for $10k?
  21. Still offering $200. Let me know if you change your mind. Just need them to get my car rolling to load on a trailer.

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