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  1. 2011BFD

    New Funco build

    So if you cant use it, I can get it picked up, tested out and kinks worked out 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
  2. Great trailer, will hold 2 sand cars with no issue or 3 RZRS all 4 seat, no stacking etc Triple axle 3500lb , 7 new tires 18 months ago It has a 36 foot long deck, yes 36 foot and it is 8 feet wide, wood is in good shape on deck It also is 42 feet long, yes 42 feet tip to tip We have pulled it to the dunes numerous times, and to the Baja 3 or 4 times It pulls straight as an arrow behind a SRW truck at 80mpg, I was amazed Has a 3500lb Warn winch to help load cars Comes with sway and load control hitch and accessories. Has ramps built in under trailer and the front sides pop down if needed to load. Bought with 2 buddies we all had sand cars now they sold their cars, so not using $4495 OBO I'd would love to sell it, but dont have to, make an offer if you want it but not giving away Clear title Paul 520 349 2697
  3. Why take a break from sandcar stuff???🤪🤪🤪 They look awesome
  4. Glamis, it was epic, 3 days 80 gallons of gas
  5. Yup tons of AZ people there next week, a little wet a little wind makes for 4 great days if duning with no CA peeps. I'll be there
  6. Make offers at will Wipes included, some may have to add cash As stated GTX or G52 or better prefer S4D or Albins NA motor preferred
  7. Same here one of my Jobs is with Wells Fargo just got all airline travel stopped was heading to Seattle tomorrow. Can have local AZ meeting ours are usually 2 or 3 people, but driving only. This is way out if control, just stupid in my eyes but hell, guess I'll wax the new Moho for glamis next week
  8. Took a nice Harley ride Saturday, today shop and trailer cleaning
  9. Nice coach, what power and trans?
  10. Well I made it to Pad 5, close enough this year.
  11. Damn, was that also the fan issue? Hope you get it done soon
  12. Packing new MOHo and got car loaded leave for Glamis Tuesday night

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