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  1. Sold. Thanks so much, pleasure meetung a fellow Tucson duner
  2. Looks like my sand car...... πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
  3. As Paul said, any county but pima and Maricopa are smug free
  4. Quart can and a good spray gun would have been easier these cans tend to spit, so some do over spots
  5. Alex does awesome work!!!
  6. I'm not doing the coilovers, just bypasses
  7. Saw that LRS did this to his, I hate the stainless look when its dirty and they are bitch to keep clean. We shall see how this holds up, about 30 minutes a shock with taping and painting and a few bucks per can of paint from kartek. I hope it holds up, but if not I can paint most w/o taking off car for the backs. Almost looks so good thinking about the transmission 🀫😁
  8. Probably a 3000 alison trans, nice coach, had some interest but I am redoing mine and not buying anything new, damn it I'm not!!!!!!!
  9. Dont ALWAYS BE THE LAST ONE, the last to show up, the last to gas up, the last to get ready, the last to pay for a round, the last to offer tools, the last one to............. You get it, our group has SHRUNK in the past few years, drama, wives, selling buggies, etc. I may hit a few of you up this year............. New post: looking for new group 😁
  10. Good leaders are also helped by good followers. Alot of the time we hear go faster, car stuck in 2nd gear etc. Its alot harder to lead especially when the dunes are torn up, than be 2nd or 3rd. Dont be that guy and never offer to lead. Leaders are trying to give the greatest ride, when they dont, dont be that guy that has to call them out.
  11. Ok I'm in Seattle this week, would have time friday afternoon. Or it would have to be next week, on the far Northeast side of town Paul 520 349 2697

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