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  1. Thanks!!! Hope to have TRAX in tomorrow
  2. BUMP it is almost dune time $800 shipped
  3. I have done this with straps over tires, at times they seem to "bounce" off
  4. Absolutely 100% agree, had good times but see my "friends" who are still in this mode and just laugh. We are in different places and I rarely see them anymore.
  5. Just got them to send me one!!! AWESOME!!!!!!
  6. Agreed I just turned 50 Lost 30lbs last year Quit drinking, amazing how muc better I feel all the time, energy I have, joints hurt less and I eat better. I dont think Man was meant to drink 3 or 4 beers daily. Exercise 5 days a week cardio twice weights 3 times Try to get 11k steps daily Track all my calories daily. Work out as hard as you want if you eat like crap you will never get anywhere No alcohol Try low low sugar No milk No cheese bad for the heart Almost no bread A salad at least 1 daily No soda, though a no calorie Monster does sneak in now and then
  7. Add the Start button to my switch pro, used to have a separate start button. Guess what my stickers do not have a Start sticker. Anyone have one on their left over stickers they can send my for some cold frosties? Thanks Paul 5203492697
  8. Does it not say Exceptions a d the moho is the exception, then moves it to are you commercial. I had this conversation with a buddy that owns a towing company, he said non commercial in AZ can tow any length trailer as long as the vehicle pulling is under 45 feet ??????
  9. If you are in PHX I bought them for 50 each (320 watt)
  10. Thanks to r3meyer I did the same thing, but 3 panels, lithium ion and a victron controller, I left both TVs and all lights on during day, no issues, tried to run Fridge one day with tvs and lights made it about half a day. Really did this just for tvs in AM and night, when wife comes genny runs for blow dryer anyway. Last picture is when I recoated the roof, thought as long as I am up there, what the hell. Put new AC vents and bathroom vent also. I have about $2k in mine
  11. I think bunk216 is drunk duning 😁😁😁
  12. Why bother the earth will blow up in 8 years didnt you hear???
  13. I took spring system out welded in brackets and screwed a hook to the floor. Winch was $50 from harbor freight. Ran a 6 gauge wire to the battery
  14. Or, ..... since my tires hit the cable 20190928_133634.mp4

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