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  1. 2011BFD

    Hows Your Attitude?

    My buddy has a 36 attitude 5er and he has had frame issues, but really around the door and steps not so much the walls, though had some reinforcement done Just in case when fixing other issues, Overall its been good to him, his is like a 2010
  2. This was on a 2000 8.3 ISC Motorhome, will work on many other applications, Was broke down on side of road, had to buy a new one, got this one rebuilt to new. Brand New Turbo was $2000. Does not come with a wastegate. Turbo needs to be clocked for your use, so turbo assembly is loose for your use, needs to be tightened and clocked for your use. Was completely sandblasted, cleaned and rebuilt, all moving parts replaced except wastegate actuator inside turbo (tiny piece in great shape) Should fit most 1999 -2003 ISC 8.3 Cummins motors. GD Price $750 shipped I'll ship for free to the lower 48 states, if you are outside we can negotiate a rate
  3. 2011BFD

    Polaris Wheel help please, any one have one of these?

    tons of these on craigslist
  4. 2011BFD

    What not to do instead of the SSSS

    That's funny no matter what 😂
  5. 2011BFD

    What not to do instead of the SSSS

    I got your info, tons of help here maybe a beer sometime, well fruit smoothie for me and beer for you
  6. 2011BFD

    What not to do instead of the SSSS

    No signs before at 430 PM heart started to hurt 530 on way to ER. Doc told I'll probably be faster in the BFD now. Can't imagine my wife selling it for the $30k she thinks we have in it....haha
  7. Was not planning on doing the SSSS this year, just not in the cards for time, but buddy and I had a fleeting thought, leave Thursday PM, Pick up his trans at Fortin Friday AM, go to show be home late Friday, good thing I did not Friday at 530 PM buddy drove me to ER, I could hardly breath or stay conscious, having a heart attack, AT 49 Years old?? 3 stents later, a balloon in my heart for 48 hours, I am now at home and doing my obligatory 2 weeks no drive no work, only rest Just a little Waring, I am 49, workout 3 to 4 times per week, eat fairly well, maybe 10 or 15 LBS over weight, I'm not a very big guy. BUT, my dad, my Gpa, his dad, etc, all had heart issues. its all hereditary. Get to your doc if you have not in a while, see a cardiologist, it is a big wake up call, I always said I feel fine, don't need to see a doctor, well now Ill see one much more often. I want to make sure to see as many Dunes seasons as I can, and want you all t see them also, lets not forget to take care of ourselves, not just our equipment
  8. Gotcha Good luck nice trailer
  9. All that goodness and only a 94 inch door opening?
  10. Bought this for a boat project that I am no longer going to use for a 4" exhaust should fit most boats is a complete system never been used never been installed list price is around $1400 will take $500 plus shipping
  11. This blower was bought brand new 5 years ago and has never even been taken out of the Box. this fits a Buick nailhead with twin carburetors talked to Hampton blowers all it would take is a different intake and the blower will fit a Chevy motor. if there are questions you can call Hampton blowers in Southern California this was a project my dad bought and never started is just sitting in our shop unused. A brand new blower like this would cost $4000 willing to take 2500 and I will ship it weighs about 60 or 70 pounds. Paul 520 349 2697
  12. 2011BFD

    where to get custom length F911DD bolts:

    Great Job Big Sammy ^^^^^^^^
  13. 2011BFD

    New to me Jayco Seneca

    Anyone with a diesel should watch EGTS and Boost pressure at minimum, the new tuners plug into the OBD2 port and do this but still need an EGT sensor wire put in manifold. For me, that is a must
  14. 2011BFD

    Before I can go to the dunes I need to...

    Get off the computer, you got work to do
  15. 2011BFD

    open stacker custom

    Thats funny^^^^^^^^^^

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