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  1. for you long haul speedy fellas, no speed rating, which means it is good for about 75 MPH for about 8 hours. I know, we never do that, but the hotter it is, the heavier the load, the older it is, makes those numbers drop. The advantage pf an LT tire is it is Speed rated, and can handle that type of abuse. To make any of them last, keep them out of the sun, if they sit for a long time, take the weight off of them or move trailer so not sitting on same spot, and keep correct air pressure, and do not over load. Yes I know people have different views, I have first hand experience in this industry.
  2. Decided to go through car, been 5 years of great service. Motor and trans pulled apart check, issues fixed New seats and harnesses New communication system @RallyAlleigh I'll be in touch, going full trax and bluetooth. Going through rear trailing arms, new powder, bearings, etc And should get all new paint. I am over black too hard to keep clean. White with of course...purple. Might steel coat black the shocks after seeing @L.R.S. post on his. Got a lor done today, had an electrical issue at end of this season so wiring is all pulled apart need to tuck it all back up.
  3. Love my windshield, would never want to run without it
  4. We have it, but easy to get around it. Has not been 100 yet this year and we are almost in June. Now we have your weather
  5. added a lithium battery last trip to see what I thought, will be adding another and adding new solar and controller to my monaco, moving my old panel to the new enclosed
  6. What is smog check? Emissions? Is that the sound of Freedom I hear over here in AZ??
  7. Funny this came up, I have a curt flip hitch, have a real issue the hitch seems loose, the pins dont make it tight in the holder (piece in trailer hitchbwith all the holes) I have tried different pins, even bought 18mm bolts but they are too big 3/4 is too small. I noticed I have trailer wiggle ever since i used this. Anyone else? Looks like this picture
  8. shoot Mom was looking at 16-19 Escalade, I said by a 4 door GMC, maybe she will listen
  9. there are a few with smaller lifts for RZRS and quads for sale, I think for 2 cars they are expensive and I heard a belly lift seems to be talked about a lot. I am not a baller, so i cannot fathom. i still drool on your current trailer
  10. LRS have you ever used Bread?? If you think I am joking google it. We pulled a buddies motor, 2 hours to get his Pilot out. When I did mine I had seen the bread trick, wad up bread behind the bearing, as much as possible to fit, 3 slices for me, then a punch that just fits inside the Pilot bushing hole, and POP, it was out in 5 minutes, used it again, with much similar success
  11. He is on a cruise until Friday i believe so give him a few days to respond
  12. Look up quick500 on the board, he is in Tucson but does a TON of tuning
  13. I have same motor, 2000 Monaco dynasty. My radiator rotted out probably more care than Anything. Have replaced turbo, have the old one rebuilt if you want a back up. Love the coach, my 2nd Monaco
  14. 2011BFD

    Trailer Issues

    I agree, my bet is it is too light upfront or a tire/ axle issue. I woudl lower it way down just for starters to see how it handles and work up from there. Air bags are the easiest way to do this. Also I started using a flip hitch B and W, it allows alot more sway than a standard hitch did on my truck

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