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  1. 2011BFD

    Ls6 stroked 383

    Looking to upgrade, seeing interest in my motor. Built in Tucson, Larry Peto and Steve Cole. Steve is here on the boards, does EFI tuning has an incredible alumicraft and if you have seen him run, you can see he knows about motors. Manley crank JE pistons Fast 102 intake and TBI. Running stock oem computer and has 58lbs injectors dumbed down to 46 I believe, so if you want to add HP they are available. Oil religiously changed, and I am not a drag racer I am easy on my stuff. Runs great. Has 4 seasons on it, looking to upgrade to more HP motor. Still in car if buyer wanted to see it run, have a CBM dyno sheet that showed 430 hp at wheels when it had the mefi computer, not sure how accurate. Motor itself is about 500hp , my car weighs more than 3000 lbs, and it moves just fine. Looking for $5k Just motor, no front drive accessories (ps, alt etc) No bell housing or clutch or flywheel, no exhaust Paul 520 349 2697 20190421_125352.mp4 20190421_125330.mp4
  2. 2011BFD

    What’s on your feet?

    I would have assumed flip flops for you
  3. 2011BFD

    My SCU offseason upgrades

    Change oil every year, easy on clutch, less HP 😁
  4. Ok Ill give you 4 used seats out of the BFD, and old roof of the BFD, a 4 seat razor with a bad motor and a 92 blazer and a couple grand.... I hope its around when I am ready, just made too big of a payment to the tax man
  5. 2011BFD

    New aluminum body by KATG Motorsports

    purple one for sure πŸ˜€
  6. 2011BFD

    My SCU offseason upgrades

    While you are there are you having the trans looked at?? Seems like an easy time to do it.
  7. 2011BFD

    It's Saturday 4/13/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Worked on Boat trailer for 3rd straight weekend, all new wiring and LED lights. DONE finally. Need to do an oil change and fuel filter on truck, clean carpet in boat, trip to lake the 4th, then boat goes back to Havasu the 11th, taking mom and wife for moms day.
  8. 2011BFD

    LS7 Stroker Build by Alper Motorsports

    you spilled some green paint on it, better get that off πŸ˜€
  9. πŸ˜‚ Love the for sale ads with no info and no pics. Hey but buy my stuff
  10. 2011BFD

    Do any of you run an hour meter?

    I change my oil after any trip that I ride more than 2 or 3 days. It is easy and seems to keep my motor running well. After almost every trip I peel back the cvs and look at the grease, add if needed. Clean air filters after EVERY TRIP. Try to look over the car after every trip for anything loose or broke, couple times a season i spend a lot of time with flashlight on welds. Before the first ride I check torque on lug nuts, sometimes I do this before I load the car for a trip, but 2 seasons I got caught with loose lugs, never used to check them. These things are alot of work to keep running, but I have had many successful season with little to No issues, ,so a little extra work when at home makes trips a lot more fun.
  11. 2011BFD

    Do any of you run an hour meter?

    I remember that car and he was crazy when we rode with him
  12. 2011BFD

    Do any of you run an hour meter?

    I think ill add one over the summer, damn that summer upgrade list keeps getting bigger.........................
  13. 2011BFD

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Way too much work on boat trailer, weekend #2, when someone says its 5 or 6k tonredo a trailer pay it and move on.
  14. Bump for a lower price.
  15. 2011BFD

    Found snake in my house

    Well im unsure 41700 for one of my dogs, let alone a cat. He seems to enjoy it, 13 now so a little less dead things on the porch these days

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