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  1. Try a SLC 300 2 door hardtop convertible, wife had one I hated riding or driving it
  2. I wouldn't think CV. Maybe shock or bearing, also maybe dry bushings on rear trailing arms
  3. BTW read reviews on Thor, not great, I would not touch one, reason why they offer great amenities for such a "good" price
  4. Oh I m sure a renegade is much nicer
  5. My buddy just bought a 2008 Seneca, has a 30 foot enclosed with 1 Tatum in it, said old DP he has pulled it better, he now needs air bags and sway bar, and pays no attention to weight. Also Carries 55 gallon drum of water for anything more than 3 days
  6. No way the Seneca has a better towing capacity or capability than a DP with a 8.3 or bigger
  7. I think without the car in the fabricators hand it is tough for mounting reason. Hondo on the boards here in Tucson does great work
  8. People who dune with me know my big dummy, still young and healthy but have had many Danes in the past. Tough when dogs leave us. Glad yours is making the turn
  9. I have the number saved I'll get available early next year
  10. I will have to get a thursday available for you all sounds like a blast
  11. Very but I have an event next weekend I cant miss please keep me posted on y ou ur other dates
  12. Again another storm like last year they may never dry out
  13. Full paint no wraps here, took quite some time

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