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  1. Well I made it to Pad 5, close enough this year.
  2. Damn, was that also the fan issue? Hope you get it done soon
  3. Packing new MOHo and got car loaded leave for Glamis Tuesday night
  4. Frickin hilarious, think the wife may hate that. I am a pad 5 guy next week after all the crazies leave after presidents day
  5. Picked new to me Motorhome 45 foot 515hp diesel Bath and 1/2 Monaco Maybe I can finally make it on Pad 3?
  6. I hope it blows Wednesday- Monday........
  7. I have my own dump at my house, another plus for AZ
  8. Does he need a glamis fix?
  9. Huge thanks to @CHEFF for the look and the pics looks like a nice deal. Now I have 2 to decide on, both need a couple things, guy in Tucson seems to be serious with price and a warranty, so need to see if I need 100 more HP for 10k+ more and a trip to DFW
  10. Cleaning out old moho for new owner, hopefully clean sand car also
  11. 2011BFD

    Super C vs DP

    And probably a 5.9 under powered with any big load

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