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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-PJA06m4yPndM_k81uttJRT7oXUXGWVo/view?usp=drivesdk
  2. I built these a while back. Much better than any folding chair.
  3. A turbo is a great way to add power, but you'll definitely want an intercooler. You might also rethink the transmission upgrade. I bet a LS1 with a turbo on low boost will make more than an S4 is rated for.
  4. I like the New Age Cabinets. I bought a few two years ago and they're holding up great to daily use.
  5. You'll get a ton of different opinions on this. It's been discussed many times before. On my enclosed trailer, I went with Firestone Transforce HT. Its an LT rated truck tire. That's what was on it when I replaced them last year, and two of the tires were over 10 years old. I've never had any issues with them.
  6. Here's a video Blake Wilkey posted:
  7. I'd buy it if I could fit. I don't think the price is out of line at all.
  8. 428 hp at the wheels from my LS1. I put the buggy together in 2013 with a slightly smaller cam and switched to a larger one in 2018. The trans has been apart twice to fix shift fork damage caused by the AJ Speed Shifter. No gears have been replaced and I've had no more trouble since I switched to a PBS shifter. I don't beat the car up through the whoops, but I do launch the car from 6000+ rpm when drag racing. Its a 2000lbs mid engine buggy on 33 inch paddles. Another buggy in our group put over 470hp to the wheels. He broke the 2d case and reverse gear after getting stuck a few years ago. His buggy weighs 2800lbs and he hasn't had any other gear issues.
  9. I was looking at the Fox valving specs, and they don't list the 1.75 or1.8 shim for the rebound side of the 2.5" shock. That would be why I don't have it in my shocks.
  10. There is a way and it really wouldn't be that hard, but I'm not going to do it to this car. I don't want to invest that much more into a buggy that I'm already planning on selling in a few years. My daughter will be old enough to start riding along soon, so I need to build a 4 seater.
  11. The ride height is good, but there's no preload to get it there. I added the bump stops last summer and I haven't noticed them helping anything on the rear. The fronts do make a difference. The last trip I raised the rear pressure to 280psi, but I still never noticed them hit. I think that the valving is so far off on the compression side, that I'm blowing through the shock and bump so quickly that they're of no use. I'll bleed off the pressure and start over with them after I get the shock valving closer.
  12. Thanks for your suggestion. I ordered a pair of 200 springs for the top, so we'll see what that does for the ride height and preload. I've gotten several suggestion for rebound shimming very close to that, so I'll get it in there and see how it reacts.
  13. All the measurements I've given have all been with the 300/300 springs. I ran the heavier springs several years ago when I originally assembled the buggy, but they are no longer installed. Yes, the 1.75 shim is missing. I'll be sure to get it back in there.

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