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  1. Thanks. It seems like what my wife is wanting, but she won't make up her mind.
  2. It wont help. The hydraulic pressure from the AJ makes it easy to bend the shift forks.
  3. Unlike a lot of people, I know exactly what I have. Its a LS1 that I pulled from a 98 vette. It has an LS6 intake, stock heads, and a Tick performance cam (https://www.tickperformance.com/tick-performance-sns-torquemax-stage-3-camshaft-for-ls1-ls6-engines/). I did the tuning as well. As has been discussed, it will most likely make different numbers (possibly lower) on any other dyno. I'd love to try it and see how it compares on another, but that's not going to happen unless someone else foots the bill. The better test would be for me to dyno your LS3 416 in my buggy, or my engine in yours, and see the difference. That would help us understand the losses from different transaxle setups.
  4. Rockwood is correct. It makes things a little confusing.
  5. I agree, the dyno says it makes a little more than I expected, but its right on what the cam manufacture advertised it would make in a street car. We dyno tested 3 other buggies that day and had similar results. My guess is that the 2d isn't as inefficient as some of the stronger transaxles, and that particular dyno is a little generous. I think we all agree that not all dynos are equal.
  6. Here's my delema: I wanting a new 4 seat buggy so I can take the whole family on dune trips. The current 2 seat buggy has a cammed LS1 than put 428hp to the ground through a 2d and 930 CVs. I would guesstimate drivetrain losses are in the 12-15% range. Its been very reliable, but it is harder on the CVs than I would like. If I'm going with a new buggy, I might as well go bigger and better. I've been watching the classifieds and seen several buggies that fit the bill. Big LS stroker engines with S4 transmissions and 934 CVs. The engines are being touted as having 650+hp and putting 440hp or less to the wheels. Forty percent loss? Whats the benefit of going bigger if the losses are really that high? These are heavier drivetrains in heavier buggies that are going to use a lot more fuel and may or may not be any more reliable.
  7. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-PJA06m4yPndM_k81uttJRT7oXUXGWVo/view?usp=drivesdk This is a 6800rpm launch in second gear. My car digs for a split second and then moves out. I run 10 psi in the paddles when drag racing and 13 psi for duning. It slides great. Do you have any video of your launch?
  8. I agree with JGSturbo. My mid engine LS1 buggy has 65% of the weight on the rear with two people in it. A hard drag launch will squat the rear, but my car doesn't dig much. I'm using a 33 x 17 Blaster #2 cut and I made 428hp at the tires. I'm my opinion, you need to make suspension and weight distribution changes. I doubt you'll find a tire that will do what your wanting.
  9. My ratios are: 5.14 R&P 3.11 1st 1.93 2nd 1.50 3rd 1.22 4th I have a mid engine buggy with an LS1 that put 428hp to the wheels. For the most part I'm happy with the ratios, but at times I wish 4th was closer to 1.0
  10. No. With the turbo, the exhaust temp in those pipes is probably 300 degrees hotter than an NA setup. In my experience, gas turbo engines will see 1600 to1700 degrees and NA setups should be around 1300.
  11. I run a 180 thermostat in my LS1.
  12. We have very similar buggy's. They are rocket ships and they handle awesome, but I've never got the ride quite as good as I think it could be. I wish mine had the bypasses.
  13. No problems here. As a dealership technical, I use them everyday. Ive actually had the opposite experience and gave up on buying new Snap On tools about 10 years ago. They're overpriced and I feel that the quality has gone down. I bought a Matco socket set two years ago to replace my worn out Snap On set and I haven't had a failure yet.

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