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  1. They said scene for Jumaji 3...
  2. Tower 23 hotel...it's right on the beach in PB. http://www.t23hotel.com/
  3. Hmmm...I think the rangers are damned if they do, damned if they don't. I don't envy the job they have to do in Glamis. The "spirit of the law verses the letter of the law," went out the window years ago. Bummer!
  4. Good to have it back up and running tonight. Not able to sign in to the password protected forums though.
  5. Any one know what size awning WW put on the fsc3200 trailers? Thanks
  6. Yerp, you got it. I'm usually pretty good about it, but every now and then I forget. Near as I can tell from the pics and the bloodstain on the stinger (pen is pointing to it) the little bastage stuck it 3/4" into my toe, which is only 1 1/4" thick! I was thinking of making a nice necklace or something from the stinger. You can kinda see the barbs, they don't look like much when they're laying down, but if you run your finger along them you can really feel how well they grab flesh. That's gnar!
  7. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle! Man, that sucks...
  8. Safer then driving! I remember reading that your lifetime, chances of dying in a car accident is 1 in 112, where as dying in a plane crash is 1 in 8,000 or so.
  9. "If I would have known they would be this much of a pain in the ass, I would have picked the effing cotton myself!" ~unknown author~
  10. What's the GD.com good guy price on the RRP660 4 Place Intercom System with Helmet Kit? Thanks!
  11. charred1

    Salton Sea

    I have 3 parcels in Salton City, that my grandma bought back in the mid-late 60's. She gave them to me about 10 years. Pretty much a waste of $35 per year for property taxes.

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