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  1. Mr Freeze

    Golf Clubs - Sold

    Ahhh, Classic "Mark and Brian"... sweet.🤑
  2. Mr Freeze

    sand mountain

    Been to all Three, Glamis, Pismo, and Sand Mountain. The west side of the Mountain has few nice bowls and little open space to use your right foot. There's one nice all Sand trail going back North East nice little ride about 3-4 miles long. Nicer ride space than Pismo and easier getting in and out, Way easier.........Weather over there a lot dryer which can be nice this time of year.
  3. Mr Freeze

    Stock RZR wheels/tires

  4. Mr Freeze

    RZR Seat and Gaming Chairs

    RZR Seat or Gaming Chairs, can be re-Installed Location Bakersfield 150.00 OBO for both
  5. Mr Freeze

    930 Axles 26 Inches $75

    26-3/8" axle still there after all this time?????
  6. Mr Freeze

    New sand stripper paddles

    Location, am looking for a set.
  7. Mr Freeze

    Mother Of All Tow Vehicles

  8. Mr Freeze

    Latest Case Clogging The Court System...

    The attorneys are the main driver of this. Who wants to pay an attorney $100s/hour to recoup $4 on a Venti Iced Latte? More like an attorney figured some angle for this, then built his class, and now we have a suit. Shit Rockwood, I don't even know a Attorney that charges a 100 per hour, most of those damn fools are up around 180 now....
  9. Mr Freeze

    Heavy Duty Ls Spark Plug Wires Worth It?

    Hope this help on answering your question....... http://www.ls1.com/forums/f63/tested-all-m...-results-31657/
  10. Mr Freeze

    Park Moabi Fire

  11. Mr Freeze

    Happy Anniversary To My Beautiful Wife Karolyn

  12. Mr Freeze

    Dog Allergies?

    80% of all Dog Allergies are derived from something they consume. So always start with the diet.
  13. Mr Freeze

    Weight Police?

    You don't quite sit level either. Have any issues with tires wearing different or blow outs? Do you have brakes going to second trailer or just lights? Andy Andy Never have any tires wearing different, nor any blowouts. But I do purchase LT tires that are quality tires. Brakes to both trailers, but I have ran with the second trailer with no brakes without an issue. Just make sure your testing your controller out after pulling out, and making sure brakes are correct. Blake
  14. Mr Freeze

    Weight Police?

    Hammer down!!!!

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