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  1. I have them on DVD ...
  2. I went with dry-van (moving truck) containers because the connex thing was/is crazy right now. These each have a 30,000lb floor rating are are designed to have forklifts driven inside of them.
  3. I am building my container shop here in AZ... Each container is 8"6" wide 9'6" tall and 28ft long....
  4. It's my own custom build. 73" wide, 110" WB powered by a Z1000 Mc engine, Running a RPM FNR gearbox, 930 Cv's, Prius power steering, 1.5" DOM chassis. I used some old Teryx plastics I had for basic body panels and then started trying to figure out how to start making my own aluminum panels. I should start my own build topic once I get back at it. Relocation kinda killed the momentum.
  5. I haven't been in almost 10 years due to relocating for work etc (WA and WI states)... now we have relocated to AZ and might make a trip or 2 out once a year when I finish up my new buggy build.
  6. You used to be able to click the three dots at the bottom right corner of your post for more options and do it from there... but I have not tried recently.
  7. I looked into that area last year when we were looking to relocate... Cost's posted are probably about right depending on build quality etc... The other thing to look at in the Troon area is water... some area's aren't allowing anymore drilling for wells... many, many high, high end homes on hauled water out that way.
  8. The LTR450 was fuel injected back in 2007 I believe... they were forced to stop making them in 2011 I believe due to the EPA saying it didn't meet their standards. I ripped around on one for a few years. They can be had fairly reasonably priced even in this market... Yamaha still makes the YFZ450 that is fuel injected and 404lbs wet. Unfortunately not much else available new...
  9. Did a number on us these past few days down here in Maricopa/Hidden Valley.
  10. Thank you, I am learning sheetmetal as I go with this. I have been around many that do the work but have never actually done it myself until now. Lot's to learn about shrinking, stretching etc... I may have bit off more than I have the talent for on the body panels, but it can always be re-welded or made again (or at least I hope).
  11. Thank you. Just following the built not bought theme. 90" wheel base and about a 75" track width. I will probably make my own hood and fenders as well, but since I found some used ones on the cheap it made for an easy visual to design off of.
  12. Some more of the pictures.... I have so many of them... Powered by a Z1000 streetbike motor wiht a RPM FNR gearbox, 930 CV's, Prius power steering, Elka shocks etc....
  13. Here is a project I have been working on... Now that I have relocated to AZ I should be able to get it wrapped up soon. Pictures aren't in any particular order

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