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  1. The windshield on my Southwind is falling out, class A two panels. Just got the quote 3,800$ to replace driver and passenger side.The glass is good but coming out of the gaskets, 420$ to “reset” but 99% chance of them breaking during the “reset”. If it’s not one thing it’s another.
  2. Need zap on a turbo exhaust
  3. Anyone who has made the upgrade notice a difference in the way the car handles, due to the added weight?
  4. I missed this one 34’ fleetwood Expedition down side it was a 5.9
  5. Wow that’s a whole different angle he was starting to avoid the quad a football field away.
  6. Guy is smooth makes it look like hes on a BMX where about is this p
  7. Slidewazys 1:54 looks and sounds fun

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