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  1. Had a great weeknd few pics of us stopped
  2. Shatters collar bones, separates shoulders, and handle bars rupture spline
  3. The windshield on my Southwind is falling out, class A two panels. Just got the quote 3,800$ to replace driver and passenger side.The glass is good but coming out of the gaskets, 420$ to “reset” but 99% chance of them breaking during the “reset”. If it’s not one thing it’s another.
  4. Monster jam tonight at Petco, wife made 19 shirts for all the kids to get signatures in the pits. If ya see us say hi I’m the good lookin one
  5. Anyone who has made the upgrade notice a difference in the way the car handles, due to the added weight?
  6. This ^^ Our group helped theses guys out, things they were lacking was a plan and fresh legs. Four out five sxs were stuck, each guy had a different idea how to get them out. When we rolled up we made our own plan told the guys to get in your sxs and gas it when we say hit it. I would say less then 15-20mins they were all out. To many chiefs not enough Indians with bit of panic.
  7. I missed this one 34’ fleetwood Expedition down side it was a 5.9
  8. Wow that’s a whole different angle he was starting to avoid the quad a football field away.
  9. Just make one yourself, there my be a market for knock off GD.com flags

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