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  1. JBoogyy

    Ls1 and 2d

    Its a custom intake tube he had made
  2. I see wastegates in the pictures where are the blow off valves you mention in the ad
  3. How much for 33x15 #2 cuts
  4. Thats how we get it done here in TUCSON AZ.......looking good EL JEFFE
  5. We will be at old plank rd on the south side of the 8 across duners diner bridge we will be going for a Gordon's well ride Friday please call me 520-269-5019 would love to hook up for some rides w u guys
  6. I spoke with susie at the American Sand Association and she said that there still gonna be open but there's not gonna be toilets and no trash and very limited service vehicles! We are heading out Friday night see you out there

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