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  1. He is obvious smarter (he's in college) so he prefers Gecko. Welcome DD :Eff U: You got that right man. Gecko is a lot more fun than the washes. First few times we parked up over on the flats...which isn't too bad since it's right by the shitters and the beach store. Gecko is where all the action is though.
  2. That's a great way to look at it haha. I've seen some pretty crazy shit out there with my buddy and his family. The most important thing I've learned is that crisis is the mother of all invention.
  3. Right on Dave, looks like we're in the same boat. Good luck to you man, we'll figure it out in good time.
  4. Trust me man, I'm fully aware. Been hooked ever since my first trip. Thanks for that, Tatum&Honda4thewin
  5. I go out to the dunes with a close friend and his old man. They've got an SU with an LS1 in it and an older chenoweth with an ecotech engine in it. I hope to have a badass buckshot or sand limo one day. Gotta finish college and find a job first haha.
  6. Just a big hearty hello to all you fellow duners. Two more months and we ride. Can't wait til the season starts. Also looking forward to the Sand Sports Super Show. You dudes enjoy what's left of the weekend. Take care.

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