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  1. pups coming soon!! Litter is due Nov 4-6th 2019 follow our instagram @havens_frenchigang discounted price for GD members. AKC registered
  2. thanks, Ill measure my buggy to double check tonight!
  3. do you have the measurement from back door to the kitchen cabinet and in between the wheel wells? I have a small buggy, and this might work for me. Im in Valley Center
  4. can you confirm tire sizes and wheel width for the used tires and centerlines? interested in all 4
  5. Is this the one you are looking for?
  6. Looking for a set of dirt tires for my king sand car. Wheels as well. Baja pros 33×9×15 with 15×7 wheels (rear) Baja pros 30×7×15 with 15x4 wheels
  7. Im selling car #48 if you can't find your old one. Clean, fun, ready to go car. $15.5k
  8. Did you pick up that red one that was for sale on racedezert?
  9. Will be out in G this weekend. I'll have the inner tubes with me
  10. My little brother is in need. There's nothing I wouldn't do for this guy. My best friend and partner in crime. We thought he had it beat but its back full force. 5 Tony Marquez, age 27, stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma. Tony is the type of person you never forget. He's always there when you need him and he would never hesitate to drop what he is doing to lend a helping hand. He's a fighter and one of the most genuine people you could meet. As some of you know my brother has been battling cancer for the last 3 years. Earlier this year, he was in full remission and he had begun regaining his health. That was shortlived. As of September 2018, his lymphoma has aggressively returned, leaving him bed ridden at the City Of Hope ICU. He will remain under constant care until his condition improves. I am asking for financial help on his behalf because this fight he cannot do on his own. Finances is the last thing he should be worried about during this time. This is why I'm starting a fund to cover his personal bills and expenses while he heals and begins treatment. Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this and donate. Much love https://www.gofundme.com/tonys039-fight-against-cancer

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