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  1. No I don't but I'll be heading to the city of hope in Duarte today and tomorrow. We can set up a meeting along the 605 near the 10fwy
  2. I have a pair Https://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?/forums/topic/359535-buggy-parts-limit-straps-inner-tubes/
  3. Added plasti dip kit, wheel spacers and lbz egr blockoff plate
  4. Judging by the color scheme and gas tank decals..im guessing this used to be one of yours. Anyways. Great looking bike. Im putting together 2 70s with lifan 125 motors at the moment. They'll be done in time for season
  5. Added some more parts. set of side steps with all mounting hardware. In good condition but show some weathering. Came off 2008 Silverado Crew Cab. Will fit years 2007.5-2010-Side steps $90 - (2)Front headlight wiring harnesses with bulbs. Will fit years 2007.5-2010. $20 for both-CST Dual shock hoops and upper arms with (4) 10" 2.0 Remote resi Fox shocks.Will fit years 2001-2010. These are part of CSTs 9-11" lift. You will need additional parts to lift your truck. Check CSTs website. Shocks need rebuild, No leaks. $750 obo (will not separate)- (2) 14" 2.0 remote resi Fox shocks. Weathered and need a rebuild. No leaks. $175 obo-(2) fuel doors $20ea obo -LBZ Egr block off plate $5 -Matte Black Plasti-dip kit. 6 cans with aerosol can spray handle, pre-dip wash and dip-wash. Unused paid $90... Take it for $70 -(4)Aluminum wheel spacers. 8x6.5 bolt pattern. Came off my duramax. 1" spacers for the front and 2" spacers for the rear. $50 for all 4
  6. I need to get an engine head milled. Anyone know of or worked with a reputable machine shop in the Riverside area or surroundings? -SLAYER out
  7. Having issues with hayabusa motor bogging down as soon as i get on the throttle when in gear. Idles and revs fine in neutral. Any ideas? Gen 1 hayabusa king sand car
  8. thanks guys. Ill try to get to it this weekend
  9. bypassed the kill switch. used the test light on the wires coming from the stator and no luck.... so is it time to order a stator rebuild kit??
  10. ok so finally have some time to work on this. fuel check, fresh air filter...no spark. I switched the coils on the one that is running and still no spark. Stator or wiring maybe? thanks in advance
  11. I opened the screw under the bowl and fuel came out. There's definitely fuel in there
  12. I purchased an 83 Atc 70 few months back and it was running a little rough. only ran with the choke halfway on. It finally stopped running so I pulled the carb. Carb was all gunked up and most of the bolts were stripped so I replaced it. I changed the oil, changed out the spark plug, replaced some pull starter parts and still cant get it to start. I swapped out the coil with one from an ATC 70 that is running and no luck. I don't have much experience working on these bikes. Any input would be appreciated thanks, -SLAYER out
  13. When I purchased my DMAX, it had the full banks set up. Tuner, monitor, intake and exhaust. The monitor would always freeze up on me and I would have to reset it for it to work and to change settings and then freeze again minutes later. I tried updating it and no luck. I dumped the monitor and tunes. I switched to the edge insights CTS2 for monitor and EFI live for tunes. Monitor has always worked good but it has gone blank a couple times in the last year. I did experience the reset you are referring to but the display/gauge selection you input from the beginning will save on there. Every time its unplugged it will ask you to input the vehicle info. I guess its the luck of the draw. I'm on my second edge product with no issues. I hope you figure out what works for you man -SLAYER out

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