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  1. The new diesel engine is available this year with great reviews.
  2. I love having a single story home now and am happy to put them up and then take them down after Christmas.
  3. It's been obvious for awhile that China is our next great enemy. I wish we all could individually do something about it. I try to buy "Made in the USA". But this market is so limited. I like my Red Wing boots though.
  4. We always had Thanksgiving with the grandparents the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I would get a big turkey so we had lots of leftovers. I would then get a disposable aluminum pan and put turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes. Pour gravy over the whole thing. Cover with heavy duty foil and freeze. Usually we would leave for Glamis early Thanksgiving morning and we could just set the frozen brick on a 36 pack of beer (that didn't fit in ice chest or motorhome fridge). That bight, just fire up the bbq and set it on there till done (it will be bubbly). The best with NO work. The stuffing would get crispy at the bottom. Mmmmm.
  5. Nothing on the inside of the house. Minor smoke smell that disappeared quickly with open windows. The place was sealed up pretty good. I see ServePro doing some other homes in the area. I am so glad.
  6. Today is melted sprinkler repair and burned landscape removal. I have a high deductible on my homeowners insurance ($4000), so I won't get anything from that. By the time I'm done, it will be just over that.
  7. It looks better now after getting the ashes out before it stained. The chairs are from Ledge Lounger.
  8. I found a news clip of one of the interviews we did. This is in front of my house where they are set up. Susan (my GF) is also interviewed. I never got to see it till now. LOL https://abc7.com/hillside-fire-evacuations-being-lifted/5661248/?fbclid=IwAR31LgWxeZYlw1TonnCsyiF__GApJ92LtgwV-KIhz7VNMGaYh9V2knDV6uE
  9. It was not Edison. We are thinking arson. 2 weeks ago Little Mountain was set on fire and 9 homes burned. Last Thursday we had the Oldwater fire 1/2 mile east of me off Hwy 18 that started at 2 am. We packed up as it was windy and close. Now yesterday at 1:45 am off Hwy 18 just North of me.
  10. I need to post a pic of pool now.....
  11. https://ring.com/share/6753891997738728286 This one is at 2:10. 20 min after being woke up, alerting neighbors loading what we could and waking up. I am about now abandoning the Prius.
  12. https://ring.com/share/6753891546767162206 This video is at 2:08. I shut garage door and went out front. Didn't lock it. Everyone else just left.

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