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  1. We camp off S22 and Holly. Lots of places to explore.
  2. Valentine dinner. She didn't want flowers or candy. With a side of soy/teriyaki bok choy and cajun fried green beans. And we have leftovers.
  3. I love this as leftovers for sandwiches. I just make your favorite meatloaf. Stuff into a loaf pan. Flip it over on heavy duty aluminum foil and put on BBQ (or smoker). You can wrap in bacon or not. Put ketchup on it to caramelize.I didn't get an after pic.
  4. I went to Edgewood High School in West Covina. Haven't been to this job site since the new buildings have come up. First thing I noticed was how dark it must be in the new building. Even with all these windows.........
  5. Are they also aimed down? I don't have a vid, but here is a pic of mine..
  6. That is a lot of water pressure from the waterfalls. Mine have more of an arch to them. Looks good though.
  7. LOL. Want a pat on the back? How about we take up a collection to help you get a helicopter.
  8. Needs a lot of brushing and you will go through a lot of acid as it cures. It's funny how they start filling the pool as they complete the plaster.
  9. Used him many times. Always makes it easy.
  10. There are many very funny ones out there. I personally didn't care for him one bit. Karma for a rapist. Im more sorry for everybody else.
  11. They usually come with and extra door sensor. If it gets taped to the wall sensor, it thinks the door is shut all the time....... That's what I heard.

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