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  1. A friend on Facebook knows somebody that died......
  2. I have one. Needs to be updated. Here is a pic of the entry (when they were plastering the pool).
  3. Still researching the mod list. Maybe leave it stock? LOL!!!!! No roof top tent. Don't care for them. I can sleep in the back if needed. I'm 6'2" and fit just fine with the little lady.
  4. Here is the one touch top.
  5. Well, I've been without a Jeep since August when I sold it to pay cash for solar panels on the house. Now to keep the economy going, I ordered a new one. I've never bought a Jeep this way before. Kinda nice to pick what you want exactly color and options. The only downside is the plant is shut down. Oh well. I'm in line. I am going with the Rubicon Unlimited again. The biggest change I'm happy with are the engine choices now. I am going with the 3.0 diesel. I also picked the one touch roof. Just hit the button and the top goes back behind the back seat! Love that! I went with the new returning color of Sarge Green. So it should look like this in June or July when I get it......hopefully earlier.
  6. Disneyland will now close. Maybe they could get some construction done during the closure.
  7. This is going to be the biggest problem to get past. The loss of work in so many sectors.
  8. They got it traveling to Australia.
  9. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (his wife) both have it!
  10. I never thought I'd live in San Bernardino, but I bought here almost 2 years ago on the north end (just inside the San Bernardino National Forest) and love it! The trash doesn't wander up this far.
  11. I've had State Farm since my first home I bought in 1985 (yes I'm old). When my home in Running Springs burned down in the Slide Fire they were great. Way better than my neighbors. They were so helpful, I still have them. I have USAA for vehicles and they tried to get my home coverage. I told them the short story and I will stick with State Farm. They understood. I have a high deductible which is my choice, so when the Hillside Fire came on Halloween '19 I didn't even call them. I fixed the sprinklers and am replacing the landscaping on my own. If this home does burn (I live in an area that fires come every dozen years or so) I will retire.
  12. We camp off S22 and Holly. Lots of places to explore.
  13. Valentine dinner. She didn't want flowers or candy. With a side of soy/teriyaki bok choy and cajun fried green beans. And we have leftovers.
  14. I love this as leftovers for sandwiches. I just make your favorite meatloaf. Stuff into a loaf pan. Flip it over on heavy duty aluminum foil and put on BBQ (or smoker). You can wrap in bacon or not. Put ketchup on it to caramelize.I didn't get an after pic.

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