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  1. banANNArama

    Filing taxes

    shoot... taxes... ugh, I need to find a tax guy!! (My ex use to do them but now hes outta the picture.)
  2. banANNArama

    MLK...(18-21 Jan) Who's going?

    I’ll let you know where we will be if I end up going.
  3. banANNArama

    Who Do You Want To Meet Off The Board?

    SwampPrincess SwampPeanut TheLatinLover 2ndgear D.O.N.E
  4. banANNArama

    It's Friday....and What Do You Have For Sale This Week ?

    07 Banshee, stock Ibanez Geo Guitar Purses Skin Care, Cosmetics (Mary Kay of course) Digital photo frame Jewelry (Cookie Lee)
  5. banANNArama

    The New Caddy

    They look better in PINK
  6. banANNArama

    Charlie Sheen

    you gotta check this out, so hilarious! Charlie Sheen Soundbytes!
  7. banANNArama

    Charlie Sheen

    It’s Time to Play ‘Sheen, Beck, or Qaddafi?’ check it out, lol
  8. banANNArama

    Good French Fries

    McD's is the best, hands down.... but I'm a lil bias, I come from a McD's family. I actually flipped fries for a day at my dad's McDonalds
  9. banANNArama

    Suggestions For A Kids Quad

    I started on a LT 80 then a Yamaha Breeze 125, they both were good quads!
  10. banANNArama

    Happy Birthday Glamis Greengo!

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy
  11. banANNArama

    Here's What The Rock Folks Call A Sand Car...

    I love that site and b1tchin car!
  12. banANNArama

    Paid A Visit To The Social Services Dept Today..

    Yep, right again, but if you don't have the money to invest, your customers do have to wait a few days. In my unit we throw "Debut Parties" for our new consultants. Consultants invite their family and friends. It kicks off their personal business, these parties average about $500 and you get 20+ leads. I started with $2K in product, it is nice just to hand customers their product but I still had to place an order after my debut party and 2 customers had to wait. They usually don't mind waiting.
  13. banANNArama

    Paid A Visit To The Social Services Dept Today..

    Nascargirl99, your search is over!!!!! It's your lucky day!!! I found a job for YOU, get excited it's Independent Sales! Join a company like Mark Kay, Cookie Lee, Scentsy or any other direct sales company! Along with working my 8-5 M-F, I am an Independent Sales Consultant for Mary Kay and Cookie Lee. The beauty about these companies is the harder you work, the more you make and you work for yourself. I don't work my Cookie Lee biz, I just do it for the discount and I work my Mary Kay biz part time, very part time. I started September 2010 and I've made a few grand so far, its pretty nice. I make 50% of everything I sale and Mary Kay cuts me a check every month for my team production. Whenever I need/want more money I make a couple calls or go out and talk to a few random ladies and just like that, I sell product or have a new team member I had a friend that got laid off from her job and she spent months looking for another job and didn't wanna hear about Mary Kay, lol. I told her if she doesn't want to hear about it, she CANNOT complain to me about not have a job. Being unemployed and hating it, she finally let me drag her to one of my Mary Kay meeting and she joined my Mary Kay team in the end of November. She now works her Mary Kay business full time, makes a decent amount of money (more than her salary from her last job) and she is totally stoked about it. Shes moving into her own place next month and shes close to getting her first career car from Mary Kay. Its pretty amazing. So to get started with your new job, check out The DSA and The BBB Ready, Set, GOOOO! No more complaining and You're Welcome

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