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  1. I have used this guys trailer when I was in a pinch last year. It was fast and easy to pick up / drop off at storage yard, and its located in rancho Cucamonga, cant beat it for $70 a day. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/rvs/d/rancho-cucamonga-trailers-for-rent/6939923105.html
  2. Here is the kids youtube channel, Dads not that smart holding his hand 2 feet out the side while jumping @ 2:41
  3. I know ferguson's supply house have one because I installed one a few years back. It looks to be a bit bigger then you want but they might have more options if you talk to a sales guy at the counter. https://api.ferguson.com/dar-step-service/Query?ASSET_ID=1112780&USE_TYPE=SPECIFICATION&PRODUCT_ID=1856736 https://www.ferguson.com/product/fiber-fab-42-x-42-in-neo-angle-shower-f42nanwhnnb/_/A-ProdFamily-222324
  4. Looks like the DA is looking into it now that they have seen like video. It will be interesting to see if any charges are issued . https://abc7.com/disneyland-melee-police-present-case-to-prosecutors-after-violent-brawl-caught-on-video/5387227/?fbclid=IwAR0XSqHPXVphNPFp5FGa2v0_HNGF7XS3Owd0XMuw4C42O_k891vhrgP5gZU
  5. When red shirt was in a choke hold by a stranger, security should have put hand cuffs on red shirt.
  6. Used these guys for a commercial building that needed to get relining for the sewer main. A 40' run of 4" pipe cost me $6,800. They have a camera inspection that costs $200 or so, that's where I would start and stand right next to him looking at the camera monitor.Hope that helps. https://www.sosplumbingrooter.com
  7. If your personal problems effect your personal Business , something is wrong already!
  8. I am pretty sure you can just add this google Wi-Fi extender somewhere in the middle of your home and you will have good wifi signal in the garage. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Google-Wifi-1-Pack-Mesh-Router-Wifi/307554645?wmlspartner=wlpa&selectedSellerId=0&adid=22222222222133424234&wmlspartner=wmtlabs&wl0=e&wl1=o&wl2=c&wl3=75041733426981&wl4=pla-4578641303179121&wl5=&wl6=&wl7=& wl10=Walmart&wl12=307554645_0&wl14=google wifi extender&veh=sem&msclkid=f44f72a8e10b1a6062f32e6758f2f8b4
  9. Can't wait to see if your contractor floats his tile walls or uses hardie board !
  10. If his work/ subcontractors work is this bad from the start its only going to get worse as the project goes on. Everything you have shown/ said so far looks like a handyman did it not a licensed professionals work. Just a simple question, was this "contractor" the lowest bid? Or how did you find him?
  11. The whole SoCal outdoor living thing I feel is trending in the last few years. The prices have doubled in some areas for outdoor landscape/hard scape projects. I was involved in a project that a homeowner started and got red flagged by the city. By the time we got an engineer and architect involved plus the city fees we were 50k into the project, that's not even lifting a shovel yet! The end result was 560k by the time we exported and imported dirt. This was a residential house in the mid 3-4 million price range.
  12. I mounted the one supposedly "good tire" with the side wall damage last night , put 40 psi of air in it. Just walked out to the garage this morning and it only has 12 psi of air in it. At this point I am calling it a total loss of my time and money dealing with scarabb31 (joe). I paid $150 a tire because I only got 2. His excuse/ comment shows a lot about his character, that's not my tire it's dusty, "I drug them out of my truck and got no dust on my sweatshirt " so no I won't return them. I still take The majority of the responsibility for not giving them a once over as the buyer. But as the seller on a forum I think you also have some responsibility in your transaction . I understand if this was the curt Leduc swap meet, it's a cash and carry as is sale. Lesson learned.
  13. I have bought used tires from here and had no problems with there conditions but it was from a very reputable seller.There is a difference between used and still Usable. And used and trashed. The seller said it in his own words when a tire is not usable. "No sidewall hacks patches etc or I would not have sold them at all. " This is a decent sidewall hack to me and 3 other passengers in my car that I am not willing to risk our lives with a tire blowout at 70+ because of it. Just wanted my money back and I would drive to him.
  14. weeks ago I made a post looking for tires. member @scarabb31 replied he has the size I need. I call him up we agree on a price he said they are used but in good condition with 80% thread and will send me a picture Monday . I am in AZ and he is in ca but says he will be in las vegas in two weeks and we can meet in Nevada.I said that works out perfect it's a hour and 35 minutes each way for me . Today Friday March 29th I meet him (joe)in Boulder Nv like we agreed upon . We chat for 5 minutes he pulls the tires out of his truck I glance at them while we are talking, thread looked to be 80% like he said, I load them in my car and drive back home The hour and 30 minutes. This is where it gets interesting once I get home I pull the tires out of my car(one in the trunk and one in the rear seat) I see a chunk missing on one of the tires side walls. So instantly I pull out the other tire out of the trunk to take a better look at it and it has what looks like pin holes/slashes. At this point I know I can't run these as rear tires for my buggy nor do I want to. So I call Joe up(scarabb31) and say hi joe it's mark sorry to break the bad news but these tires have a chunk missing from one of the side walls and a few pinholes/slashes on the other tires with the Orange paint on it. If possible I would like to drive back out to Vegas tomorrow and return these to you and get my $300 back. He says send me a few pictures. I hang up take a few pictures and the text excuses start pouring in from joe @Scarabb31 . "That’s rock damage. " "These were on the front of a vw car". "They hold air. " "If they were on the back they would have chunks missing. " "That’s little damage. " "Your in havasu. Just re sell them if you really don’t ant them" "The little hole in that 2nd picture is on a tire that is way dustier than a tire I sold you" "Those holes do not do thru" After I listen to all his excuses why these tires are still in good condition, and after he accuses me of sending him pictures of a tire he did not sell me because it was "dirty" and he "drug them out of his truck and got no dust on his sweatshirt " . I debunked that myth Real quick and sent him the same picture that he sent me in the back of his red truck showing the tires all dirty an dusty! I ask plane and simple in a text I don't want to text war with the guy and just would like my $300 back. His answer was no because his tires were clean(lie) and he did not get any dust on his sweater when he pulled them out so those cant be his tires. After a few texts back and forth towards the end of our conversation he tells me I got one of the "spare" tires by mistake and he will replace it with another "good" tire , which I do not trust him at this point and I would still have a tire with the side wall chunk missing . Moral of the story is , which I admit , I did not do my due diligence When picking up the tires and handing him over the $300 cash. But at this point he sold me two tires that are trash in my book and he knows one is a spare because the Orange paint and will not stand behind the transaction as being usable good tires. I feel like administrators and moderators should ban these kinds of members to the buy and sell forums as he has/ had a few used items for sale. I have bought/ sold over a dozen items from here in the past 7 years and never had a problem like this because I know GD is a tight knit community and MOST members stand behind their transaction and or product . Just trying to pass it along beware of scarabb31 items for sale as he dose not stand behind what he sells you! Here are our back and fourth text messages once I noticed the side wall chunk missing.

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