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  1. I had this talk with a fellow contractor a few months ago. It has its benefits but it also has its downfalls. This video explains a lot about the product and process.
  2. A harbor freight wagon with a 20% off coupon might do the trick, then just build off of that?
  3. Just bought a scope from the site. thanks!
  4. I sent a text over to my buddy. He has a full fab shop in his garage and lives 3 miles away from you.
  5. It's no secret, 405 cabinets and Stone In fountain Valley. My account gets me 15-20% off list price depending on cabinet style I can pass that along. Just remember you will need to assemble these cabinets . I highly recommend gluing all the joints together with titebond premium wood glue.
  6. I used good quality China cabinets on a 2 million dollar Laguna beach house. The end result is amazing for the price. The key is there are many levels of China cabinets, like anything else. I use a place in Fountain Valley that I really like. A couple months back I installed the longest run of kitchen cabinets in my construction career, almost a 30 foot run on a single wall. This is the end result with the China cabinets. Before and after
  7. The fab work looks really clean! I'm curious to see how much horsepower it will make on 91.
  8. What part of bullhead? My place is two blocks from lazy Harry's by the big bend.
  9. 4 years ago I bought a house sight unseen with a 1500 square-foot solid concrete garage across the street from the Colorado river. I bought it for 1/2 the market value at the time. Now it's got to be worth at least two times more then what I paid for it. Sometimes a gamble investment pays off.
  10. The borg warner s400 and the s475 have been very big hits in the single turbo applications for Ls Motors. The china cx racing turbo might not last long in an offroad application.
  11. I have used this guys trailer when I was in a pinch last year. It was fast and easy to pick up / drop off at storage yard, and its located in rancho Cucamonga, cant beat it for $70 a day. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/rvs/d/rancho-cucamonga-trailers-for-rent/6939923105.html
  12. Here is the kids youtube channel, Dads not that smart holding his hand 2 feet out the side while jumping @ 2:41
  13. Looks like the DA is looking into it now that they have seen like video. It will be interesting to see if any charges are issued . https://abc7.com/disneyland-melee-police-present-case-to-prosecutors-after-violent-brawl-caught-on-video/5387227/?fbclid=IwAR0XSqHPXVphNPFp5FGa2v0_HNGF7XS3Owd0XMuw4C42O_k891vhrgP5gZU
  14. When red shirt was in a choke hold by a stranger, security should have put hand cuffs on red shirt.

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