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  1. Anyone else see that BJ shot and killed a man? It will be interesting to hear the full story. BJ trains his rapid fire weekly if not nightly, he is the last person you want to try and rob. https://www.8newsnow.com/news/local-news/update-baldwin-motorsports-president-kills-man-in-self-defense/
  2. give mtc contractors a call tony will take care of you 714 622-0413
  3. give mark a call he is your best bet to get it fixed. pgs 714-999-2961 [office] info@perfectgranitesolutions.com Perfect Granite Solutions 1838 E. Ball Road Anaheim, California 92805 https://www.perfectgranitesolutions.com/pgs-blasting/
  4. found this for you on CL looks like it will need a rebuild https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/pts/d/costa-mesa-vw-vanagon-air-cooled-manual/7041249389.html
  5. Most people my age ( 31) move to az because how affordable the housing market is. Every time I am in Az for long periods of time I feel relaxed because the pace of life it’s much slower than orange county. It’s not much of a rat race from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep like in California . It’s crazy to think A new construction house in Arizona is only 250 k that same house in California would be 500k+ Depending on location . I bought some investment properties in 2015 and 2017 in Az. Best thing I ever did!
  6. Crazy that dog survived 12 days no food or water plus the big rains we had last week. Good animal deeds Matt!👊🏻
  7. Great products from this company, pretty sure they sell DIY kits also. A project done last year, still looks like new today.
  8. I will take the behind the head one, PM sent.
  9. Rip Gil I had to watch the video how funco all started for him after hearing the bad news.
  10. I just got new cv grease from kartek on Friday. I got the bel- ray/ swepco to mix 75% swepco to 25% bel-ray
  11. I was told the same thing when it came to get a vin on my car and register mine in Az. So all I have is a small Mc plate on the back of my car. Foremost insurance company was the only one that would issue insurance for it to be street legal. You should be good to go in the state of Az. California on the other hand, you might have issues depending on the officer that pulled you over.
  12. I had this talk with a fellow contractor a few months ago. It has its benefits but it also has its downfalls. This video explains a lot about the product and process.
  13. A harbor freight wagon with a 20% off coupon might do the trick, then just build off of that?
  14. Just bought a scope from the site. thanks!
  15. I sent a text over to my buddy. He has a full fab shop in his garage and lives 3 miles away from you.

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