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  1. Looking for a Honda 2000 or 2200 generator. Post or PM if you have one.
  2. All that work...I guess the car needed a nap before going to blasting and powdercoating...
  3. Never stayed in your trailer puto! But that might have been your view when I helped you up to get on your quad!
  4. Sorry Andy. It's never easy and they leave a big hole when they go. I hope your family will hold on the good memories. I know you will.
  5. https://www.classaction.org/news/class-action-alleges-fracture-prone-2012-2016-eclipse-rv-frames-made-with-poor-quality-metal
  6. I did. They said it would be a minimum of 6 months to get to me. I'm not waiting that long only to get told what I am now. Besides, I wanted to sell it and the market was ripe for it. Again, anyone who knows me, knows I'm about principle. Even if I break even or get nothing at all, they will waste so much time on me that they will have wished they just paid me in the first place. I've got nothing but time.
  7. I do not. I gave everything to the new owner.
  8. So..."someone" reported me to Lippert and I received an email today saying they don't have warranties beyond one year. WTF? Since when do they change things and get away with it? SO..... found a class action lawsuit against Lippert and Eclipse for model years 2012-2016 for guess what??? FRAME CRACKS! So...I signed on to it. I replied back to the Lippert email that I was seeking was to be reimbursed for my cost of repairs and that I wold withdraw from the lawsuit and delete all negative social media posts. Let's see what they come back with...
  9. Korean AIDS is no joke. Shalom, Peace be with you and Knocka, Knocka, Peesai....Glad you made it out alive.
  10. These are Kluson locking tuners.
  11. I used to. Haven't in years but wanted to get back into it and thought why not build my own. I have another one to build already. I really enjoy the build.
  12. Just curious, was the restaurant/bar in St Anthony's open this past summer? Last heard, Pratt owns both places. If it was open, this is a California thing preventing them.
  13. Getting closer. Still need to finish up the wiring and all the fine tune set up on the bridge. It feels nice, heavy and balanced. I'm really digging how it's turning out.

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