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  1. I stand corrected. Quite shocked actually coming from the sniffer in chief. Biden calls on Cuomo to resign over sexual harassment allegations https://www.yahoo.com/news/president-biden-andrew-cuomo-resign-sexual-harassment-allegations-205936008.html
  2. Demon-crats won't allow eating of their own. They'll protect and/or defend him.
  3. It's all part of the government experiment to see who will and who won't comply. I have never been an anti-vaxxer until Bill Gates ran his suck about eugenics and microchipping. THEN...liberals all screamed the Trump could not develop a vaccine and if so, they wouldn't take it. The current administration takes over and now they all DEMAND IT! They politicized this for me and therefore, I'm not taking it. Besides, I had COVID and I'm fine. Natural antibodies are better anyway. If anyone wants to argue it more...so ok...the "shot" was for the previous variant. Apparently it does not prevent the delta variant but...offers some protection and lessens the symptoms. With that logic...I still don't need it because I have been vaccinated against 4 plus other variants of coronavirus during my time in the Navy.
  4. That bacon is definitely ILLEGAL and needs to be deported.
  5. Great... Now all you Commiefornia people will come buy all our bacon, further jacking up prices and causing a bacon shortage here. If this starts, I'm contacting all the agricultural check points and tell them to confiscate all the illegal bacon and send it back.
  6. For my wife and I...that would be complete horse sh*t. Everyone sees our heat and complains. We actually like it and it doesn't bother us. All I can say is when the CA liberals ban bacon there...you f*ckers better not make a run on our bacon and cause a bacon shortage here. Besides...after 5 summers in the Persian Gulf...this ain't hot.
  7. So here's a new theory... The current administration and media are reporting the "delta" outbreak to push more fear and push more people to get the shot. The numbers for this haven't been very open or accurate. Not hearing of mountainous deaths again but they sure are happy to be reporting that more people are getting the shot because of it.
  8. Mac

    Have you ever...

    Mulling over some things... May be going in a totally different direction. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  9. Slept in, took the Mrs. to breakfast. Went grocery shopping... Probably going to be a lazy day.
  10. I believe I speak for the membership... www.glamisdunes_and_poons.com
  11. Just a thought... If they offer to buy it back, they are using this time to frustrate you into selling it because they will make more money taking it back. I receive legitimate calls offering me more for my truck than I paid for it. The industry is playing their schemes to keep making money.
  12. So I'll drop this little gem here. Lots of talk about states passing laws to protect the Second Amendment and firearms from the current administration and even just Federal laws. How do you feel about this? Personally...I love it. But now...all the anti-gunners are suing and making a stink that the states don't have power above the Federal government. But wait...then why didn't the Fed go after states for legalizing cannabis? It's still a Federal law that makes it illegal right? The pick and chose on the whole gun debate and with liberals/current administration kills me. Seriously...f*ck these people.

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