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  1. SXS "birthing person" Educate yourself!
  2. They don't accept 2 inch hollows so...yes.
  3. It's "GENERAL CHAT". We have Tech sections so you can avoid this if you like.
  4. I have my CCW...I ain't scared.
  5. I disagree. Where I would support this is if they gave the guy the opportunity to surrender parental rights and not be bond to child support for 18 years plus if she decides she wants it. While people say the woman cry..."My body, My choice", 18 years of hard labor to pay child support or get threatened with jail time, garnished wages, etc...what about the guys "body". And if the battle cry is...My body, my choice, I hope you don't support mandatory vaccinations. Because most of the women screaming about this...do. So it's an oxymoron.
  6. Funny...I've been on here longer than you and we've always had "this stuff".
  7. I've heard of that happening. The doctor who did mine asked ..."are you sure?" I said yes and man, he snipped a large portion of my tube out, burnt it, clipped it. He said, "I guarantee, you will never have kids again."
  8. We need a good political thread. So here is my take on the shoe abortion thing. I don't agree with abortion, but I'm not going to get one either. I do believe this was decided 50 years ago. It has served as nothing more than a smokescreen since. We have bigger fish to fry right now. BUT...as a solution, I offer state sanctioned or subsidized, sterilization for men and women. All you have to do is be 18 and of "sound mind" to know what you are doing. Maybe a short video to explain. I personally love this as is will prevent a lot of pregnancies and breeding of stupid and emotional people. Getting snipped was the smartest move I could have made with being married, having kids and then getting divorced. I had no idea how many women play the "I'm pregnant" card or try to get knocked up to trap you. I seriously do not know why more guys don't do it.
  9. No, it already happened. Look at gay MONTH! F*cking stupid. At least corporate America will go back to being straight July 1st.
  10. So...what color/nationality are these "ladies"? The amount of white guilt in this country is disgusting.
  11. Uh....BYE! Another piece of sh*t running their mouth with no action....shocker.
  12. Mac

    CCW folks

    On this same topic...Open carry to me is a freaking joke. Look at me! I have a gun!

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