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  1. I missed this group. Glad to see you guys still in it. 🙂
  2. So hopefully some of you all still read this topic. Looking for a new group with kids that dune ride. My son is 12 now and can bowl with me anywhere but I can’t seem to find groups with kids that do the same. I Stayed in wash 10 for Presidents’ Day and it was a great trip. One of the boys in camp had a rzr170 and Dylan had a blast riding with him, but they don’t do a lot of trips to glamis. Usually he is the only kid that rides and he gets bored riding alone in between rides with the group, who is filled with a bunch of people that don’t have kids, or kids that ride, and whine about a little milder pace I run with Dylan behind me. So does anyone have room for a new family to join them on youth friendly trips/ rides? Still the same me, I take care of my family and we are self sufficient, but I enjoy the company of fellow duners/ riders and the banging corners and hills of Glamis.
  3. Sup everyone? Been awhile since I’ve been on here. Focus of my dune trips is definitely my son now. Big 12 years old and on my old yfz450. Making it his now with new colors and a restore. Seems his dad was a little hard on her and she needed a update. He did well, started pulling it down last Saturday morning in the 110 degree garage. Trying to teach him the ways of old. Not to be dufiss non bowl riding, ride now sxs straight cut thru the bottom guy. 7E4DFAD8-5682-45AF-AE93-488358E1FCDA.MOV D25843C6-DE0A-492F-BA3D-442D5F0CCDE9.MOV
  4. Banshee reborn after my Oldsmobile disaster thanksgiving of 2016. King Kong back on point... too bad there isn’t anymore quads just sxs at the hill.
  5. Think how cool this would look under someone’s tree for Xmas!!!!!
  6. Can deliver to glamis if needed... someone get this before I start parting it out!!!!
  7. this is a decent one with the built motor. Older ones are with the stocker.
  8. On a note, I know the apex is wider and lower than a blaster and I think it is atleast the same length if not longer. The stock 100 motor ran when I put the hot rod 90 big bore in it. It should have mid 20s in hp. Look on sqwrly one YouTube I have some vids of Dylan bowling the apex. Just punches it and climbs up the face whenever he wanted. I never had a worry of him rolling it, spun it out going downhill once lol.
  9. It depends on your boy. I thought letting him focus on the basics and not so much on shifting would be good for him once he got on a bigger and faster quad. He’s 11 now, and is just too big . The apex fit him till this spring, he shot up over 5ft tall and around 100lbs. This little thing rips and fit him well for three years. My boy just got big over the winter and I could tell it was time. The power is smooth and easy to control and it rides and handles really well for him. I always thought it is better for them to be just a little small and work till they can throw it around. Example, my neighbor bought his son a ttr125, even though he could touch it was just too big, he tried and fell and it has sat ever since. The apex is the most capable kids quad made, that isn’t limited to riding circles in camp or sand highway. And it is awesome on a track or hard pack but works well in the dunes with the bigger motor in it now. Just ask I’ll answer anything I can for you.
  10. Anyone interested at all? I don’t want to part it out.
  11. Any reasonable offers? Need funds for the banshee.
  12. Season is coming everyone!! This quad needs nothing title in hand. You can’t build one like this for 3x the money. Will let your kids skill grow without worrying about shifting. Power to climb any dune. Really was a great quad to get my son ready for the 450. Any reasonable offer will considered!!!
  13. I have a fusion 2.0 chest neck protector lick new. Black size m/l I think. Also some gear sets like new, and a older beat up smaller leatt. $150 for the nice one $50 for the other. Will do a deal for both. We have a few nice sets of gear just need to know what size u need..
  14. Would entertain trading for a nice set up 450 or 700r raptor of equal value.
  15. Selling my sons mxr100. Has a malossi big bore 90 kit with all the goods, mid 20’s hp setup. Elka stage 4 long travel suspension, yfz450 radiator, skat traks, extended axle, so many upgrades to list. Is a little monster, can dune anywhere, rips up Oldsmobile hill and climbs the biggest bowls, runs great, smooth and easy to ride with the cvt. Needs nothing. Motor setup alone was over $3000. I have the stock parts and a lot of spares including the stock 100 motor. Asking $4000 for the quad or $4500 for everything I have for it. He just got to big and moved up to a 450 so I need to sell to get my banshee resurrected again. Great mx, dune, trail quad for any 8-11 year d. Clean title in hand ready to go!!!!!

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