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  1. If you're looking for new... Polaris 110 My girls tear it up though on a slightly modded suzuki LT80 two smoke.
  2. I gave in and bought the cheap sams club 6 volts at $90 a pop. I feel dirty lol. I really wanted to do this lifepo4 thing, but would have had to make some other changes on the motorhome for them to work right.... it’s peak season right now for desert trips... and don’t need anymore things to worry about. Maybe look into changing things around in the off season.
  3. Success! The 4500lb winch did the trick. Got this one from amazon, it had the highest rated HP motor I could find for a 4500. Not sure if that makes much difference. Came with the wireless remotes and nylon rope instead of cable. https://www.amazon.com/FIERYRED-Electric-Synthetic-Wireless-Mounting/dp/B07TGHLLFJ
  4. you guys should line it up.... CoG wars doesn't have to be "organized" Just a blast in the dunes, and see who pulls away faster.
  5. so lets say I get two of these and put them in the moho. Moho has no solar. It does have a 7500 gen set and a magnum inverter / charger. Will I just need to adjust settings on my inverter? Does magnum have a charging profile that keeps these happy? I think I would have to upgrade my magnum remote, as the one in my motorhome is the older remote with less functionality. do I need to do anything about my alternator charge wire? will the 4-5hr drive to the desert hurt these batteries? Someone mentioned that you don't connect the cables if running in them in parallel?
  6. Alright, so after my first weekend out in the desert with the trailer..... I don't think this setup is working to it's potential. The highest I ever see the solar charging at is about 120-200w and around 10-12 amps. I was assuming that maybe it only produces as much as it needs, as the batteries are pretty much always full. This same day, my motorhome batteries decided to die on me. The sun was out in full force, so turned on the inverter in the trailer, and plugged my motorhome into the trailer which started charging my motorhome batteries. According to the readout on the magnum controller, I was drawing a little over 100 amps all together. During this time, the solar controller still only showed about 150 watts and 10 amps or so. after a minute or two, it actually shut off the inverter (pretty sure it was because of the low battery cutout setting) because when it is pushing big amps, I see the voltage reading on the magnum controller dropping to 11.7v or so. Right after it shuts out and there is no load, it goes back to 12.7. so the few questions I have..... 1. should I turn off the low batt cutout on the inverter? 2. How do I determine if my solar charge controller is bad, or if the panels are just not producing the power? (estimated about 600w of panels up there.
  7. Okay so it sounds like John is a top notch driver in his subaru powered funco. I have also hear that Grant is a top notch driver, and has his hands on any V8 powered funco. How about a showdown in the dunes, and put the arguments to rest??????? I just drove a newer funco this last weekend GTU/GTX? not sure what the difference is , but it was a 4 seater with albins and blown redline LS motor. Thing felt like it was on rails and glued to the sand. I could not imagine any change in COG having any real impact on how much harder that car could be pushed? Not to mention that power combo allows you to pull the wheels up at any time like a dirtbike, which in my opinion helps me drive even faster. Not too much power where it gets away from you, but just enough to lighten that front end up whenever you need to.
  8. So I just ordered a 4500lb winch... I'll update this after I get it installed this weekend.
  9. okay, instead of starting another thread... here it goes. My costco special 6v house batteries decided to take a dump this last weekend (they are date code late 2015) there are 4 of them. Motor-home has no solar. My stacker has a pretty legit solar setup, but does not seem to working properly. It also has 4 lifeline 6V batteries that are in great shape and maybe 2 - 2.5yrs old. I am considering putting those lifelines in my motorhome.... since that is what it had, and then I don't have to worry about cold nights / mornings at glamis / dumont affecting any charging situation by going with lithium ion stuff. and then either put in 1 or maybe 2 lithium ion batteries into the trailer. This helps save some tongue weight on the trailer, gives me a little more storage space in the cabinet.... and honestly I don't really see myself using that much juice out of the trailer. What do you battery experts think? what would you do? If I did this swap, I would probably swap inverters at the same time (motorhome has a magnum 2k inverter (modified sine) and the trailer has a magnum 2k pure sine inverter with the better controller, which helps set better charging controls) also... I see that ebay deal sold.... are there any other good deals to be aware of??
  10. So there is no real estate available to make the rear of the ramps have a smoother approach. My engine cage is only about 1.5" from the ramp door when all loaded up. I attach to this point in the front bumper (chrome cross tube in the bumper)
  11. Oh man! bummer... pretty sure I saw you pass through olds on Saturday mid day. did it just cause that side to seize up?
  12. is it the champion brand winch? and are your fenders extended for drive over? or just a regular rolled fender edge? I am pulling mine over these
  13. UPDATE: the 3500lb amazon winch was a FAIL. would not get my front tires over the wheel well. The free spool clutch deal is stuck now and can't put it into free spool, and the thing got so hot it singed the rope. I am assuming the 4500lb option might not do the trick either?

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