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  1. Mine is electric.... @ocotillo boy .... I did lube them once in a while, but it has been a while since the last time... so I'll be checking that. That could have caused it to come out of sync.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. From doing some google searches, it sounds like my track might have somehow become out of sync. So I will be checking that. I did find the service manual, which has a lot of info. I'll report back on what I figure out.
  3. there is a uptick in "fires" every time a new model is released J/k.... most SxS claims are from people cartwheeling them every weekend. There might be the occasional "could no longer afford the 750 easy payments" claim.... but most insurance policies do not cover replacement cost, and would just pay actual cash value (depreciated)... so in most cases, those claims would cause the insured to come up short, unless they bought GAP insurance in the finance dept.
  4. I have a 2007 fleetwood discovery w/ 3 slides. My passenger side main slide came out sideways on me this last trip. I was able to go in/out & push a few times to get it all the way out... then did the same thing to get it in for our drive home.where do I start in fixing this problem? I am pretty sure the slide controls / motors are powergear brand. This particular slide (wide) has 2 motors and tracks. This year coach is the one that has the storage compartments come out with the slide. This is the first time it has given me any issues.
  5. Sucks!! that'll be one heck of an insurance claim.
  6. hahah.... he tends to have a chance when Roczen and Tomac aren't laying down the speed. My take on why they didn't move up the pack...........1. bad start 2. it was a tough track to pass, the passes had to be aggressive = chance of going down..... so Tomac and Roczen being 1&2 in the points lead are thinking of the long term strategy. The guys back in the pack without much to lose are willing to hang it out there.
  7. That was last year... rained all day.
  8. back to back whoop sections.... not a Webb track lol C'mon Roczen.... we will be there tomorrow. Glad it won't be a mudfest like last year
  9. is it an onan 7500 gen set? any major issues during those 6500hrs? It seems like everyone is afraid of racking up hours on the built in generators
  10. That’s a bummer.... but sounds common.
  11. Okay so another question relating to this topic. I still don't think it is running at full capacity, per the last post I did see about 14-15 amps max at some points during a glamis trip. So my new question..... Is there some sort of jumper cable or wire I can install that go from my trailer batteries (trailer has solar) to my motorhome batteries? (motorhome does not have solar) .....My idea being that the trailer batteries are pretty much always topped off because of low power use, I might as well get some of that juice over to my motorhome batteries, and keep the inverter on in the motorhome all day. what do you solar / electrical guys think? cables would probably need to be about 8-10' long.
  12. for Reed... from what I understood, this is his farewell season! so he is supposed to finish out the season.... It's a shame to see him going out this way, but I'm assuming he needs to recoup as much cash as possible after the money pit experience of running his own team failed. I am hoping this is a sign of what to expect from Roczen for the rest of the season..... Tomac should wake up by round 4 or so, and start battling like he usually does.
  13. So pumped for Roczen. Talk about a comeback!!

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