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  1. chase, and wells fargo still not taking applications yet. I assume the banks taking any apps yet are just collecting info, but can't really submit anything yet
  2. If you can hold out about 3-6 more months, my crystal ball tells me there will be some amazing deals on new 2020 trucks.....
  3. density and testing are the 2 biggest factors. No place in the US as dense as new york.... subways, buildings, elevators, people using cabs / uber non stop etc. the second mix to these #'s is testing..... New York has been going crazy with testing.......so you will see a lot higher # of cases
  4. I bet on this as well. Since it’s a single handle, there is usually a cartridge mechanism that controls the hot to cold side. Sounds like it’s stuck. Sometimes you can clean them out, or you can replace the cartridge.
  5. shorter wheel base as well? or just engine cage area?
  6. great looking car! congrats! hard to tell from pics, but is it a 2 seater?
  7. right! How about suspending sales tax for 30 days, to help peoples money go further.
  8. Good racing. Funny how they changed the whoops after all the 250 guys wadded them up. Right before the 450 heats. I bet the KTM team had something to do with that, so that Webb had a hand up lol
  9. What is your source? lol My family is heading to the danger zone (LAX) next week 😬
  10. EMPIRE231

    WTB S4

    Which R&P is that?

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