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  1. EMPIRE231

    Twisted stitch kids booster

    Bump, price dropped to $250 or it'll go in the rafters as a keepsake
  2. EMPIRE231

    Chrysler 300 clean!! SOLDDDD

  3. EMPIRE231

    Chrysler 300 clean!! SOLDDDD

    Located in riverside. No road trips anytime soon planned. Someone is supposed to be driving out to pick it up today.... surprised it took so long.
  4. EMPIRE231

    How friendly are Glamis people?

    People are so friendly, they will join your camp 8’ off the side of your RV on gecko rd. They’ll get out and make some conversation.
  5. EMPIRE231

    Twisted stitch kids booster

    bump $280
  6. EMPIRE231

    Chrysler 300 clean!! SOLDDDD

    Bump, price dropped to $3500 to make a deal if you see the car, you will not be disappointed.
  7. EMPIRE231

    Stackers which lift?

    Thanks for the feedback... that is a lot of stuff! I'm debating between a 20' or 22"... will most likely end up with 22'... but was trying to stay within that legal length limit if I could, but at the same time, want the work bench up front etc, might have to do a V-nose.
  8. EMPIRE231

    Stackers which lift?

    Thanks for the feedback guys... looking like belly lift might be the way to go. Put the buggy up top, and kids toys down below. For now, I just need to haul the 4 seat sand car, and a rzr 170 + small quad, but those kids toys will soon grow to a 2 seat rzr 800/900 and bigger quad.... so I just need the ability to do that.
  9. EMPIRE231

    Sports hauler enclosed trailer SOLD

    Deposit taken. Sale pending.
  10. EMPIRE231

    Stackers which lift?

    any feedback at all? I guess what I'm looking for, is there any benefit to having the buggy stored up top, or down below? I think I would want the car down below, and kids toys up top.... but it would also be nice to have a lift that can tuck away up high, so when not in use, you can have big open space in the trailer?
  11. EMPIRE231

    How does this happen

    I would check filters first. It is pretty common for brand new foam to break down, etc.
  12. EMPIRE231

    SX / Motorcross

    I'm not a fan lol The Dungy playbook (consistency) works when there aren't too many fast guys on the field. I think there are too many fast guys out there now, that will battle for a win...
  13. EMPIRE231

    Stackers which lift?

    Considering a stacker for my next trailer... what are the benefits / trade offs of the belly lifts, vs a regular lift? will be needing to haul a 4 seat sand car, and kids toys (small quad, RZR 170)... with the flexibility for bigger kids toys (rzr 900, etc)
  14. EMPIRE231

    SX / Motorcross

    I'm a Roczen fan... he will start winning. given what he went through, this was the first season he was able to complete in a few years due to injuries... He'll get his mojo back, and once he does... you'll see battles between Roczen, Tomac, and Osborn for 1st.

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