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  1. G&J aircraft in Ontario will make it on the spot. You can bring them all your old lines, and they'll make you new ones while you wait.
  2. The #1 for sale ad killer for me is the "too much to list, call for details" that one ties with the ads that have no pics.
  3. Call Tommy at Alliance trailer in Beaumont 951-769-1833 He does this stuff all the time. or if you're closer to Norco, talk to Derik @ carson trailer 951-372-8010
  4. PTFE is the way to go. I had a steel braided line that looked perfect, fail on me while I was just letting the car idle in the garage. Was running fine no leaks, walked away for a few minutes and came back to the garage floor covered in fuel. could have burned everything down. I replaced all the lines with the same style steel braided lines, because I was in a pinch for time. These lines work just fine, but prob good practice to replace them every 3-5 years. Next time around I will go w/ PTFE
  5. It's on the internet... no reason to doubt it = real
  6. Unfortunately belongings in a trailer are usually not covered under the trailer policy... This is something any good agent should have explained. Bummer situation!
  7. cool car... you're gonna like these cars... they handle great. S4S is definitely the way to go.
  8. Thank you. 36’s and 12.5’s on Douglas / OMF beadlocks. Yep on the s4s
  9. I've had to watch the last couple races on youtube because they never record correctly, or the 450's get cut for some lacross game
  10. I’ve ran hankooks on my last 2 mohos... and no issues to report. Can’t say the same about good years.
  11. Pretty sure Costco sells some great looking cabinet kits. Great return policy if you’re not happy.
  12. Pete's road service on the corona / riverside border... not too far from Norco. Or stab a big screw driver through the filter and twist it off.
  13. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Mine starts next month
  14. that 4th gear screaming at 92MPH makes me feel like Robby Gordon on the way to duners diner
  15. thanks guys... got in contact with @tintman hopefully setting something up for next week.

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