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  1. I’ve ran hankooks on my last 2 mohos... and no issues to report. Can’t say the same about good years.
  2. hey guys... looking for a stacker! 20-22', 98"+ door opening.... belly lift would be ideal, but also consider some platform lifts or creative lifts. Vnose would be a plus... and most of the fixins (fuel, water,winch etc) trying to stay closer to legal limit (hence the 20-22) might consider 24. Hauling a big 4 seat sand car (why I need 98") (might be able to squeeze 96 for the right deal.... and also hauling the kids toys. Let me know what you have! thanks. Can also text picx/info to 951-300-6132
  3. Pretty sure Costco sells some great looking cabinet kits. Great return policy if you’re not happy.
  4. Pete's road service on the corona / riverside border... not too far from Norco. Or stab a big screw driver through the filter and twist it off.
  5. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Mine starts next month
  6. that 4th gear screaming at 92MPH makes me feel like Robby Gordon on the way to duners diner
  7. thanks guys... got in contact with @tintman hopefully setting something up for next week.
  8. love having a windshield! one of the best perks is not having to wear goggles anymore, just sun glasses now. air flow to the radiator will only be a factor on a long wide open run (duners diner)
  9. I did message @tintman on here and he got back to me with a price, I said let’s do it... and never heard back. Tried to reach out again and got not response.
  10. Can anyone recommend a mobile tint guy to do a Motor home in the Socal area... riverside to be exact?
  11. Nice cars! I think state farm was the go to in AZ.
  12. Curious to see what you decide to do and how it turns out. I need another gear...
  13. bump want the side panels and roof out of the garage....... $50 located in riverside.
  14. how's that webb wagon looking?

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