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  1. I bet on this as well. Since it’s a single handle, there is usually a cartridge mechanism that controls the hot to cold side. Sounds like it’s stuck. Sometimes you can clean them out, or you can replace the cartridge.
  2. shorter wheel base as well? or just engine cage area?
  3. great looking car! congrats! hard to tell from pics, but is it a 2 seater?
  4. right! How about suspending sales tax for 30 days, to help peoples money go further.
  5. Good racing. Funny how they changed the whoops after all the 250 guys wadded them up. Right before the 450 heats. I bet the KTM team had something to do with that, so that Webb had a hand up lol
  6. What is your source? lol My family is heading to the danger zone (LAX) next week 😬
  7. EMPIRE231

    WTB S4

    Which R&P is that?
  8. Hmm.... so what did this put down on the dyno? Is the clutch included? I have a turnkey LS2 510 package that I am looking to get more power out of, or possibly sell / upgrade
  9. I think what we are seeing is this Roczen: Has the speed, definitely belongs up there... but after 2 seasons of being out with HUGE injuries... he has learned that sometimes it is just not worth the risk, especially if he can still ride in a top 5. Tomac: Definitely has the speed, but has proven for the last 4 seasons to not have the mental game down. There is no denying, when he is on it... it is either 1st place, or at the worst 2nd. But he does tend to ride past the limits... which is why he will make silly mistakes sometimes. Webb: mofo got lucky last season lol. JK he has proven to be a tough competitor, he shines more when there is more pressure on him. which is why he turned it up after the first 4 rounds... his team manager straight up told him he better not be wasting his time... So he was willing to hang it out for a win... because he was becoming irrelevant in the championship race. That's covering the top 3. Anderson has good speed and consistency, but he is taking the good life approach and not taking things as serious as the top 3. I don't blame him, and it's all good as long as you have that factory ride and making some money. But if he doesn't step it up, that might go away soon. to add... there is some fixing going on, but that is more so team / brand related (ex. webb and bagget) etc
  10. lol I don't think it can be fixed that hard... Anderson stalled out in the corner, causing 3 guys to go down...which gave Webb and tomac a gift of 3 positions. There is some "fixing" going on... if you pay attention to Bagget (not factory KTM, but supported by the factory team) when he is riding great, he will never pass Webb (factory KTM)... this was super noticeable in the early rounds.... bagget would work his way through the pack, but when he came to Webb... he would ride out the rest of the race behind him. Now Tomac is going to have to deal with an enemy on the track that nobody wants = bam bam
  11. For adjusting alignment top to bottom, I assume this is where that is made? anyone familiar with these?
  12. Osborne out due to practice injury and I didn't even catch it, but Broc tickle also out from a hand injury last weekend.... crazy, after waiting all that time to come back.
  13. Bummer deal The only lesson to take away from this and insurance, is to always know if the policy covers "actual cash value (ACV)" or replacement cost. Most vehicle related policies are ACV.... meaning they pay based off the actual cash value and depreciation. Not too many carriers offer replacement cost coverage. Even though your vehicle may still be worth 40k in todays market. They look at it as a 40k vehicle with 3 years of depreciation. They use very similar underwriting rules as auto insurance... in which a new 50k truck, is worth 30k a few years later (ACV) Did you try to argue your point with the claims adjuster and show him comparable cars currently on the market in that price range (I know it's not easy to do)
  14. “like thousands of other Vermonters, I do have a summer camp,” lol a frickin "summer camp" The socialist guy wanting to raise every working persons taxes... has himself a "summer camp"
  15. as simple as, there are more TAKERS than MAKERS. If you promise the school free pizza every Friday, you will get the votes.
  16. I love these.... this is what I use for my buggy. The don't really budge at all (might get a little bit of slack) but the loop through design and the clip style connection make sure it is always secure. https://powertye.com/store/trailer-kits/2-big-daddys-premium-trailer-kit/
  17. I have 1 lazer star HID light. This has the driving beam lens... which is in the middle of a spot and flood pattern. link to description https://www.lazerstarlights.com/i-16072347-7-inch-dominator-hid-flood-ls87352.html $60 located in riverside, ca
  18. Good feedback here! thanks for the responses guys
  19. Was this on a rail? Sxs or a car?

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