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  1. Probably head down to that Newport Zoo on my bicycle Via the riverbed bike trail, people watch a bit maybe a beer at the Beachball have a good 4th be safe GD.com
  2. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers. just get out of the way stay safe
  3. Thanks for all the input guys, I decided to have the local shop do it.
  4. I have a rzr that the previous owner had OMF beadlocks installed on the stock wheels, I'm getting new tires soon, since there is beadlocks can I install the new tires at home without using a tire machine installer thingamajig? Thanks GD
  5. I have a 2011 RZRs I have the stock tires which did a great job and I don't mind getting stock again but...... 1 Is there something better? I ride mainly rocky dirt trails 2 Is there something out there that is a bit taller than stock? Thanks GD
  6. I would buy the guy a new hood so I could hang the old one in my garage. that is assuming I could jump like that. I cant spotter fail for sure
  7. I think she is wrong, but don't argue with the badge
  8. We walked around our rental with a video camera and pics. We gouged a rim pretty good and the guy we rented from said no big that is normal wear and tear. cool guy to rent from but Im pretty sure he doesnt deliver. For others looking to rent here ya go Colby in Anaheim Hills 714-658-9877
  9. Cool pool guy for sure. If your pump is that old replace it asap. You will be surprised how much your electric bill drops.
  10. It that a trick question.. You know what i'm doing.. the same thing i will be doing every weekend for many months.. working on a DAmm boat.. you should have warned me LOL B...... Break O...... Out A...... Another T....... Thousand Y....... You A...... Are C...... Costing H...... Him T....... Thousands Congrats on the boat. You have my number. Call me or text with any questions. B.....better O.....On A.....A T.....Trailer Boat Is a hole in the water you pour money into Oh, Im working today
  11. thanks for the PMs and replies I figured sandblasting old garbage off was a given. cant wait for the mess
  12. My Stucco is pretty trashed, 1200 layers of peeling paint, holes here and there, and some cracks. any leads a good honest stucco guy ? In Costa Mesa Thanks GD.com
  13. Obviously fake, it was spelled correctly. dammit I spit beer on the computer hahahaha
  14. working on a neighbors golf cart 12 volt system, radio, lights, etc no worky drinking at some point
  15. Sounds like a fun time for another day. You want to plan something? When I do Ill post it up. I have no idea when ill carve out a day for that. darn kids and their sports haha.
  16. sounds like fun wish I could make it. I know of a cool trail that heads out of Baldwin Lake (next to BB) down to Burns Canyon, at that point you could head out to: 1 Pioneer Town easy run end up on pavement near Yucca Valley 2 head the other direction down through Rattlesnake Canyon end up on pavement near Lucerne 3 there is a trail that is a bit more difficult that heads through the dez and ends up on pavement in Landers. if you want nice scenery the second 2 are the ticket. all 3 end up on hwy 247/Old Womans Springs RD Ive done all of these in my rzr and would take my lifted open axle yota on 31s on all of them trail #3 would be a workout but is doable with my truck. Just an FYI for when you guys are looking for new trails Have fun
  17. Chicks Cant hold da smoke..............Dats what it is He pukes, you die how would you like a sardine sandwich? served in an ashtray
  18. light just sitting on quad not mounted yet................. House in the distance is about 200 feet out. stock headlight pic sucks but you get the idea stock/rigid

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