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  1. It felt exactly like rabdo which I had once in the dunes due to drinking too much beer and being dehydrated. Knew that was not the case this time as I was not drinking beers or dehydrated, but I rode the pain as long as I did because I thought it was indigestion. Pain is centered just below the sternum. Doc said it was pretty effed up and would not have resolved with treatment.
  2. Terrible pain at 2:00 am Thursday morning. ER at 6:00 am, gall bladder removed at 4:30 pm, home at 4:30 pm yesterday missing said gall bladder. Morphine is a hell of a drug. No pain meds after surgery, did not need them, sure needed them before that mess was removed.
  3. Hey, you stole this from our group text chain.
  4. Should have boxed her in TIGHT from the start. Why did the give her any room to speed up or turn?
  5. If you get an early one without the plug, just weld threaded bung into the bottom of the stock cap. Should be cheaper than machining a new part.
  6. Was that carbon fiber UTT one hand built with all billet parts and TIG welded?
  7. On a Diablo? Probably not happening.
  8. The $20 heim is part of the problem. Have you priced FK heims recently? I was in shock when I go the total of new ones for my front end on the sand car.
  9. I will be sure to leave my fair share of diesel smoke when I visit the dunes. Fawk CARB.
  10. That Corvette IRS gets rid of your short drive shaft issue. I really like this idea. I think you NEED to make this happen!
  11. The drive shaft is offset to the side which is why the diff will end up not centered on the rear end. The V drive will handle the power no problem. Colorado sand Cars does a truck called the V3 that uses that system. Look at the link below as well as the 3 or for pictures after it using the right arrow on the pic. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=569131536449961&set=pb.100063721773061.-2207520000..
  12. You could put the motor way back and have a Turbo 400 pointed toward the front going into a V drive. Offset the diff to the side of the rear axle and have a nice long drive shaft. I would do that before dealing with a S4 and CV's.
  13. Hope you know a good sheet metal guy. Cool project.
  14. I am in East Mesa off Mc Dowell East of Las Sendas in the county island. Absolutely love it out here. If you are into shooting competition, Rio Salado Sportsman's club is right up the street 5 minutes. Only down side to East Valley is it is farther from Glamis.

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