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  1. Thanks, signed up and referred you Signed up & referred you...thanks!
  2. Radiator fluid and wheels bearings probably need a few extra pumps of grease
  3. Think it was last year or the year before I couldn’t find them. We would do them the same, gloves, googles, t-shirts, etc.. for the fam. Asked at the chaparral booth and was told they now have a parking lot sale at the Chaparral dealership in San Berdo.
  4. These GCI are comfy, sturdy and rock.
  5. vikter

    ATC 70

    Emailed last night, no reply.
  6. Not mine but a good deal comes with paddles and headlight. Great quads for the lil ones. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/snw/d/vista-kawasaki-ltz80/6910326168.html
  7. Is there an option to go to first unread post on a topic?
  8. It’s does good, it gets everywhere I need to. Suspension is great but could use more power. I bought my set of paddles used in a pinch right before a Pismo trip last year, got a clutch kit and looking to go 31” sandcrafts before next season. Don’t see too many out on big weekends, think 4 is the most I’ve seen.
  9. Telegraph canyon, ChulaVista. Putting a yxz cage to use.
  10. If you don’t mind email to vzmontoya01@gmail.com thanks
  11. No problem, great lil quads. Seems like your set for a few years 😂. This one is his older brother’s.

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