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  1. Thanks Again, it's been a fun build so far......... a little stressful but fun.... Tralforged makes some really nice stuff, I should be getting my DIY front bumper back from powder coat today. I have the back one I just have to build it still. They really do put a lot in R&D when designing them , it definitely makes for a smooth build.
  2. It uses the bolt holes from the A-arm mount an gets welded to the tubes
  3. Thanks TJ It's a 6" Clayton lift with 35" tires . The wheels are XD 137 17" I wish they were beadlocks...lol I got a deal on them I couldn't pass up. I'm gonna cut for clearance for right now but later on down the road I'll do the fenders when I get ready to paint it. Few more pics... I really should start a build thread....lol
  4. My WJ as of last night..... I started at the beginning of March hope to be done in 2 weeks . The 2nd pic is when we first got it in June
  5. My Niece has a Genesis 5th wheel going on 4 years no issues and they use it a lot!!
  6. Lol..... I'll help you with the fenders for sure but let's see how mine turn out first😂
  7. Yes, 35's. I don't think I'm gonna do flares and I don't want to just cut them. I want to re-work what's there to keep the factory look. It's gonna be quite a bit of work but I think it'll be worth it. My transfer case is a 242hd 32 spline output shaft. Tom wood only make a true SYE for the 27 spline. They said send them my output shaft and they'll machine it for me. (basically a hack n tap) but I trust they know what they are doing..... I hope...lol I'm thinking I'll have to run a double, double cardan shaft. Gotta talk to them more about it as soon as i get the lift on so I can measure for the new shaft. Going through the instructions for the lift I believe there is enough adjustment to cover that.
  8. Maybe I will start a thread..... I'm probably going a little overboard but oh well....lol. The last of the stuff should get here today except for the rear bumper. Clayton 6" long arm and I got all the stuff to beef up the axles. I'll eventually do a axle swap but for now I'll stick with the dana30/44 combo.
  9. Nice build!!!! I have one more paint job to finish then I get to start my WJ build... (2000 WJ laredo 4.7) I'm the same way..... The WJ is more then capable and it's different!!
  10. Lol... I didn't realize the date till after I posted. Right on, Thats good to hear!!
  11. https://usedrvparts.visonerv.com/cgi-bin/c/rvsalvagemotorhomes-partingout.pl This is the reason I fixed it if it wasn't broke...................there was way too many rigs here that caught fire.................................My Buddy had his rig at cummins for some work and his fridge was on, it caught fire and burned a couple Rv's parked by his.
  12. Norcold had a similar recall. Their fix was a Temp. controlled switch. basically it would shut the fridge down if it got too hot. Still just a band aide.... I was washing my motor home and I got water on the switch and it tripped right before we were leaving town. I searched online and to reset it you need a really strong magnet. I never felt at ease with it. In June I had one of the cooling fans start making noise so I knew I was gonna have to pull the fridge to replace it so I started to research it . Most of what I saw was fridges were still catching Fire and to replace the cooling unit altogether with the "Amish Cooling unit. So more research.......... The next day I ordered the unit and it arrived 4 days later. I also ordered a new Burner, fans, and heating elements. (recommended) My son and I pulled the fridge and had it swapped out in 4 hours. So far after the first trip it's out performed the old cooling unit. I use to run the setting at 9 now it's on 6 and that was in 98 degree temps. They offer Helium instead of hydrogen so My mind is at ease with less of a chance to catch Fire. It's kinda pricey $1600 with shipping and the helium upgrade. I have the big 2 door Norcold with the ice maker so smaller units are probably cheaper. The company is caled JC refrgiration in Indiana. https://jc-refrigeration.com/

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