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  1. been looking this is what I've found so far http://www.mirageinc.com/complete-fuel-system-40-gallon Got quoted $2500 from NewTrend for 40 gal.
  2. If it's real bad you can use the 3M 39060 buffing compound with a wool pad and then use the polish after.
  3. x3 I have this one too. I also have a Miller Digital Infinity at work which is really nice but for the money this one is hard to beat.
  4. We have around 30 of the Noco 2 bank 20 amp chargers at work and they work really well. We've only had a couple go bad and that was after years of use every day. I have one on my trailer, I think they are worth the money. It will not charge the battery if it gets below a certain voltage though.... I'd say 6 volts on a 12 volt battery. You have to use a manual charger to get it up then the Noco will take over.
  5. Yes. I had one of the LLy's that would get a little hot when pulling grades, not over heat though. Doing the mouth piece made a difference.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-GM-Turbo-mouthpiece-inlet-LBZ-LLY-GMC-Chevrolet-Silverado-Duramax-98011738/321294112311?epid=934987740&hash=item4ace9f1637:g:d7IAAOxyRNJSoNim Here's a link but like Kraut n Rice said its a OEM part. It takes a little modding , there are a few vids on how to do it. Real simple.
  7. Have you put the LBZ mouth piece on it? That makes a big difference in LLY temps.
  8. Fleetwood Discovery 35M 2005. We love it !!! 330cat, 6speed , allison, 10k towing.
  9. I have deavers with a CST 9" lift 2005 CC DMAX 4x4 Long bed. It's quite a bit better, definitely not a 1/2 ton ride though. You will need air bags if towing heavy.
  10. We picked a 2005 Discovery 2 years ago and absolutely love it. Went from a toyhauler truck to this and a 24 enclosed. It's a little over 8k loaded with sandcar, 2quads, tools and fuel.It's got the 330cat. I knew going into it it wasn't gonna be the fastest but it does get the job done very nicely. I get around 6.5- 7mpg towing just depends on if I do 55 PH or 65. We paid 66K for it

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