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  1. painterjoe

    ISO under trailer fuel tank

    been looking this is what I've found so far http://www.mirageinc.com/complete-fuel-system-40-gallon Got quoted $2500 from NewTrend for 40 gal.
  2. painterjoe

    Will dull powdercoat shine back up?

    If it's real bad you can use the 3M 39060 buffing compound with a wool pad and then use the polish after.
  3. painterjoe

    Lets Talk Welding Helmets

    x3 I have this one too. I also have a Miller Digital Infinity at work which is really nice but for the money this one is hard to beat.
  4. painterjoe

    Battery Charger recommendation

    We have around 30 of the Noco 2 bank 20 amp chargers at work and they work really well. We've only had a couple go bad and that was after years of use every day. I have one on my trailer, I think they are worth the money. It will not charge the battery if it gets below a certain voltage though.... I'd say 6 volts on a 12 volt battery. You have to use a manual charger to get it up then the Noco will take over.
  5. painterjoe

    Oil Cooler Duramax

    Yes. I had one of the LLy's that would get a little hot when pulling grades, not over heat though. Doing the mouth piece made a difference.
  6. painterjoe

    Oil Cooler Duramax

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-GM-Turbo-mouthpiece-inlet-LBZ-LLY-GMC-Chevrolet-Silverado-Duramax-98011738/321294112311?epid=934987740&hash=item4ace9f1637:g:d7IAAOxyRNJSoNim Here's a link but like Kraut n Rice said its a OEM part. It takes a little modding , there are a few vids on how to do it. Real simple.
  7. painterjoe

    Oil Cooler Duramax

    Have you put the LBZ mouth piece on it? That makes a big difference in LLY temps.
  8. painterjoe

    Deaver Springs

    I have deavers with a CST 9" lift 2005 CC DMAX 4x4 Long bed. It's quite a bit better, definitely not a 1/2 ton ride though. You will need air bags if towing heavy.
  9. painterjoe

    Sand tires and wheels for sale

    Where are you located
  10. painterjoe

    RIP Eddie Bradshaw Astars

    So Sad!! RIP
  11. My friend is interested in this car. Do you have auction info
  12. painterjoe

    Paint and body, or Body and paint??

    Paul Smoot 909-709-8053
  13. painterjoe

    Custom Enclosed Trailer Builders ?

    Just picked up a 24' enclosed from these guys. they are a great company to work with and build a really nice trailer.
  14. painterjoe

    Diesel Pushers. Learn Me On The Subject

    Looks really clean, good motor/trans combo. You can hire an inspection company to go though the coach for you, it get pricier the more in depth you go but it might be worth it.

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