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    CCW folks

    Never had to (thankfully.) The only time I got really close was when leaving the "area" during the '92 LA riots.

    CCW folks

    I've been carrying for 34 years. Depending on what I'm wearing and where I'm going dictates what and how I carry it. Typically, I wear cargo shorts which are a little baggy, and carry in a front pocket in a wallet holster. You definitely don't want to print your firearm. I was at Pismo Beach a few years back, and a young guy with his lady came and sat near us. He took off his shirt and had a Beretta in his rear waistband. He was obviously a new LEO and wanted to be obvious. I seriously wanted to call PD just to teach him what's up.
  3. Maybe 1 quart. I wound up using 7 gallons over a very large area. after cleaning the rust, the concrete was white. I liked it so much, I just sprayed the entire area to even it out. It's $9.48 pr gallon at Home Depot. I found that all stores don't carry the same inventory for some reason. I bought it at the Covina store. Some areas required a second treatment due to the density of the rust. 7 gals did about 750 sq.ft.
  4. Slightest breeze and it was useless. Ordered wind screen from Amazon, and BINGO,, works great!
  5. So, I just tried Rustaid as previously suggested. $9.48 for a gal. at Home Depot. Sprayed it with a garden sprayer in the evening after the concrete cooled down. AMAZING stuff! While removing the rust stains, it also bleached the concrete whitening it. 7 gallons later, I have nice clean white concrete. It was well worth every penny since I've been trying everything I could find over the past 5 years.
  6. Were the original tires radials or bias ply? some manufacturers use bias ply tires because they are cheap but wear horribly. a friend bought a new 24' enclosed, and after 3 Glamis trips, 2 tires were completely gone. they were bias ply tires. after switching to radials, 3 years and no abnormal wear.
  7. Harbor Freight "Bunker Hill" driveway alarm. $20 and is loud. Battery powered motion detection.
  8. 14" 5 lug wheels, that sounds like the axles would be 3500 lbs each max. A 26' trailer with a 7000lb GVWR is a pretty light duty trailer. Loaded with water and gas, that doesn't leave room for much more. Is there a GVWR sticker on it? If it is a Dico, not Mighty Mover, it's probably late 80's - early 90's?? I'd guess??
  9. Any updates? I have a similar rust stain to clean.
  10. If you go with a 2017 or newer 33 RED, you get the 360 Cummins and Allison 3000 trans. 10k towing capacity. Not a shabby setup for a 35' motorhome.
  11. I have that exact tank but it's 22 gals. that I want to get rid of. I'll trade it for a handle of Crown and I'm in Glendora. You pick up.
  12. Are the fronts still available?
  13. First trip was in '84. Haven't missed a season since. No holidays anymore, getting tired of the crowds and idiots. "GET OFF MY LAWN!"
  14. If nothing else, think about the liability when its required by law and you don't have it. Also, to those who say supplemental brakes on a DP are not needed, BS! If you think an extra 4k-5k lbs. pushing you won't make a difference during a panic stop, guess again! And again, LIABILITY when you don't have it and it's required by law. Lastly, think about the tow bar and mounts. that extra force plays hell on them making them wear faster.
  15. I'll bet that 4WD truck performs really well off road with those tires/rims,,,,,,especially when the tires are aired down........

    Highway Star

    Mel Kirby's "Bad Blood" hydro E/B 210 San Dimas in the '80's/'90's. I have that same picture in the garage. "Crap Happens." One of my favorites!
  17. ^^^^^This, PLUS the transmission. If it has the Allison 2500, everyone says DO NOT over load it. It WILL fail.
  18. That really turned out beautiful! Great job on the video. I hope you'll make another video with the grass and pine trees.
  19. I always used nothing but Goodyear Marathons on my enclosed and boat trailers. Once they started making them in China, I had a couple of separations. then I switched to Hercules Power STR. I had one separate on a boat trailer, then had two separate on the enclosed. Tire shop replaced them under warranty. After 3 trips to Glamis, 3 of the new ones started to separate. I just had Goodyear Endurance tires installed. we'll see how they do.

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