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  1. In my honest opinion I would look at PPEI Tuning. The Mini Maxx is older technology and H&S Performance went out of business. I have heard great things about PPEI and there tunes are supposed to top level. https://www.ppei.com/vehicles/lml/
  2. To be 100% honest with you, the truck will stink pretty bad if there is no breeze and if you within a few feet of the truck. I have heard if you leave the cat in place it significantly reduces the smell, but I have removed both the cat and DPF. Having the truck not smell is one the best parts of the DPF system.
  3. For the exhaust you should be able to leave the cat in place, but I am not sure. I went with a down pipe back 5" exhaust and I know it is a bit of overkill. By only doing the delete pipe that will save you a lot of install time. My only concern with the higher sulfur count would that it could possibly clog the cat, but removing the cat does add a couple of hours to the job as you have to remove the transmission cross member and also move the Transmission over to the side to get it out. For the EGR, I left everything place so it could still pass smog when I need it to. You do not necessarily need a boost gauge, but I would install a high quality EGT gauge. Install is not to hard (Drilling into passenger side exhaust manifold) and its a nice piece of mind to have.
  4. I have a 2011 LML that I deleted. Truck runs better and my mileage went up. The toughest part is doing the install, then having to put it back to smog every two years. After you have swapped the exhaust once, its pretty easy the next time. I bought my tuner used (H&S Mini Maxx) and found the exhaust on Ebay. I did add a lift pump and guages, so for the total delete in parts alone I am into it for about $2300.00 I will say that it was money well spent and the truck is a whole different animal. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  5. X2 for SoCal Super Trucks. They did my 2011 2500 CC long bed and it was perfect.
  6. I have had really good luck with Meguiar's Back to Black trim restorer. Takes a bit of elbow grease and can get messy, but really darkens the plastic to where it looks new again. https://www.meguiars.com/automotive/products/ultimate-black
  7. That is so cool to see! I love seeing someone from the younger generation get his hands dirty and build his own car.
  8. 55 Miles each way. About an hour to get to work and 1:15-2 Hours to get home. Inland Empire to Irvine. 5 freeways to get there. Reason I do it, best job I have ever had! Was able to leave a huge corporation and now work for an SMB in sales. Great culture and the people I work with make it even better. Money is also way better and there has been way more room to advance in this career vs working in the corporate world. Podcast and Audio Books make the drive enjoyable.
  9. I know this is an old thread, but I am starting the steps to get my Non-Commercial Class A. Any updated tips anyone can provide? My plan is to use a flatbed that is rated at 11K. Would this be ok? Also, I plan to take the test at the Fontana location. Has anyone used that facility for this test?
  10. How much did you end up paying for it?
  11. Now that is a great deal right there!
  12. Attitude 32SAG has 16 Feet of storage. https://www.rvusa.com/rv-guide/2017-eclipse-attitude-toy-hauler-floorplan-32sag-tr32770
  13. CarWashGuru

    CBD oil

    I have taken CBD for the last two years on a pretty consistent basis. I suffer from mild anxiety and I felt like it help greatly. The only brand I really liked to use was Charlotte's Web. I feel like they have been doing it the longest and really have there process in order. Its really hard to trust a lot of the other companies because it is an unregulated industries and there are so many manufacturers out there. https://www.cwhemp.com/

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