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  1. Cat pumps truly are next level on quality. When I had my car wash we had a cat pump and ran for thousands of hours before it needed a small rebuild. Were talking 10-12 hours a day of running non stop.
  2. I have had this model for the last 3 years. Sits for sometimes 6 months and always fires right up. https://www.homedepot.com/p/RYOBI-2-900-PSI-2-3-GPM-Gas-Pressure-Washer-RY802900/303316315 I always run True Fuel in it. It is pricey at Home Depot but have yet to have a carb issue. https://www.homedepot.com/p/TruFuel-TruFuel-4-Cycle-Ethanol-Free-Fuel-6527238/203571144
  3. What are the overall dimensions of the car with paddles on? Do you run skinnys when loading into your trailer?
  4. Yea, he must have been new. Almost all brands now have the Floor that lifts up. If you like the 3217 and are near GiantRv in Colton let me know and I will give you the number of the guy who helped us. He cut us a great deal.
  5. What model stealth did you look at? I believe most have the trap door so the slide comes in around the front tire. My truck bed rails are at 62 inches and I tow our 2020 FFSA3217 with no problem.
  6. I just bought a Forest River Stealth and the build quality is very impressive. 17ft of storage. https://www.giantrv.com/inv/2020-Forest-River-Stealth-FFSA3217G-Murrieta-FSL1692/#mainpic The two units we liked were the FR 3217 and the Attitude 3016. We like the quality of the Forest River over the Attitude.
  7. Unfortunately not. I have a friend that tried to register his vehicle in a county in Ca that does not have smog and still was required to smog his vehicle before they would renew the registration. If you keep the delete simple (Just tune and DPF Delete) it should not be that hard to swap them out. More of a pain in the ass. It gets faster every couple years you have to do it.
  8. In my opinion deleting is the way to go, but after your warranty has expired. The problem with tuning and deleting the truck is that you will void your warranty. The ECU's on these new trucks have a watermark built in that gets removed when you add a tune. Even when you put the truck 100% back to stock the watermark is gone and your dealer can now refuse to honor any warranty work. But yes deleting the truck makes a night and day difference, especially with towing. That is my 2 cents.
  9. When you cut toxic people out of your life, its amazing how much happier you can be. Does not matter if they are family or friends. Now since I do not want any part of their toxic personality, I am the A-Hole. Funny how that thing works. Also getting sober made me way happier as well. Since getting sober and removing the toxic people from my life, my day to day happiness continues to improve as well as my level of gratitude for what I have accomplished.
  10. From what I have read, is that unless you are running a larger turbo that swapping out the down pipe does not make much of a difference for how much work it is to replace. I have read it takes some people anywhere from 3 to 8 hours to complete the job due to the minimal clearance between the pipe and firewall. I have contemplated swapping mine out as well.
  11. Has anyone ever camped there before? The rates seem really reasonable and they have full hookups. would be great to hear some feedback
  12. The Mini Maxx comes with 4 different tunes loaded on the unit. Stock, Tow, Street and Wild. You can Run each tune with either emissions on or deleted. the unit does work on any of the big 3, but when you load the tunes on the truck the tuner becomes married to the truck in a way.
  13. That tuner will work great with your truck. For ease of smog I would leave the car in place and use a true Cat Back/DPF delete pipe. Removing the cat adds about an hour+ of the labor to swap because you have to remove the trans cross member to remove in one piece. I preferred to leave my EGR installed and unplugged versus removing it completely due to having to smog the truck. I have not had the issue where it was forced open. When you buy the parts John, I can head over to your shop and help you with the install as there are some tricks that will make the job easier and smoother.
  14. So I am in the same boat as TJ and am running an H&S product (only off road of course). When I do drive it on the street I do have to R&R the exhaust and change the tune. Since I have done it about 4 times now it takes me about 4 hours to swap out the exhaust and plug/Unplug all the sensors. Some would argue that it is not worth the hassle, I strongly disagree. 8 hours of my time every two years and the truck runs phenomenally better. The sound is just an extra bonus. I notice lower EGTs and the notorious LML dead pedal is practically gone. Now the tough part, getting a tuner as of 2020. I know that one of the most popular tuners has recently gone 100% legit and is no longer offering any (Off road/High Sulfur tunes). I know you can buy the same tuner that was mentioned before on a very popular bidding website. Just make sure it is unlocked. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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