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  1. CarWashGuru

    2005 42’ weekend warrior

    It's amazing how just updating the floor will really change the way the interior looks. GLWTS!!
  2. CarWashGuru

    Range Shift Inhibited A1000 Allison

    Sounds like a TCM (Transmission Control Module) to me.
  3. CarWashGuru

    Making bolts

    Very cool!
  4. CarWashGuru

    The New Honda Talon!

    Just watched the video on Honda's website. I am pretty impressed with it, especially the transmission. Looks like a fun ride. http://powersports.honda.com/talon.aspx
  5. CarWashGuru

    Oil Cooler Duramax

    What you are describing is Water/Meth Injection Kits. https://www.snowperformance.net/Diesel-water-methanol-injection-kits-s/101.htm
  6. CarWashGuru


    That is a great looking car and a smoking deal! Somebody is going to score.
  7. CarWashGuru

    2008 Jayco Seneca 35 GS motorhome

    What is the towing capacity?
  8. CarWashGuru

    LS2 6.0 (LQ4 Iron Block) SOLD

    That is a screaming deal! GLWTS!
  9. CarWashGuru

    Worlds largest side by side?

    Not a fan!
  10. CarWashGuru

    5th wheel hitch choices??

    I really wonder if there is more to the story of the Anderson hitch failure?
  11. CarWashGuru

    Desert Dynamics Project

    Great thread! Car will be a blast out there!
  12. CarWashGuru

    New 5 seat build. Ground up.

    Very cool build!!
  13. CarWashGuru

    2006 Tatum Black Widow Dual Sport - For Sale

    That is a great looking car!!

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