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  1. Dang ! That sucks big time, I was not aware of that. I'm in outside sales as well but we get a tax free reimbursement for miles and expenses so have never dealt with that via tax returns. I have heard of sales people that changed their status to be independent contractors now I know why. As for getting a fine for underpayment of monthly taxes, that is not new. I have been dinged for that many times by trying to better manage my withholdings then getting burned for not paying enough.
  2. badgas

    The debate over abortion

    makes me cry and then makes me nauseous
  3. badgas

    The debate over abortion

    Let's make this easy Abortion kills a human !! Ok on to the next topic.
  4. Did you take the standard deduction? My taxes were Itemized because my write-offs exceeded the standard deduction. Mortgage interest is deductible up to a 1 million loan amount? Hope your CPA compared the two, standard vs actual and gave you the bigger deduction.
  5. like most political arguments, this will go nowhere. I do have a take for those who say they didn't get help from the tax break. Have you run the numbers to see where you would come out if you didn't have such HIGH state income taxes? Sorry but that was Trump telling NY and California to eff off and if they don't like it then they can lower their State burden. We all know that will never happen. It sucks, but it is bittersweet because it opens everyone's eyes to how bad we are getting taxed. Instead of blaming Trump why not blame Brown, Newsome, etc. for this brutal state that is taxing its citizen's into poverty. I sort of laugh when I hear the uninformed bitch about not getting to write off more than 10K of state taxes. Where you ok buying that exemption in the past?
  6. You are correct. Sorry I just added that $64,950
  7. This was my next door neighbors RV. He spent a ton of money upgrading it. New TVs, HD dish, New shower, All new interior, paint, flooring, toilet, it is tastefully done. He traded it in because he retired and went full time into a 42" tag axle. $64,950 https://www.allclassrv.com/1999-country-coach-intrigue-36-.html
  8. Um Economic growth, job creation etc. the economy is flat out rolling. As for Twitter , he's not acting " Presidential " because he's not a political insider like the last 20 years of Rep/Dem BS. The media is getting to you : ) As for the swamp not being drained, it's tough when both sides are against you because you are not in their political cult. I suggest you ignore the biased media on both sides as well as social media and judge things from the real world around you. If you really have friends and people in your circle that are changing into socialists ( like the media says ) then get new friends or give them a history lesson.
  9. badgas

    CNC Closed

    When you are in a dying industry the business is worth far less ( maybe nothing ) than people on the outside think. Their statement pretty much summed it up. I'm sure if they could have walked away with thousands of monthly profits rolling in as royalties they would have done it. I watched a family member close a restaurant that had good loyal customers etc. Could not afford to keep it going because of increasing rent. The place was very busy at times had huge weekend crowds, everyone assumed they were swimming in cash. They tried to sell and had zero interest. When the closed we heard all sorts of banter from customers from " why didn't they sell ? " to " Oh must be nice, cash out and bail on the customers " in reality they walked with nothing. Unless you lived it and read the balance sheets, you have no clue what a business is worth.
  10. badgas

    Blast from the past...at least for me!

    What he said .
  11. badgas

    when having no money but having fun was everything....

    Very refreshing to see. Most youngsters are running out and financing a dune toy for $450 a month when they don't even own a home. Being out there with family and friends will bring joy no matter toys you have. 😃
  12. badgas

    Shooting at Pismo

    The empty gallon of Jack on the ice chest next to the toy hauler is a scary sight. Surprised there were no bud light cans.
  13. badgas

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    Thanks Dbart http://www.gentilicustompools.com
  14. badgas

    $30,000 for a built in BBQ island

    30K is Bananas! I paid 75K to Demo and old yard, build a pool, waterfalls, Water Slide, decking, BBQ island etc. Granted it was 15 years ago but even if all that was 150K now 30K for a BBQ island is insanity. The job also includes the pool Heater and filter with 3 pumps and control panel in the house. There is also an entire side yard of the same stamped concrete decking.
  15. badgas

    Father and son dune trip (video) 3-14/16

    great ride !!

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