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  1. badgas

    MLK 2019 Pics Thread #1

    great pics thanks for sharing
  2. badgas

    Chinese Lanterns

    At the end of the day, they are trash in the dunes. Oddly enough there was one floating over the 405 FWY in Garden Grove/Westminster area last night around 10 PM
  3. badgas

    California Laws 2019

    Not positive. Some others above stated that there were. I just know in OC you have to pass a live certification.
  4. badgas

    Sand toy market soft?

    Nice ! Both my kids got their first driving experience ( pedals/steering wheel) by driving around our RZR 800. They were very comfortable years later when it came time to start learning in an actual vehicle.
  5. badgas

    California Laws 2019

    Correct OC required you to shoot, and I have no problem with it. To be honest I don't want one these guys that shoots his buddy at the range because they are clueless with gun walking around in a restaurant or theatre with a loaded gun.
  6. badgas

    Sand toy market soft?

    ^^^ Wisdom
  7. badgas

    Sand toy market soft?

    The new GD.com All threads must become a Rail vs. SXS civil war. The OP also mentioned RV's and trailers BTW maybe we should argue about toyhaulers vs Moho 's ? eclosed vs. flatbed's ?
  8. badgas

    Sand toy market soft?

    People get fired up at the start of the season, then reality sets in. Christmas, waiting on the new tax laws to figure out what you are paying for 2018. As Wild OTZ stated we are gonna get hit for more if we make good $$. People have been stripping home equity again for the past few years and that is drying up with home value/sales slowing down. As many have stated the " it's not how much, it's how much a month " financial plan applies to everything that people purchase. The sting of stroking a 25-35K cashiers check for a 10+-year-old car that might need 3-5K of work done vs putting 5K down and having a $550 payment for 5 years just feels easier. People make the same stupid mistake every time they buy a new car but you don't see threads ripping on the guy that paid 80K for an F350 that is worth 40K 5 years later.
  9. How are the crowds on gecko ? I'm heading out tomorrow 1/2 and wondering if I will find a spot on a pad or at Roadrunner? I imagine a lot of people left but it's Glamis Any input from people still out there would be awesome. Thank you
  10. badgas

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    So Sad. It just seems like every holiday weekend there is a horrible event at the drags, the hill or some other tourist hot spot. Please, people, be VERY careful in these areas or just avoid them. I know they are fun but they aren't what makes Glamis amazing. Accidents can happen at any time out there but the probability increases tenfold on big holidays. Makes me so sick to read this. Those poor kids 😞
  11. badgas

    Ask any question, get answers here Thread

    Why does your nose run and your feet smell ?
  12. badgas

    Jeep Pics

    I'm OC but we are in SD all the time as my daughter lives there. Just got back today from SD

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