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  1. badgas


    That weird When I was selling my Jeep this summer I was charged $5 for the ads in OC This was just for auto sales , not all ads
  2. Not really sure how I stumbled across it in 2004 but I did ?? I do know that back in 2010 I went over 500 posts but when I came back in 2017 my post count was in the high 300's so that was weird.
  3. badgas


    Yes Started about 6 months ago.
  4. badgas

    Pellet Grill

    WINNING !!!!
  5. badgas

    What a c*nt

    Is she an actress ? Social media tard ? Singer ? I know the name but have NO clue what she is or does. These Hollywood types make me giggle.
  6. Truth ! I've pulled the plug due to weather and then sat home in the rain looking at photos of people having a great time in Glamis with a few clouds. 😩
  7. Take that photo and stretch it about a mile and half. I drove thru there Thursday night on my to a client dinner. I got off the freeway to take some side streets. It was scary ! trash can fires 1,000+ tents and zombies wandering all over the place. SO sad there is no end and no solution to the problem. I would really like to bail out of this mess. Tucson AZ , St. George UT are places I would like to check out. My wife is in Franklin TN today visiting some very close friends who just put Cali in the rear view mirror. I never hear stories of regret from people who leave.
  8. Bummer man ...Sorry to hear We have a 13 year old fox red that is really slowing down......no fun at all
  9. badgas

    Tow Rental

    maybe @L.R.S. can provide some guidance/service ?
  10. Congrats !! This years Vets ceremony was my first. We were blown away at what a great and meaningfull event it was. Thank you for volunteering, Generous people make me smile.
  11. Walked my dogs , took a nap , went to church , smoked a chicken , posted said chicken to GD.com bbq thread. sitting here way to full to do any thing else.
  12. So I did my first beer can chicken on the GMG and it was great. Brined overnight, buttered and rubbed under and on top of the skin. Pulled at 160 and let it rise to 166 and the meat was perfect. The skin could have been crispier, I will play with temps next time. Now for the encore , the @WaPaWeKkA crack n cheese is off the chain I would highly recommend it. I can't believe it is gluten free, non dairy, vegan , fat free, paleo, whole30 and keto approved 🤣 * Salad not pictured : )
  13. My wife bought me a Green Mountain Grill pellet grill for my Birthday. I love to cook and I don't know why I went so many years without one. We did the Thanksgiving turkey on it with some guidance from @matt86m and it came out awesome. I'm going to roast a chicken tomorrow night and make the @WaPaWeKkA crack n cheese as a side. I did a tri tip the other night and is was very good but next time I will pull it a little sooner. This is gonna be a fun toy !

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