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  1. I'm gonna pick up my pass from the ASA booth , buy a raffle ticket so someone else can win a car 😜 I have a bag still setting in the garage with light bars that purchased last year for our Raptors that were never touched. Where to we locate GD.com peeps ?
  2. I hear you Steve I was in the shower that morning and my wife came running in to tell me that what was going on. Our kids were attending a private Christian school at that time and not having any details I said " I guarantee this was a Muslim attack, we are not sending the kids to school today" Regarding your comment about the average muslim, I had talks later that night with some neighbors who are very devout muslims and they were outraged and saying that " someone must pay for this " believe me they felt the same way we did. They are Muslims but they also come over to our house at Easter and with cards and gifts and they wish us Happy Easter and Merry Christmas. They are also pro life and pro family vote with conservative values, a lot of people don't see this. Anyway with all that being said, it was a horrible day and still believe that there was major Gov. knowledge. There is WAY too much info out there from financial insider market knowledge to massive insurance plays to just plain odd events that only happened only on that day to make me see it any other way. So sad for all the human life lost.
  3. I have family member that uses non custom cabinets in about 4-5 homes per year. They look nice and are solid. All plywood drawer boxes with dovetail joints and soft close doors and drawers. Those two features alone should make them last 30 years. On my crappy particle board cabinets that came in my 23 year old tract home only the drawer boxes failed from slamming. If they were soft close even the crappy wood with weak joints would have lasted. I re stapled and glued them and they are still going.
  4. Cypress North OC 90630 Paid$130 per square foot in 1999 current comps in our neighborhood are $365-$405 per square foot
  5. Steve They don't teach history anymore.
  6. Sorry I missed this reply I would contact the owner in the ad if you are interested
  7. Family, Oceans , Deserts, Mountains. That is the end of my list
  8. Congrats ! Also thank you for your service. We have very close friends leaving for TN next month. Seems like everyone I know who is of sane mind and can do it is leaving Cali. I could do it today and retire at 50 as long as I didn't get too crazy with a home purchase. I have two kids in their 20's my brothers and my parents all in SoCal that is the tough part for me. Without family life would be much different, but I just wonder how long I will keep making that excuse. Wish you well on your Adventure.
  9. Seems to work fine the way it is. We don't need more fees.

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