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  1. Yeah I'm so sick of fake reviews. Look at yelp, businesses are forced to pay people and offer huge discounts for reviews. I had a bid to do home solar with a Yelp discount built into the proposal. Always nice to get real world advice. I'm not on Fakebook so I come here : )
  2. Thanks man we prob won't go tuft&needle as we have a 5K tempurpedic now. My daughter did TN and hated it. like @matt86m said we will just get a traditional mattress like we had before the tempurpedic mistake. I was fine for 45 years on any old mattress 😐 I just made the mistake of letting them haul it away. Thanks again peeps
  3. Thanks for all the input guys, it really does help. Yelp is BS because everyone buys reviews and billion dollar companies can buy all the positive news they want. GD.com always speaks the truth.
  4. Hell NO and where was the security ?
  5. 😂 Funny stuff We already drank the Tempurpedic cool aid about 4 years ago. Was not what it was cracked up to be. The wife is very petite 5" 90lbs and I'm 5 10" 175 she needs a much softer mattress. than I do . That is why we were thinking sleep number. The real world reviews make it sound like it's all hype. The corporate reviews and in store marketing make you think it is the greatest thing on earth.
  6. "NOT looking for info on other types of beds, memory foam etc. " Just looking for review of sleep number
  7. GD.com I'm looking for real world reviews good or bad for those of you have tried a sleep number bed. Was it worth it ? Was there really a difference ? NOT looking for info on other types of beds, memory foam etc. Thank you
  8. When I was 18 I was going to get one and my Dad had the best tattoo line ever. " great idea son go get a tattoo, why don't you get snake crawling out of your ass so I never have to see it " Pretty funny and exactly what he said. Then he said wait until you are out of my house and on your own dime before you ever get a tattoo. I did get on one when I was 22 it didn't really change my life one way or the other. I told my kids the same thing No Tats until you are 100% ( never really happens ) on your own. Both my kids 23 and 21 say they want ink but neither has done it. Maybe it is because I'm cash flowing a masters degree for one who has been out of the house since she was 18 and the other still lives at home ? Maybe it's respect or maybe it's fear : ) As for ink on women, I would rather see a full sleeve on a women than facial piercings. I can't stand nose, lip and eye brow etc. especially when they work at restaurants. My wife has no ink and she is beautiful if she did it would not bother me either way.
  9. back when we had Honda 250"s and added paddles , IMO it really made no difference to stock tires aired down. Save the $ and buy some tri tip and 🍻
  10. Well said Steve Thanks Slappy !!
  11. 99 TJ 4X4 Automatic 141K miles. Lifted with 33"s passes smog , heat and AC work great. Bluetooth stereo. Both front and rear diffs just serviced with new lubelocker gaskets. Also have bikini top. All set up to flat tow behind your RV or Truck. Falcon 2 tow bar with all the quick release brackets. Demco stay in play duo brake system. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/d/cypress-1999-jeep-tj-rv-toad/6921792546.html

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