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  1. badgas

    Father and son dune trip (video) 3-14/16

    great ride !!
  2. SOLD 2006 Toyota 4runner 2wd $8,300 OBO...reasonable offer leather interiorupgraded pioneer touch screen Bluetooth stereo for hands-free phone use. clean title , just smogged 2nd owner 167K miles Good tires, only 20K on them and rotated every 5Kserviced every 5k miles with receiptsFJ Cruiser 17" alloy wheels ( all 5 wheels ) This 4runner is in excellent running condition. The Heat and AC work great. The body has some scratches and dings. The interior is in excellent shape.
  3. badgas

    Item SOLD

    SOLD please delete
  4. badgas


    I hear a lot of people say that Arizona and Texas are next to turn because of the California migration. So where to? What state will be the last to fall? I hear good things about Tennessee. What about Utah? Will the LDS community keep Utah at bay? Since this is a national problem, perhaps there is a better country?
  5. Since the AT&T marriage, Direct TV has the worst customer service in the history of this planet. Chingon619 is correct, there are some good savings to bundle cellular. As for the technical side, Squatcher is the go to.
  6. badgas

    Green new deal

    What a great idea The Gov will take your home and rent it back to you? sounds great ! This is like an SNL skit.
  7. badgas

    High school sports question

    Some high school baseball programs have a budget well over $200,000.00 The district pays a 10K stipend for the head coach, provides buses for league games, and umpires for home league games. The level of parent participation is 10 fold compared to rec league sports.
  8. badgas

    Bitchin Glamis Drone Footage

    Yeah! badass video I agree with the comments about the other boring videos. turning brake wheelies and sand drag snooze fests
  9. badgas

    High school sports question

    Both of my kids were HS athletes, my daughter was a swimmer and my son played baseball. They also did the club/travel stuff on the side. My daughter also swam all 4 years in college. From my experience, you will always have backdoor politics with parents/coaches playing favorites etc. The way we dealt with it was to stay away from drama and told our kids to fight for themselves. Show up early, out hustle everyone and be respectful to coaches and teachers. Some years it paid off with playing time and some years it didn't. We wanted it to be their deal, not ours. On a good note, they were so busy it did keep them out of trouble. It is very hard as a parent to watch your kid show up at 6 am for weight lifting before school and pick them up at 6 pm after practice 5 days a week and then watch them ride the bench. Our HS baseball program was 6 days a week 11 months out of the year. You just have to sit back and say " a kid who works like this is going to be ok in life "
  10. badgas

    CBD oil

    My 81 mother uses a cream on her knee that is bone on bone and awaiting a replacement. She says it helps with pain and stiffness we ALL know that anything that helps is better than popping the pills they prescribe.
  11. badgas

    2017 Turbo RZR4 Trades??

    Chris How many hours / miles ?
  12. badgas

    A "Tiny" project with my youngest boy.

    So cool !! Building huge memories for your children. Thanks for sharing.
  13. badgas

    decided to keep

    I've been saving up to pay cash for new windows a master bath and kitchen. I'm almost there, this would be a nice way to take my account back to zero 😃
  14. This is not mine but it looks to be a sweet deal. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/rvd/d/yorba-linda-2011-holiday-rambler/6800752171.html
  15. badgas

    MLK 2019 Pics Thread #1

    great pics thanks for sharing

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