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  1. I don't know where I'm camping but I'm planning on being at the event
  2. Lock up your toys at night and tuck them up close the RV. I pull my RZR right under my slide on the Moho and lock the quads up to the RZR then pile up tables and crap behind the quads to make noise. Trust no one and always keep the CCW close. Thieves suck !! also keeping a Jose bottle full of piss out out on the table in the event a prowler is thirsty is another good idea. I've never done it but read about another member doing it years ago and thought it was an awesome idea.
  3. Good times Steve ! Did you by chance take photo of the " Primary" vehicle "? 🤣
  4. Exactly, however you would not be able to use that term. If you did you could be accused of cultural appropriation.
  5. I thought it meant " stay awake " " Stay focused " " pay attention "
  6. alert to injustice in society, especially racism. "we need to stay angry, and stay woke"
  7. Always a blast. We passed out 5 bags of Coscto candy. There was a constant flow of kids from 6:30-9:30 I love Halloween, watching the neighborhood come to life keeps me young. As soon as the rush was over we packed up and headed to Knotts Scary Farm for some more fun.
  8. Wow ! Those clips are scary, SO glad you and family are safe.
  9. @matt86m said "make sure to cook it with the fat side up"
  10. Amazed it still works, I had a 5 and the battery used to last about 30 minutes. Upgraded when the 6S came out and that phone lasted 2 1/2 years then bricked on me when taking the IOS 9 update. iPhones are so expensive and Apples planned obsolescence pisses me off.
  11. First off I hope the people in that RZR are ok, seems like more than whiplash. I have no reference of Glamis prior to 2004 but since then Olds is always a s!&t show on weekends, especially big weekends. If you want to see bad and sad things happen in Glamis then spend a lot of time at Olds or at the Drags on a Saturday night. If you just avoided those two spots and went out and enjoyed the dunes you would have a much safer trip and higher likelihood that you won't end up in a mess. I realize that accidents happen all over and I'm not going to judge someone to who wants to go launch off the hill in front of hundreds of people or fly down the drags out of control. But if you are there watching or taking part in the carnage don't be shocked when you witness or get involved in a wreck. The beauty of Glamis is that there is something for everyone. On the same weekend you could have a newbie that's wound up 40K in debt and running high on adrenaline going up and down olds 100 times a day or you could have a guy on his 30 year old 250R going way south into the dunes carving up buttery virgin bowls and seeing only a few hawks along the way. They both have the same rights and as long as they have their pass : ) ...LOL they can both have a great weekend. Stay safe out there
  12. you are on roll today Steve : )
  13. Awe Man ! So Sorry Dale Sounds like he was a great man a left great legacy. Prayers sent for you and your family. RIP Robert James Bartley

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