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  1. mgr

    Battery Question

    Wheelchair batteries come rated as 35 or 50 amp hour. Which amp hour is everyone using? I have 6 hid lights and 4 halogens, whips and radios. My volt gauge drops way down when everything is on. The batteries in my car are from napa and I think they are for a lawn tractor ? (running 2batties). Thanks
  2. mgr

    Silver Lake Longtravel Roundup

    Thanks Chad. I will check it out.
  3. mgr

    Silver Lake Longtravel Roundup

    Quick question, how are you guys getting these cars through the sound test and spark arrestor test? It's been 10 years since we have been to Silver Lakes. Last time we were there we failed and were evicted. We do miss that place, it was fun but now we just go to Glamis.

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