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    Desert Dynamics rail, Banshee and CRF450
  1. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    Laws Regarding Kids In Side By Sides

    Thanks, that was my thinking too. Adding a handbar just seems like one more thing to possibly injure the kids in the event of an accident. I appreciate all the help. Looks like we'll be buying a 4 seater before season starts.
  2. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    Laws Regarding Kids In Side By Sides

    Thank you for the info. That really helps. Would wrist restraints be sufficient for the rear passengers in a 4 seater or would they technically interfere with the exiting of the vehicle?
  3. Hi, are there any specific laws regarding children riding in SXS? I realize they must have a helmet but I've also come across some talk that occupants must be able to reach grab handles and put feet on floor boards. Any truth to this or anything else to be aware of? Thank you
  4. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    Post Your Pic's Here....

    ill post mine..why not!!
  5. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    Yfz 450 Finaly Almost Done

    They are AC propegs with out the guard in back. they are pegs re-located and this past weekend was the first real ride with them...so far they are great!
  6. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    Yfz 450 Finaly Almost Done

    [attachmentid=112412][attachmentid=112417] And heres just for fun.. [attachmentid=112413]
  7. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    My Desert Dynamics Build

    33 is the biggest you can go with that car...anything bigger will rub on the arm when you turn all the way to one side
  8. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    Stolen Sidewinder Update!

  9. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    Stolen Sidewinder...

    effin a-holes! i hope one of these time they are dumb enough to try and sell the stuff to someone here on GD.com that would be sweet revenge
  10. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    It Was Worth The Wait!

    When Semon works faster on my stuff than snell pace. J/K. Kind of. Get your car together and we can go play! 1595201[/snapback] Crack the whip man hes always got his priotities all messed up!
  11. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    It Was Worth The Wait!

    looks effin bad ass shawn..when you taking Semon and I out in it??
  12. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    The Collective Cost Of All Of Our Buggies...

    5,994,000+45,000 (still not finished either)=6,039,000
  13. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    Actual Cost Analysis Of A Sand Rail

    if i could do it all over again id have just paid someone to do it for me!!! haha the nic nacs kill you in the long run!
  14. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    Anybody Running Toyota V6 Supercharged Motors?

    Call Danzio!
  15. HiGhRoLLiNoN40z

    Anybody Running Toyota V6 Supercharged Motors?

    bought my motor for $900 and the charger brand new on E-bay for $1400. clutch adapter, Haltech from danzio, injectors and other trick stuff from danzio and i finished off pretty dang cheap. Not much needs to be done besides the computer...it depends on what year you get but some dont allow you to tap into the factory settings i guess. Its ok because the tacoma motors had a bad problem with knocking and pinging from the supercharger and TRDs cover up for it was to add a 7th injector. With the Haltech Chris can dial it in however he wants and he put injectors in it big enough to handle 550hp so adjustability wont be an issue! I seriously think this is a good motor choice for someone who cant afford a LS1 but still wants to have a cheap and reliable TOYOTA power source. With everything ive got into it i was about even on pricing with a 3.5 honda but this thing has a changer and will still run on pump gas. a turbo system for the 3.5 will make more power sure but then you could have just bought a LS1 for what you spent! Might be a tad heavier then the honda though but seriously who cares right!

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